Soy asparagus Fudge

Recently in our country began to enjoy considerable popular salad called "asparagus in Korean". Interestingly, in Korea about this dish is not heard. And all because the residents of the area, paradoxically, the recipe of this product is unknown.

Soy asparagus Fudge

What is this salad? What useful properties of this dish known to the nutritionists? Is there a high-calorie product? How to make a marinade to asparagus in Korean was the most useful? We will try to understand these and other issues.

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Unique product

Soy asparagus, different fuju or Yuka is prefabricated from soy, which is prepared by the Chinese as a national dish.

The main ingredient used in the recipe of asparagus in Korean, has no direct relationship to the same plant. It is correct to call it Yuka in Japanese, fuju Chinese or at least Chinese fern.

How to make asparagus in Korean, if this plant is not its basis? The product is prepared from soy milk, which is boiled until the appearance on the surface of the film – pupi. If you hang the film, it has an interesting elongated shape. When it dries, and it turns out fuju.

You might be wondering, what is soy milk? In fact, it is common soya, crushed until smooth and then boiled.

The milk is cooked very simply: first, soaked soybeans, soaked it in water, then cook over medium heat, strictly observing the necessary proportion of soybeans and water, and in the end fray and decanted. The smell of this milk is quite nice, the color is natural, but the taste, as such, it has not.

Another thing – Chinese fern. Its taste is original and spicy, so the presence on the table of the salad with asparagus in Korean will be the highlight of your dinner party. Moreover, as noted by nutritionists, due to the fuju you can improve your health and lose weight.

Protein concentrate

Useful properties of asparagus in Korean, there are many. It is often used as a substitute for protein foods if the person is practicing meatless or vegetarian menu.

Soy asparagus Fudge

Thanks to the Chinese fern can compensate for a deficiency of protein and, thus, to neutralize the health risks associated with exclusion from the diet of meat, eggs and cheese. Fuju is a protein concentrate, which is composed of essential amino acids.

If we talk about the calorie content of asparagus in Korean, it is 100 g, only 234 kcal. Although soy proteins are unable to replace all the useful properties of meat, they have a high nutritional value.

Fuju contains most of the essential amino acids, except methionine, and is also able to maintain optimal nitrogen balance in the human body.

Incredible health benefits

Fuju is recommended to eat to prevent cancer, osteoporosis, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Other benefits of asparagus in Korean? It contains isoflavones – substances that belong to the group of phytoestrogens.

They will help improve your health in the case that the woman there is an excess or lack of hormones:

  • during PMS;
  • during menopause;
  • when underdevelopment of the mammary glands;
  • dysfunction of the ovaries.

Isoflavones exhibit a great estrogen-like action, normalizes hormonal picture, have an anticarcinogenic effect and are antioxidants.

You prescribed diet therapy in peptic ulcer disease? Then Yuka in Japanese, as well as possible, fit with your adjusted diet.

It contains lecithin, thus prevents the accumulation of fat and toxins in the liver, and it enhances the flow of bile, and soy do not contain unwanted fats in the body to cholesterol.

Soy asparagus Fudge

Due to the high dietary value of Chinese fern, its low calorie and a great influence on the metabolic processes, asparagus in Korean, become an irreplaceable product for people with problems such as obesity, diabetes, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Like many other products of plant origin, fuju contains a large amount of fiber, can improve intestinal peristalsis, normalize digestion, rid your body of toxins, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides, and cholesterol.

With all these wonderful properties of marinated Yuka in Japanese also has an incredible taste. With regular food, you will strengthen your health and can lose weight by replacing high-calorie foods more salad, and get a whole range of gustatory pleasure, and prepare the delicacy.

Good should be in moderation

Like any other tool, have medicinal properties, fuju need to add to the diet with caution, so as not to obtain the opposite effect to health.

A number of studies indicate the relationship between consumption of soybean meal in inappropriately large quantities with the risk of diseases of the pancreas. The known data and that the phytoestrogens, the benefits of which were discussed above, frequent use can cause in women, thyroid disease, and in children, abnormalities in sexual development.

Yuka in Japanese does not need to eat every day and in moderation. If you adhere to reasonable restrictions, the delicacy will bring only benefits and pleasing taste great.

Methods of preparation

You want to diversify your menu a dish of fuju, but don't know where to start? First of all, soak it until tender in cold water or boiling water if you don't want to wait long. Then it can be boiled, fried, used to make appetizers, soups or main dishes.

But perhaps the most popular dish is salad. After soaking the pickled asparagus in Korean was prepared by adding Chinese fern carrot, pepper, garlic and the seasoning in a small amount of hot oil.

No need to restrain your imagination. Try to play around with ingredients and proportions until you get the most piquant taste.

Here are some recipes that you can easily use preparing fuju at home.

"Dry asparagus"

Soy asparagus Fudge

Pour the main product with boiling water and let steep for one hour. During this time you will have time to warm up the pan and fry the onion, pre-sliced half-rings.

Vegetable oil will become the dressing for your dish, but the onions can be thrown out or if you want to leave.

Add in the marinade of crushed garlic, a little pepper and then soya sauce, good fry in a pan. After that, pour the mixture strained and dried from water, soybean asparagus, stir and let cool. Try the dish and if necessary, add Oriental spices and salt.

Soybean soup

Easy to make meatless and hearty soup you can get from soy asparagus, sweet carrots, coriander and garlic. The combination of spices gives the dish a flavor beloved by many of the carrots in Korean.

The first is somewhat reminiscent of the taste of the traditional winter soup, which is boiled in a broth with pasta and carrots.

Soak 60 g of dry product in water, which is not empty. It can be used for cooking soup. An alternative to the Fudge may become dense tofu.

Capitalise the main ingredient cut into slices, carrots three on a small grater or grind with a knife. They do the same with peeled garlic. For cooking it need 4-5 cloves.

Then in a tablespoon of vegetable oil stew the garlic, carrots, ground coriander seeds, stirring constantly. In a pot for soup, add water, chopped soy cubes and Protosenya gas station.

Bring dish to a boil. To make soup you need on medium heat, slightly salted water. Serve it hot.

Try adding to your diet, salads and soups from fuju – and you will not regret it. Thanks to this unique herbal product you will become healthier, will be able to lose weight and discover new taste sensations!