"Stone of kings": the "sounds" on the body of the black sapphire?

Jewelry and ornaments that adorned the black sapphire look truly noble, rich and elegant. However, some suspicious person endowed with this stone negative values and comparisons. Among the inhabitants are of the opinion that it can attract envy and to awaken its owner destructive pride. Is it really so?


Gemstones since ancient times been associated with something mystical. Esoteric and magicians unanimously say that in the stones is concentrated the maximum energy of a higher power, and they really can become its owner and doctors, and executioners.

Some women and men have acquired a pair of earrings or ring with stones purely for the sake of attractive appearance, do experience the miraculous, or, on the contrary, the destructive properties of jewelry.

Why is this happening?

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Properties and destination black sapphire


There is a statement that sapphire is the stone of kings, chiefs, Maharajah and Dukes, strong and powerful of this world. These precious stones are traditionally given and given to rulers as tribute to their deeds, an expression of deep respect and honor. Princess Diana received regular sapphire jewelry sets.

Them granted the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Sultan Osman, and other distinguished figures. The story mentions that the seal of the wise king Solomon was made from this stone. The high priests of Egypt wore it on their necks. Sapphires were decorated with the crown of the great Cleopatra. Boris Godunov and all believed that the stone has a special, sacred, and mysterious magical powers.

In fact, the magical properties of sapphire directly associated with its beneficial effects on nature and human nature. It is believed that wearable on the body of the sapphire enhances the purity of his intentions, awakens the desire for virtue, selflessness, and ability to cooperate. Of course, such "adult" the stone is unlikely to be suitable as a gift to the young lady. It is customary to present wealthy people who have achieved success in professional and social field.

Saying that he forces the owner to wisdom, increase his vitality, serenity and a positive attitude. Black sapphire is a stone of sages, he inclines to the philosophical thinking and contemplation. In Ancient Rome it was considered a sacred gem and was dedicated to Jupiter. In Ancient Greece it was associated with the mascot of Zeus. To wear it was allowed only to the priests because it was believed that he got a drop of the drink of immortality, frozen in stone. This elixir could only drink the Gods.


Objectively speaking, natural stones belong to the type of jewelry corundum. Black gem with blue or blue streaks is not clean: it contains impurities of titanium or iron.

Sapphire is considered very hard gemstone, and has an appropriate value. He's not as valuable as a diamond, but also is rare and "honorable". Most often it can be found in the assortment of jewelry stores. Basically they are decorated with pendants, brooches, earrings and rings. The product itself can be made of silver, gold and platinum. Sapphire it is often combined with other stones.

Very popular among connoisseurs enjoyed a star-shaped gem. It is dark in color and has within itself the magical glowing star lighter shade. It is believed that this stone helps to achieve the most important goals in life.

Black sapphire as amulet

You decide to purchase for yourself or your close ring with noble black sapphire, but I doubt its positive impact on the destiny? We decided to dispel your doubts, and tell you about real actual effects of the stone on human life.

It is believed that wearing black sapphire on the body leads to the following effects:

  1. The revival of philosophical thinking and wisdom;
  2. The ability to understand the thoughts of others, and quick to accuse them of infidelity, lies, betrayal;
  3. Protection from the harmful effects of unauthorized (especially magic and sorcery);
  4. Suppression of unreasoning anger and fear;
  5. The development of intellectual abilities and mental clarity;
  6. The establishment of inner harmony and emotional balance;
  7. The attraction of good luck, especially on business trips, journeys and long journeys (useful for sailors, researchers, etc.);
  8. The gain determination and courage;
  9. Giving internal harmony, warmth and kindness to the owner;
  10. Preserving and increasing wealth.

The constant wearing of the black star sapphire also helps its owner to achieve its plans and prospects, awakens in him the confidence and internal fortitude makes you look at the wider world, takes the deepest desires and brings sudden fortune.

What cures a majestic gem?

For anybody not a secret that jewelry, especially gemstones that have various healing effects. It is believed that each stone purposefully absorbs the negative energy of the illness and carefully filters it, saving the owner from hvoroby. Believes it not everyone, however, there are supporters of the opinion that the stones can treat a person more effective than medication.

According to popular belief and statistics, wearing black sapphire helps to win the following diseases:

  • High blood pressure (hypertension);
  • Chronic insomnia;
  • Often recurrent colds;
  • Back problems and musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Other respiratory pathology of a chronic nature;
  • Diseases of the nervous system;
  • Ophthalmic pathology;
  • Cancer processes.

However, healing is guaranteed only to those whose thoughts are pure, and the soul – a noble. If you want to buy earrings or pendant with black sapphire, make sure the person who will wear the product, do not want to take advantage of the magical properties of the stone against anyone.

Choosing body jewelry, try to focus not only on their aesthetic appeal.

If you will be able to choose the ideal stone, it will become a real mascot, generously your life and destiny in the best events.

Ancient Wisdom revealed now... on antique Stones for Health, Love, Success, Protection.....