Sports nutrition for weight loss

Women who seek not just blindly follow fashion trends, but also care about a healthy life, still looking with suspicion on popular sports food supplements. Whether they fear for their health and can I lose weight without sports nutrition for weight loss for women?

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What kind of sports nutrition is ideal for weight loss


The contemporary fascination with healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is incredibly useful trend, though inspired by many beauty trends from the glossy magazines and social networks. The main reason pushing girls to the gym halls and low-calorie foods – wish to lose weight.

But the peculiarity of the female body conceals a trap for the ladies – strong opposition to external stimuli, which consists in twice the accumulation of the incoming substances.

In the end, after a few weeks of resistance training and diets women find the opposite effect in the form of rising volumes. What should I do? Not to be disappointed in a healthy lifestyle and to overcome the nature of the female body, is worth to remember about sports nutrition, which is a fat burner.

Myths about sports nutrition

Any professional coach will confirm, that to achieve rapid and long lasting result with weight loss not enough physical activity and diet. To accelerate the process of metabolism and for utilization of subcutaneous fat and building a beautiful terrain, it is necessary to use special sports nutrition.

Fat burners, a wide range of sports stores, has always been a question most dieters. After all, the Soviet mind used to think all that is in the form of powder and placed in a "jar"than anyone, but not useful power.

This opinion was the reason for the generation of unsubstantiated myths about sports nutrition for weight loss:

  • Fat burners for women is "chemistry". Aggressive synthetic compound that has a lot of side effects are components of only the strong and serious medicines used in extreme cases and on prescription. Proper sports nutrition for weight loss for women contains only natural ingredients rich in vitamins, micro - and macronutrients and contribute to the normalization of metabolism.
  • Sports nutrition meant for athletes. Of course, the original biologically active food supplements and vitamins have been used to support health and energy professional athletes. But if you are experiencing physical stress that the body perceives as stress and demands in response more nutrients, therefore, you feel the need for additional power.
  • You can do on their own. Of course, with daily exercise and proper, balanced menu, sooner or later the body will get rid of excess fat and acquire beautiful relief muscles. But with the pace of modern life and in the absence of knowledge about the principles of healthy eating, too great a risk of obtaining the opposite effect of stress. Through overuse of energy, the body begins to stock up, pulling from foods high in fat and carbohydrates, increasing the appetite of a woman and sending her signals about fatigue. To restore power without eating will help fat burners.

How to take sports nutrition

No matter how safe it may seem sports nutrition, do not use it, based only on their own opinion or recommendations of a fitness trainer. Do not also follow the principle of "lose weight at any cost".

There are many principles that will enable you to get from fat burners positive effect and not cause irreversible harm to the body:

  • To Express an objective opinion about necessity of reception of sports nutrition can only be a qualified doctor. Every person, his lifestyle and health condition is unique, so what works for one does not approach another. Pick up your fat burner empirically and use it unnecessarily dangerous to health.
  • Despite the natural ingredients, the fat burner should not be considered harmless vitamin cocktail. Excessive use leads to negative effects on the nervous system, which manifests itself in insomnia, headaches and other troubles.
  • In the use of sports nutrition it is important to drink plenty of fluids, otherwise there is a risk of dehydration. Abuse of liquid is also undesirable, as excess water causes swelling.
  • In pursuit of 100% result, it is impossible to take men's vitamins and fat burners. Metabolism the male body operates on completely different principles, so the aggressive sports nutrition for a strong half of mankind does not fit the fragile ladies. First of all, due to the presence of adrenaline and noradrenaline – these components are fraught with danger for women.
  • It is important to buy sports nutrition only in those places and those manufacturers that do not cause doubts. You should pay attention to the composition. So, the necessary for weight loss collagen in sports nutrition for women should have natural origin. Manufacturers often use ineffective synthetic substitutes of collagen, which affects the cost of production. Natural product is more expensive, so the quality is better not to skimp.
  • No fat burners and vitamins for women in sports nutrition does not relieve it of the need to independently monitor their own body to use the exercise and eat right. Whatever slogans nor dazzled the industry of dietary Supplements and other products for weight loss, to reduce weight and not to change a habitual way of life – is impossible. Even by drinking the best fat burners.

Sports diet: menu for the week


Order sports nutrition brought the expected effect, it is important to review your diet, paying attention to the presence in it of harmful carbohydrates and excess fat.

For people who experience frequent physical activity and consuming sports nutrition, developed numerous diet. Sports diet is good that is suitable for any type of figure, she brings the body the necessary nutrients, while not depriving it of energy.

Sample menu for 7 days can look like the following:


  • For Breakfast, boil a portion of Herculean porridge and 2 boiled eggs. For Breakfast a glass of freshly squeezed juice and 100 grams of nonfat cottage cheese.
  • For lunch, prepare a light salad of fruit. Drink kefir.
  • Main meal – cook or cook for a few white meat poultry ,as a garnish – 100 grams of rice porridge and a light salad for a snack.
  • 3-4 hours after lunch you can snack on boiled potato and yogurt.
  • For dinner, stew white fish and prepare green salad. If you Wake up the appetite before you sleep eat an Apple.


  • For Breakfast eat oatmeal with a glass of milk and a grapefruit.
  • Lunch – low fat cottage cheese and a glass of juice.
  • For lunch prepare the breast for a couple and a portion of rice on the side.
  • Afternoon snack: bran with vegetable juice.
  • Dinner: a portion of boiled beef and a glass of boiled corn.


  • For Breakfast, boil 2 eggs. Drink a glass of milk.
  • Lunch – vegetable juice and curd, dressed with yogurt.
  • Lunch: chicken, steamed or boiled – 200 gr. boiled potato tuber and Apple on one piece.
  • After lunch eat a yogurt without fruit additives and some fruit.
  • For dinner bake portioned piece of white fish, served with white beans or red (1 Cup).


  • Breakfast cook oat porridge and bake an egg-white omelette. For Breakfast a glass of fruit juice and one peach.
  • Second Breakfast: porridge of rice, juice from fresh vegetables.
  • For dinner we cook the Turkey without bones and skin. You can eat one Apple.
  • Snack: cottage cheese and fruit.
  • Dinner: boiled breast without the skin, it with green salad and toast.


  • Breakfast: egg white omelette, oatmeal – 100 gr. fruits – 200 gr.
  • Second Breakfast: cottage cheese – 100 gr. banana.
  • Lunch: baked fish – 200 gr. salad vegetables.
  • Snack: plain yogurt, any fruit.
  • Dinner: Turkey with steamed or boiled — 100 gr. corn or beans – 1 Cup salad vegetables.


  • For Breakfast eat egg-white omelettes, fruit and buckwheat.
  • For Breakfast we prepare cottage cheese with yogurt. You can eat one banana.
  • Main meal – baked fish, prepare the rice. By lunchtime, the juice from freshly squeezed oranges.
  • After lunch, you can eat baked potatoes and yogurt.
  • For dinner – seafood, such as boiled shrimp (150 gr.). On SNACSKU green salad.


  • For Breakfast, boil 2 eggs. You can also eat up to 100 grams of cereal, a grapefruit and a glass of milk.
  • For lunch we prepare a plate of rice. Snack – peach.
  • For lunch, cook a couple chicken without skin, light salad and freshly squeezed juice.
  • 3-4 hours to eat an Apple and a yogurt.
  • Dinner: eat a portion a piece of boiled beef, and a salad of green vegetables.

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