Talking about morning back pain?

Impossible without irritation to communicate with loved ones and fulfilling work, if daily back pain after sleeping. Good mood day can only be after a full sleep. What character would not be pain if such feelings poisoned life, you need to go to the doctor. Be sure to understand the causes – why back pain after sleeping. This symptom can be associated with serious health problems.

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Awkward pose

When long turning in bed before I go to sleep, Wake up in the morning overwhelmed, but in what place back aches, pinpoint the impossible – every day hurts in different places, it is possible to assume that the causes for such trouble – not bedding. Pillow, mattress, blanket and the bed itself should help to relax.


If half of the night passes in an attempt to adapt to the discomfort, sleep is impossible. The awkward posture causes the development of back problems.

The bed should be comfortable. If it creaks and flexes, it will inevitably try to take non-physiological posture, and in the morning you'll feel overwhelmed. The mattress should adapt to the contours of the body to be hypoallergenic and hygienic, not too hard, but not so soft to completely "fall".

The same requirements are applied to the pillow. In addition, when it is selected is taken into account and altitude. Too thick hard cushion, very high or flat – a direct path to the cervical osteochondrosis. To prevent the disease much easier, than then to treat.


Most commonly pains of the back and neck after sleeping explain osteochondrosis. This disease is caused by a complex of dystrophic-degenerative changes in articular cartilage, vertebral discs.


Previously, this disease suffering people in the age closer to 60 years old, and those whose professions are connected with different types of load on the spine. Now the disease is getting younger, and is found in adolescents from the age of 12. Not even worth thinking about why back pain after sleeping between the shoulder blades and aching neck, if most of the time is spent at the computer.

Changes in the spine is a long process, and suddenly not happening. Adults need to monitor themselves, and to analyze how behaves at the computer the child should be the parents. When you spend a long time behind the monitor, leaning in one direction or another, craning her neck, in the stillness, the development of osteoarthritis is inevitable.

What to do in this situation? Try before bedtime to devote more time to real life, and in the night beneath the neck of a special orthopedic cushion.

When such events do not help to cope with the morning weakness and noted additional symptoms:

  • numbness of the hands;
  • when climbing in bed dizziness occurs;
  • when you try to turn sharply, there is intercostal neuralgia;
  • at rest observed arrhythmia, and tachycardia;
  • the disease requires treatment and it is time to seek medical help.

If the back pain in the lumbar region, the cause may be degenerative changes in the lumbar discs. Such conditions provoke excessive load or awkward posture. An additional symptom of the reflected pain can be intestinal colic. The state also requires treatment.

Problems with the urinary system

When after sleeping back pain in the kidneys have problems with urination in the morning is difficult to urinate, or at night have to Wake up several times to visit the toilet – you should think about the state of the urinary system.


To diagnose diseases associated with the bladder or kidneys, it's quite easy – an increased number of leukocytes can be seen in the figure a simple urine test. Do not neglect the therapeutic advice after the elimination of the disease, it will be possible to sleep peacefully.

In some cases, an ache in the lumbar region is not caused by kidney disease, and endocrine disorders. In men, this phenomenon can cause prostatitis, women – adnexitis.

Pain in muscles and joints

Pain in the morning can not only cause inflamed nerve roots in the spine, but back muscles. The condition often occurs after overload of the physical plane, when kyphosis is when the curved thoracic spine, with excess weight.

Muscle pain can cause the incubation period of infectious diseases, displacement of joints after injuries. That back pain between shoulder blades after sleeping, may be associated with joints.

Joint pain is provoked by:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • spondiloarthrosis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • Bechterew's disease.

The characteristic symptom of joint pain – they cease after starting.

Possible causes of morning sickness

Back pain in the morning can be caused and other organic problems. They can appear osteoporosis and diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Aches throughout the body appears in infectious such processes:

  • abscess;
  • tuberculosis;
  • osteomyelitis.

Severe back pain caused by problems of the digestive organs. Girdle pain is a sign of inflammation in the pancreas, peptic ulcer disease pain reflected in your shoulder and can even give in the left shoulder. Almost the same symptoms cause cardiovascular disease if you diagnose it in early stage and start treatment immediately, it is possible to avoid a stroke or heart attack.

After injuries back pain in the morning, can accompany life.

Until you force yourself to stand up and do some exercise, they will not back down. "Salvation" – physical exercises that help to acquire a muscular corset that supports the spine and gives the internal organs to shift from their seats.

Separately it is necessary to consider pain in the back in pregnant women. They have a similar phenomenon in early pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes – all body systems are working at high intensity and at night the bloodstream almost never slows down. As a result, in the morning there's no feeling of a rest – body aches remains.


In II and III trimester of pregnancy pain in the majority of cases occur in the lumbar region and chest. Pregnant uterus it creates pressure on the spine, back of the diaphragm, displaces the internal organs from their normal places. To cure pain arising during pregnancy – is impossible. If selected comfortable posture to sleep is obtained, but sometimes this fails. Insomnia and feeling morning sickness affects many pregnant women and back pain they are able to only get rid of after childbirth.

When the source of pain is constant, to detect at the first visit to the doctor it is unlikely to succeed. Most likely, the therapist, after a preliminary assessment, will be referred to doctors – specialists.

It is not necessary to lower hands if the identification of the source of pain is a long period of time. In the future this may help to prevent serious problems related to health.

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