Teeth whitening

Everyone wants to have a white smile that dazzles the sight, that's why is now so popular teeth whitening. There are various systems, pastes, and whitening every dental office have a service professional whitening. Let's try to understand all this diversity, does it do harm to health.

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Causes of changes color enamel

There is surface staining and deeper, both caused by certain factors. Surface darkening of the enamel can be caused by eating foods containing coloring pigment, aggravate all the cigarettes, coffee and red wine.

Deep as the darkening of hard tissues of teeth caused by the use of more aggressive substances:

  • water with iron content and fluorine;
  • the use of antibiotics during the formation of teeth;
  • a number of chronic diseases.

It is understood that teeth whitening is only useful if Your enamel is darkened.

If, however, the natural dark color of your teeth, then whitening will not bring the expected result.

Methods of teeth whitening

There are professional teeth whitening and at home. The home whitening system is different, pastes, pencils, folk remedies and gel for teeth whitening, which aims to clean enamel through oxidation.


Whitening in dental offices are more concentrated and aggressive components in the interaction with catalysts, whereby the bleaching is faster. As a catalyst doctors use: ultraviolet light, laser radiation, heat and chemicals.

Also in professional service, there is laser teeth whitening.

Bleaching occurs due to a laser beam that reduces damage to the enamel.

Need to know when teeth whitening there are a number of contraindications:

  • children up to age 18;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • presence of broken teeth;
  • periodontal disease;
  • the presence of some serious diseases;
  • the presence of multiple crowns and fillings.

Teeth whitening folk remedies


The most commonly used hydrogen peroxide. To whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide enough
just. You need a cotton swab to apply the peroxide and RUB the teeth, then brush them clean with a toothbrush.

There is and ancient method of teeth whitening with charcoal. You need to crushed activated carbon, dip into it a damp toothbrush and brush your teeth. Whiten your teeth and tea tree oil. Well before whitening, brush your teeth. Then apply a few drops of oil on the brush and a massaging brush their teeth.

This method takes time, but the result will surprise You. After a week, the teeth will become smooth and bright. In the future, you can use it once a week for prevention. Tea tree also has a number of useful properties that are a good influence on the mouth.

Remember that uncontrolled bleaching at home can lead to diseases of the oral cavity.

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