Strengthening the nail plate at home

Nails need the same elements as hair. Unfortunately, they are much less likely to receive less attention than their hair. Let's fix this situation!

Believe it or not, your hands are attacked by soap seven times a day, which causes the nail plate to suffer and weaken from water. And this is not counting homework, for example, washing dishes, during which the marigolds experienced the detrimental effect of detergents.

It is not surprising that the nail flakes, breaks and grows slowly. There are many options for strengthening and growing nails, because their unkempt appearance immediately attracts the attention of others.

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  • How to make a sea bath?
  • Cleansing and stimulating treatment
  • Nail nutrition
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    Strengthening the nail plate at home

    The most common trays are those that are made on the basis of herbal (nettle, chamomile, calendula) or bergamot oil, patchouli. In addition to herbs, warming baths, which need to be carried out every week, help to promote growth.

    It is important to know that the heat of such a bath with the addition of essential oil cannot be higher than forty degrees, only such a temperature can make the skin around the nails soft and gentle.

    Healing additives include lime blossom, cedar, incense, dandelion, ylang-ylang, which will help to eliminate the separation of marigolds and provide strengthening properties.

    For nails to be beautiful and smooth, and to accelerate their growth, a bath with the addition of grapefruit juice, lemon oil and tea tree is great. Myrrh oil will help increase the transparency of the plate. To achieve more, apply a moisturizer after any bath. This will make it possible to prolong the positive effect.

    Avocado, olive, wheatgrass, almond and jojoba oils are super useful. We add a little ether to any of the listed basic components: such baths should be applied a couple of times a week, as a result of which, strengthening all marigolds will not take long.

    How to make a sea bath ?

    Baths with iodine for nail growth or mineral water make weakened and dull plates stronger and shinier. Sea salt and vegetable oil are also effective remedies. Such baths for nail growth are made very simply: a tablespoon of sea salt is stirred in a glass of warm water. A little bit of essential oil in salt will not hurt at all, but, on the contrary, booit is only more useful, it must be done before dissolving it.

    Cleansing and stimulating treatment

    Strengthening the nail plate at home
    < p> A soap bath is a great way to enhance plate growth. This process is very similar to the one that is often done in expensive and prestigious salons, but at home, baths for nail growth of this type lead to good condition not only the nail, but also the skin around it, while being very economical. < p> You just need a little soft shower cream, a glass of saline solution no higher than 1% concentration. When the soap dissolves, add a spoonful of salt. As a result, we put our hands in the resulting bath and wait twenty minutes.

    Vitamin, strengthening bath for nail growth is made with a few drops of vitamin A, which is purchased at the pharmacy, there is also a little sunflower oil and a couple of drops of iodine ... All this must be mixed and applied to the nails, leaving for 10 minutes. Also an easy and effective preparation - a combination of slightly heated in a water bath, oil (vegetable) with lemon juice.

    Nutrition for nails

    The condition of the nail plates directly depends on substances that enter our body. You should pay attention to what you need to add to the diet.

    Biotin (vitamin H) - strengthens and gives thickness. It is found in cereals, milk, tomatoes and nuts.

    Zinc is essential for the healthy growth of the horny plates. It is abundant in eggs, meat, beans and hard cheese, chocolate, seafood.

    Omega-3 moisturizes, eliminates brittleness and unevenness. Fatty fish are rich in such acids: trout, salmon, sardines, as well as linseed and mustard oil.

    Strengthening the nail plate at home

    Calcium makes nails strong and accelerates growth. Most of all is found in cottage cheese, milk, cheese, yogurt, bread, oranges and herbs. Lack of iron leads to fragility of the nail plates. Don't forget about healthy sources: red meat, apples, leafy vegetables. Proteins contribute to proper nail structure. This beneficial element is found in poultry, nuts, meat and fish.

    Vitamin A improves the growth of horny plates. Its content is high in carrots, apricots, milk, eggs, pumpkin, legumes.

    In order to always be beautiful and charming, it is not necessary to go to expensive and luxurious salons. You can make an attractive image yourself, at home. The path to beauty is simple, you just need not be lazy and never forget to take care of your appearance!