Smooth skin: tips and advice for achieving

Smooth skin legs and body – isn't it every woman's dream? However, some are scaly, irritated and even is covered with pimples caused by ingrown hair inside the tissue. How to make it beautiful and shiny without resorting to the services of the salons?

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Preparation for hair removal

It is clear that the smoothness of the legs and, needless to say, if you do not make timely epilation.


However, just how correctly you will remove the hairs, and will depend on the final result and the number of male eyes focused in your direction. First and foremost, you must remember that most procedures are performed with the skin only after steaming.

This allows the pores to open up, soften the hairs, facilitating their removal. After experts recommend to expose your body exfoliation – exfoliation with abrasive substances.

You can use a store-bought tool, such as a body scrub or shower gel with micro particles, and even better to prepare this composition at home.

How to make the skin smooth and shiny?

  • To remove from the surface of the epidermis dead cells, revealing young, fresh skin, will help the usual shower gel, mixed with sea salt;
  • If your skin is too dry and flakes constantly, then add salt to any vegetable oil, preferably olive, almond or peach;
  • Not rubbing the body, treat its surface scrub, performing massaging motion from the bottom up. The role of an exfoliator can run a normal massage from Terry washcloth or loofah;
  • Don't overdo brushing and rubbing the skin too vigorously, especially in sensitive areas, e.g. inner thighs, otherwise avoid redness. But on elbows, heels and knees can focus more closely.

Smooth skin legs received in the home, needs a good shaving razor and shaving gel. As for machines, the market today you can find lots of shaving accessories, especially designed for women and having several blades in addition to a special anti-bacterial stripe, prevents irritation and improves the gliding of the razor.

If you failed to buy hair removal cream, use a shaving gel of a young man or at least take your hair, but not Soaps, which dry the epidermis.

Hair removal


The hair from the skin as you can remove with a razor, and special electric
the device of the epilator. The last lot of advantages, including the lack of appearance of new hairs within 14 days, but there is one drawback – a painful procedure as the removal of vegetation with wax.

So fans of all the usual shaving do not become less, the benefit is that after this procedure, you can make the skin on my feet smooth as a baby.

Of course, only if to shave vegetation against its growth. However, this often becomes the cause of irritation on the body.

But to deal with it easily and it won't even have to do if you forget to handle the body after shave soothing lotion. How to make skin smooth legs? Do not spare the cream, generously coat them with the surface of the body, and if you skin is very dry, it makes sense to buy oil. If you want to make your legs visually slimmer, don't use regular lotion, and complexion. Better if the tool will color the epidermis gradually, as if you use bronzer there is a risk to cover it unevenly, which means you will look like a spotted leopard.

How to achieve smooth feet

How to make smooth legs on this section?

Many women are faced with cracks and corns on feet, not knowing what can be done in this case. The causes of such phenomena are the most diverse, ranging from improper hygiene and ending with wearing poor quality shoes.

In any case, the heels should be cared for regularly and pedicure, paying attention to not only the nail but also the skin.


Buy a pumice stone, and even better special two-sided brush, one side of which removes the Horny layer, and the other polishes the skin.

To make smooth heels at home and never use a razor, as the restored layer of the epithelium becomes much thicker than the previous and each time you will be harder to restore skin to a healthy appearance.

Don't neglect foot Spa and creams for the feet and cleansing of spend on dry rasprava feet.

If you care for your feet regularly, spoiling them with creams, lotions and other skin care products, the result will be, so to speak, is there, and you can be proud of their beautiful legs and show them to others, with no fear of wearing short skirts, shorts and dresses. Good luck!