Soup-mashed potatoes with croutons: prepare for every taste!

Hard to find someone that doesn't have to taste the delicate soup with croutons, especially if you bring the texture to the consistency of mashed potatoes. If you have never prepared this dish, be sure to try one of the options. Its taste strikes you with its softness and, at the same time, saturation. What is the recipe to start – you decide.

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Features of soup


The soup is intermediate between the first and second dish. It differs liquid puree consistency due to the fact that all the ingredients are crushed at the end of cooking. It can combine with the smoked, boiled meat, and whole vegetables and croutons.

Puree soup with croutons is the best gastronomic combination. You combine the thus semi-liquid dish with soft consistency with a tough solid product. The croutons into the soup, somewhat softened, and its taste enriches the dish.

Most of these recipe is based on using as the main product of potato, which has a pleasant unobtrusive taste and, at the same time, at the expense of starch allows thicken the mass.

To make the soup without it, using similar properties of peas or compensating the absence of starch, heavy cream and egg. Puree is prepared using tolkushkoy, pre-drain the fluid on time. You can use a blender or a sieve, rubbing the vegetables through it.

Prepare croutons


Another pressing question: how to make delicious croutons for soup? They can fry in a pan with spices or dry it in the microwave. Typically the bread is cut into small cubes or thin strips. Also you can use whole slices or thin plates.

To give the crackers flavor, they are pre-sprinkled with butter with spices and herbs. You can also use garlic juice.

Options soups

If you think about it, almost any soup can make a puree, if you choose the right amount of liquid and solid ingredients. However, there is a specific set of products, which are able to give the broth a wonderful flavor and they go perfectly with crunchy croutons. Each recipe can be changed arbitrarily according to personal taste preferences and availability of ingredients.

The best options include such soups:

  • potato with mushrooms and cream;
  • vegetable;
  • pea;
  • cheese.

Potatoes with cream, mushrooms and chicken broth


The most popular and full-bodied taste – this recipe is based on mushrooms and cream. It is possible to do without potatoes, but you get a more tender texture and great density at the expense of starch.

First of all, you need to put to cook the potatoes. Be sure to clean it from the skin. Cut into small pieces optional, so you will be able to keep the starch and a pleasant crispness of the product. The little pot will be enough the three large tubers.

In a saucepan melt the butter. Throw a small amount of chopped onion and some grated carrot, about 100 g. once the vegetables are soaked with oil and add chopped slices mushrooms (500 g) and fry to a nice color. As soon as the mushrooms give flavor then add chicken broth a little more than half of the pan, cover and bring to a boil.

Mushrooms should be quite a lot. After a couple minutes add the potatoes. The whole mass purruja, season and add cream to desired consistency. Once your soup mashed potato and mushrooms thickens, you can serve it with croutons and a slice of fresh mushroom.

Potatoes with vegetables

More simple in execution – soup with vegetables and croutons. This recipe can be arbitrary, as you can add almost any vegetables. The first thing to put on the fire portion of potatoes. From salt water.

Once it's half cooked add the broth vegetables, for example:

  • carrots;
  • zucchini;
  • bow;
  • cauliflower and broccoli;
  • corn;
  • peas.

Green beans will give the dish a light pea flavor and a nice color. The liquid should cover the vegetables to the top. As soon as the potatoes cook until ready – preroute mass and serve the soup on the table.


Pea soup is usually cooked in thick with the addition of smoked. A classic recipe you can build on and improve it, making pea soup with croutons.

Peas need to pre-soak, preferably overnight, putting it in the fridge. Cooking it should given the fact that the liquid already absorbed. If you poured a Cup of peas with two cups of water, add 3-4 cups of liquid. The time is chosen arbitrarily, depending on the grade of the product and its degree of preparedness. Additionally use the potato to dilute the taste and carrots.

Once you turn the dish into a puree should be aware that after some time, the pea soup thickens. You can leave part of the soup for later, if necessary, to have something to dilute the soup.

With cheese and cream


Very tasty and tender dish – cheese soup with croutons. Cook it very simple. As a basis we can take the usual chicken soup. This should increase the amount of potatoes to thicken the dish to the desired consistency.

The chicken in this case it is better to put in hot water, as it plays a big role in the potato water, but the meat will be soft and tender. If you want to focus on rich broth, then put the brisket in cold water. Throw onion and carrot and pepper and Bay leaf.

After a while remove the breast and spices. To water add potatoes, you can also put carrots and other vegetables in a small amount. Once everything is cooked – preroute ground with a blender. If you leave small pieces of it will only improve the dish.

Slowly pour in the cream (100 g per 2 l) and stir, place on low heat. To further thicken the soup, crack in a couple eggs. Recipe of cheese soup with croutons involves the use of processed cheese. In a small saucepan just 1-2 bars. So they melt faster better to RUB them.

However, you can throw them chopped into pieces, but to do it in this case, before processing in a blender. Serve the soup need with a piece of chicken meat, croutons and grated hard cheese.

Each recipe is a flavor explosion. Be sure to try each of these dishes, besides to prepare them very simply!