Straight eyebrows: a whim, a fad or a real way to harmonize the facial features?

Luxurious thick eyebrows came back into fashion about 5 years ago. And since then, the beautiful half of humanity does not even think to go back to the "thread" comes from the 90s. Care for eyebrows – not less important and time-consuming procedure than a skin care person. And implement it with the selection of correct, perfect your face shape. Straight eyebrows are not every girl and woman.


This form is able to visually narrow a wide or full face, but at the same time, it also "reduces" eye. Straight shape of the eyebrows can make the eyes look sullen and gloomy, especially if it was not formed on the face in a natural way.

In General, to artificially create a straight eyebrow is almost impossible, but some still manage to do it with coloring and stimulants. Let's get together, is it always appropriate to "fight" with a natural data?

The content of the article

Straight eyebrows: how to shape with your hands, without the help of bowmaker?

How to make straight eyebrows? The answer to this question cannot be unambiguous. First of all, straight shape eyebrow in the vast majority of cases goes to the girls by nature, and does not need any special correction.

What is remarkable for those with model looks, your eyebrows are the easiest to put on and varied with the help of makeup. Therefore, girls working on the catwalks and in the studios, often do not think about how to resort to corrective measures.

Before you begin create the desired curves, you should learn the features of your oval face.


Eyebrows have to fit your face shape, otherwise, you risk personally to help him with the imbalance and disharmony of the aesthetic perception. So before you pick up the tweezers, you need to determine how you fit the desired shape, length and width of the eyebrows.

Please note that a perfectly straight eyebrows do not exist in nature – even they can bend a little to "Lodge" or to have a subtle curved shape.

So, if your face is oval, you'll be brownie smooth arc shape, slightly rounded, with straight tails. And if the face is too round and even the plump, puffy – it makes sense to think about how to make a "house edge"if they are straight from nature. Their middle part should be slightly elevated, and the outer tails on the contrary – down.

If you make a choice in favor of strictly straight eyebrows, they will give the face a more rounded. "Triangular" or "diamond" type categorically does not allow for straight edges – they may be more focus on more of an oval face.

Same story with faces in the shape of a heart. "Square" requires the oval shape of the eyebrows, to smooth the rough and heavy appearance of the upper and lower face. The best option for "wearing" straight eyebrows – a long, long face. These arcs will give it more volume and width, visually close to their ideal as "oval".

Choosing the shape of your eyebrows can not be ignored that each of them gives the face a certain "atmosphere" and expressions. So, low set, wide eyebrows can make the face a severe or angry. With a flourish, pointed and high eyebrows, on the contrary, give the facial expression of the surprised. And the corners folded down, bring on sadness, depression and sadness.

Correction at home


To correctly choose for themselves the form brownish arcs, preferably pre -"outline" it with a solid cosmetic pencil.

If you want to subtract the width of the paint too much (in your opinion) vegetation liner white and Nude. Clearly define the boundaries of future form of arcs, experiment with their height and "fit".

If nature has not awarded you the dense vegetation around the eyes, will have to resort to "heavy artillery" and use demipermanent paint. Some women prefer to go to the tattoo, to solve the sparse hairs above the eyes for several years ahead.

So, full eyebrows at home involves the following manipulations:

  • Pre-marking the future form and "artificial" thickness with dark graphite and light physical pencil;
  • Combing the hairs with the special thin brush;
  • Staining along the pre-marked lines with a special paint (it is sold mainly in beauty salons or shops for stylists);
  • Subsequent plucking and trimming hair in accordance with the required form;
  • Apply makeup (shadow, "browny lipstick", pigmented wax or a simple solid pencil);
  • Laying vegetation with the aid of special locking means.

As you can see, it's not that hard and you can cope with the whole procedure on their own, without assistance. The only thing we would advise you to do is to ask loved ones about harmony planned forms on your face. Still, an objective evaluation is extremely important, especially if you decide to do correction, to remotely resemble the idol or to conform to contemporary fashion standards.


How to make straight eyebrows curved? Due to permanent coloring or tattooing.

In the second case, advise you especially sensitive and responsible approach to the choice of the master, the unscrupulous "experts" there are too many, and their work affects not only your appearance, but also the subsequent condition.

Never decide to save yourself and do not resort to services performed in a controlled environment. Always ask for licenses and other permitting documents for the procedure of applying permanent makeup.

To grow eyebrows "from scratch"? All real!

To avoid an artificial appearance brownish Doug, I suggest you pre-grow the maximum plants in their region. Yes, you will have some time to endure, and even to appear in public in a slightly unkempt appearance. But soon you will find ideal, and, importantly, natural eyebrows on your face.

To make this process rapid you will help regular castor oil. Just lubricate them with the hairs at night after the evening standard washing. Rinse should only be in the morning, after sleep. This method will help you to make the most of your eyebrows in the shortest period of time – provided regular performance of this simple manipulation, the "dormant" follicles begin to emerge in 7-12 days.


Don't believe in traditional remedies? Then try the synthetic drugs. For example, is known to every modern lady "Kareprost", able to bestow any woman Malvina eyelashes in just a month of daily use.

Tip: before you start plucking eyebrows, take the trouble to verify the correctness of their own "pattern" with the generally accepted proportions. Attach a long pencil to the sharpest part of the wing of the nose in diagonal position towards the temples. At the location of the eyebrows mark the point where the line passes.

It is the "point" of the ideal tip browney arc in your case. To determine the middle of the eyebrows can be on the inner part of the iris of the eye when the gaze is directed straight forward. And the inner tip of your eyebrow should be clearly parallel to the internal part of the eye (lachrymal canal).

How to make a straight shape of the eyebrows, if the nature of it is curved? Alas, almost nothing. This can help you only weekly coloring or permanent makeup.

We advise you not to deviate from the laws of nature and strive to preserve the shape of arcs, which you are given it.

Radical change, alas, not always be positive. And better to adapt to what this genetically, than constantly to improvise with what is sure to spoil the appearance. Be beautiful!