Steam voskotopka, or how to obtain environmentally friendly raw materials in our apiary?

To extract beeswax from the honeycomb of professional beekeepers use an interesting device, such as a steam voskotopka. Despite the abundance of similar equipment in specialized warehouses and online stores, many people still aspire to make her own hands.

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Valuable and irreplaceable product

It is known that each bee product in their own way valuable. Here is the wax produced by industrious bees, has a huge number of useful properties for the human body. It is widely used in folk medicine and home cosmetics, with a lot of unique qualities.

Steam voskotopka, or how to obtain environmentally friendly raw materials in our apiary?

With the correct use of this product, they can cure trophic ulcer, sinusitis, bronchitis, and adnexitis. Women often use it as a base for masks, nourishing creams and balms. Some guys at home a real SPA-salon, using natural wax to paraffin.

In addition, it can be used for crafts – create beautiful candles and crafts to engage children's creativity, and even to make these dolls! What can we say about what he could earn on the implementation of such a product?

But back to the main point – how to get SOT of a large amount of wax? Of course, it's impossible to make a "bare hands". For this there are special devices like steam voskotopka. As we mentioned, you can buy or make your own from scratch. In the second case, it is important to have skilled hands.

To use the device more easily – due to the steam flow, the wax quickly and effectively stands out from its primary location. Some beekeepers flush the wax with the help of valuable solar extractors, which heats up and works from the direct rays aimed at the glass. So, how to build a steam voskotopka their hands, and what are the principles of its proper use?

Technological characteristics and design of the device

Steam voskotopka framework consists of several main parts. The specifics of its design should take into account if you plan to build such a complex device with their hands. Remember that flushing the wax and without special tools, especially if you have not SOT so much, and accordingly, the amount of raw material output will also be not too massive.

So, voskotopka framework must include some basic items:

  1. In fact, the framework of the basket;
  2. The case in which a cover;
  3. Device for steam generation;
  4. The inner pan in which the accumulation of raw materials;
  5. Trough, localized on the outer side.
Steam voskotopka, or how to obtain environmentally friendly raw materials in our apiary?

As you can see, the device framework steam extractors is not so difficult – it is only important to"get" all components to assemble the product yourself. It is the device most effectively in the content of the apiary as it can shred a truly impressive amount of wax. Solar voskotopka used as an additional unit.

In the standard design extractors mandatory part of the tank that connects to a box in the main body by means of the special tube or hose.

In the lower part also provides for metal mesh for draining the molten feedstock. Steam enters the tank from the side, and also fed with a hose. For natural beeswax, steam the appliance is equipped with a crane. Frames are hung on special hangers inside the device.

How to use steam voskotopka?

As with the design of the device for producing valuable raw materials we have already figured out, it's time to move from theory to practice. How to use steam voskotopka in?

If you do it without assistance of a knowledgeable person, and are a beginner, follow these easy steps:

Steam voskotopka, or how to obtain environmentally friendly raw materials in our apiary?
  1. To heat the raw materials correctly, first you have to fill the tank with sufficient water. Sure that it was not too much in the tank should remain about 1/2 of the free space;
  2. Next, spread the fire. You can do this in the bottom of the work tank;
  3. Place the cell directly into the body;
  4. Special pipe into the housing will get warm vapor, so does their melt and get wax;
  5. After passing through the mesh, a natural product is on the bottom of the design gets out through mounted crane;
  6. Instead of a grid you can use the materials at hand – for example, a tin cooking pan.

Despite the fact that voskotopka can process a large number of honeycombs of this type are best suited for miniature apiary.

How to build a device with his own hands?

We figured out how to correctly heat the wax in voskotopka purchased at the enterprise or production. How about to make such a device with their hands?

Most hard work in the process of making homemade extractors is the collection of steam generator.

To build it, you'll need some materials:

Steam voskotopka, or how to obtain environmentally friendly raw materials in our apiary?
  • Gas cylinder small size, which will act as a fuse.
  • Pipe with a diameter of 60 mm, which will turn the fireplace;
  • Pipe with a diameter of 140 mm, from which come water capacity;
  • Pipe with a diameter of 110 mm, which will succeed the case for re-heating steam;
  • A small piece of pipe with thread for filler cap structures;
  • Knee and fitting for steam;
  • The grinder and the electrode with which it is possible to combine all the parts together. Is used for this welding method.

Voskotopka to do with your hands is not too difficult, but it is necessary to use the drawings. In addition, you will need an electric heater is called a heater. The main tank shall be made of metal and have rectangular or circular shape.

Ideally it will be separable.

Some beekeepers use as the capacity of the old steamer. The bottom of the container to attach electroten with thread. Then it is done a small window so you can monitor the level of liquid during melting and, if necessary, add it. At the bottom of the design should set the grid and frame. This element will filter extractors.

Please note that the chimney must pass through the heating water tank. When the water is boiling and highlight the vapor, it will be in the register where it will be heated even more due to a hot chimney. Outward it will flow through the fitting.

Solar voskotopka: innovations in beekeeping business

Solar instruments are organic, and because their use has gained quite a reputation among professionals and Amateurs. Solar voskotopka has a specific working principle and uses her solar energy. It includes the trough, the pan and the housing. If you are going to make such a device yourself, use wood, tinplate box or plywood. You will also need to cut the cover glass.

The principle of operation of solar device:

Steam voskotopka, or how to obtain environmentally friendly raw materials in our apiary?
  • When the rays fall on the glass cover, it begins to heat the baking tray;
  • Under the rays of the wax is heated over 70 degrees Celsius;
  • When melting beeswax, the product begins to gradually flow into the trough;
  • On the edge of the pan placed on a special grid, which serves as a filter for melting of raw materials.

Attention: ultraviolet radiation must fall on the glass will certainly perpendicular!

Using homemade solar extractors can process up to 5 kg of wax at a time. This volume is large enough even for the professional beekeeper with a large apiary.

To make it very difficult, and for this reason it is also appreciated apiary. In order to construct such a natural instrument, it is necessary to make box (e.g. made of wood). Next, using wood and screws necessary to create the frame, which should be placed under the glass. The holder is fixed to the frame and pan. Concluding stage in the manufacture of the device is the placement of glass on the box. It is advisable to cover the finished appliance paint.

The advantages of such a device is multifaceted. First, it turns out the most natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. Secondly, you no longer have to burn fuel, which is very valuable and noteworthy in terms of cost. Third, the wax becomes so high quality that you can even use it waste (in the absence of the moth).

Let your apiary brings you not only pleasure, but profit!