Snacks on the right diet - tasty, satisfying and healthy for the figure

Healthy snacks are an important topic for many losing weight, as hunger becomes a constant companion when the calorie intake is reduced. What to eat so as not to harm the figure?

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The basics of proper nutrition

In proper nutrition, it is important not so much to reduce calories as to pay attention to the quality of food:

Snacks on the right diet - tasty, satisfying and healthy for the figure
  • more vegetable and fresh - vegetables, fruits, nuts;
  • more protein and lean - lean meat, fish;
  • more nutritious and satisfying - coarse cereal porridge.

Food should contain as much nutrients as possible, but not by adding them to the product in the cooking process. That is, preference is given to whole milk that has passed through the separator, instead of store-bought skim milk with fortification.

It is not only the quality and quantity, but also the time of the meal that is important, therefore you should think about healthy snacks in advance - life-savers for those who feels hunger 2-2.5 hours after the main meal.

The following foods become the main snacks on proper nutrition:

  • protein food;
  • sources of vegetable fats;
  • sources of fiber.

All food should be included in the total BJU count (protein, fat and carbohydrates ) for a day, and it can be added to the calculation of breakfast, lunch or dinner. There should be 5-6 meals in total, and the frequency with small portions and calorie intake should not scare those who are trying to lose weight.

Protein snack

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Hearty, nutritious, usually low in calories. Best candidates: boiled chicken breast, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, milkshake.

On average, for a serving of 200 calories, it might look like this: 50 g of chicken breast in half pita bread with greens, 100 g of cottage cheese with raisins or a spoonful of honey, a glass of kefir with 15 g of nuts, 100 g of casseroles of fruit and low-fat cottage cheese, an egg, a slice of low-fat cheese.

A protein night snack has some peculiarities: only pure proteins are allowed, that is, chicken, cottage cheese, kefir, cheese or an egg without yolk.

Carbohydrate snack

Not always only fruits, although they come first. Onean apple and one banana - it is enough to eat so many fruits per day, but bananas should be excluded during weight loss. Diet sugary snacks are low fructose fruits and berries such as watermelon, sour apples, kiwi, pears, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, and apricots. Be mindful of the amount you eat, count the carbs!

Snacks on the right diet - tasty, satisfying and healthy for the figure

Carbohydrate snack includes whole grain bread (or loaf) with low-fat cheese, peanut butter. Baked oat flakes with banana. Figs, dried apricots, prunes with nuts individually or as part of a mixture, but here you need to take into account a large dose of sugars and control the amount. Low-calorie celery stalks can be eaten with raisins and peanut butter.

Cabbage leaves with olive oil, spices, after baking in the oven, become an excellent dish for losing weight. A baked pear (apple) with honey, cinnamon and walnuts will replace cake in sweetness, and you can even eat it for an afternoon snack.

Healthy snacks at work for weight loss

< p> Many people are embarrassed to take containers with fruit and vegetable salads with them to work, so the turn of tricks comes in the form of casseroles and cocktails with healthy ingredients. Carrot juice with cinnamon and a spoonful of olive oil will satisfy hunger and the body's need for vitamins.

Carrot casserole without sugar, but with cinnamon and honey will delight gourmets. It bakes quickly - whether you need to mix boiled carrots with semolina soaked in milk and one egg yolk, pour into a mold.

Healthy snacks in small glasses will be calmly accepted by colleagues. Homemade yogurt without sugar with honey, dried fruits can be quickly eaten with a spoon. Hummus or chickpea pate with sesame seeds, cumin, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice can be eaten with diet bread, carrot sticks.

Snacks on the right diet - tasty, satisfying and healthy for the figure

Make homemade jelly with fruit, honey. A muffin casserole or lazy oatmeal in a small jar of fruits and nuts for a well-nourished second breakfast with the right nutrition.

Chickpea snack is a healthy alternative to salted nuts. Soak peas in water for a day until they swell. Drain the water, mix the chickpeas with paprika and other spices. Spread out on a baking sheet with baking paper.

After 30 minutes, enjoy - the right snack will discourage the desire to buy snacks in stores! Low-calorie apple chips - sweetness and an opportunity to replace high-calorie cookies for tea for weight loss.

Lunch or snack?

Lunch or lunch is a tribute to fashion or a component of proper nutrition. The culture of lunch came from English-speaking countries, more precisely from England, where, due to the early rise, farmers had to eat four times a day.

Snacks on the right diet - tasty, satisfying and healthy for the figure

Now lunch is called lunch , and in a proper diet it is a dense snack or a second breakfast.

It can be proteinaceous - from a solid portion of cottage cheese, a whole grain sandwichgo bread with chicken, turkey, salmon, or baked apple.

Healthy morning snacks can be sweet, such as protein shakes made from protein or milk with half a banana and strawberries.

What to choose when losing weight for a healthy snack?

Everything that is included in the calculated calorie intake. Only mindful eating accelerates the process of losing weight. Try to eat in a planned way, not spontaneously. If you give preference to only low-calorie snacks, then it is difficult to get full. For example, an apple only enhances the appetite.

Therefore, balance the food composition, as if it were a meal. Eliminating unhealthy snacks is the first step in losing weight. Eat right and lose weight for health!