The benefits and harms of cosmetics with silicone for curls

In our time it is hardly possible to find a woman who would not know about this component. It is added to various beauty products for strands. However, probably very few people knows, what it is, how it is applied so as not to harm the hair.

Unfortunately, cosmetic companies, the production of such funds, do not always use natural ingredients. Mostly they are filled with silicone and a lot of parabens. And in order to find the right drug, we must first find out what is the silicone for hair and what is the effect on the hair it has.

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Silicone – what is it?

The benefits and harms of cosmetics with silicone for curls

This organosilicon high molecular weight compound containing in its composition oxygen, organic and inorganic substances, which are attached on the microparticles of silicon.

Simply put, it is a synthetic fat. It is not an allergen and does not irritate the skin. Does not cause intoxication.

The first time it had been used in the cosmetics about half a century ago, and some time later started to add in almost all the means to care for locks. The application field is quite extensive.

Drugs with its contents is able to protect the curls from the harmful effects of sunlight and apparatus used for stacking. Help to restore the structure and give a beautiful appearance to the curls.

All the silicone can be divided into five types:

  1. Water soluble. It is used as an additive in shampoo and washes off easily with water. Significantly soften the negative impact of surfactants on the hair.
  2. Oil. As a rule, are added to the conditioners, masks and balms. He lies down on strands of thin film and seals the scales of damaged hair. Retains moisture when using a hair dryer during straightening irons. Easier to comb. Hair becomes smooth and shiny. But to apply the drugs, in which it is contained, often not recommended.
  3. Volatile. Added in shampoo preparations, such as foam, air conditioners, varnishes, sprays. After applying it quickly evaporates. Gives the hair smoothness and silkiness. Makes the curls manageable. It is well washed.
  4. High-polymeric. Mainly used in professional cosmetics. Is added to the wax, lacquer, mousse. It seals split ends and holds its shape better curls. But it is very difficult to rinse.
  5. The silicone oil. Applies for colored, badly damaged and extensions curls. Forms a dense film, very resistant. Adds Shine and repairs damage. Hard washed even with hot water.

The main action of this component:

  • protecting curls against breakage, damage and dryness;
  • increase softness and silkiness;
  • Shine;
  • significant relief of brushing;
  • makes curls manageable and resistant to the environment.

Silicone in hair products

Now almost all of the cosmetic composition includes a liquid silicone, it is used as ordinary women and models.

Shampoo for hair. This tool is well suited to owners of long hair. The component is distributed along the length of the rod creates a protective film and gives volume.

The benefits and harms of cosmetics with silicone for curls

Hair rather dry, not so much confused and easier to comb. Scales are smoothed out and the split ends are sealed. In addition, each strand is protected from the chlorine contained in the water, on the street from ultraviolet radiation, while laying from burnout.

As a result, the hair becomes shiny and not so pouchitsya. Shampoo for colored curls, usually contain silicone oil and are washed away is quite difficult.

Balm for hair. In the drug often contains indelible form. And therein lies its harm. But be aware that for some categories of women such a remedy is necessary. Without them it is impossible to draw the hair with a flat iron, while the daily styling and bleaching. When using must strictly comply with the measure. To wash away this means only using shampoo deep cleaning.

Mask for hair with silicone. They are increasingly common in the market. After use, gives an instant effect. The curls are bigger and easier to fit.

Cosmetics curls with silicone: benefits and harms

What good is having this feature?

As it turned out, he has an impressive number of advantages:

  1. Low chemical activity. This property allows you to add a component in cosmetic products for curls without the fear of occurrence of undesirable interactions with other components of the drug. And indeed, in our time has become almost impossible to get an agent, which would not have this component. It is added in almost all shampoos, balms, masks and even paint.
  2. Minimal toxicity. One of the important factors, which suggests that a component will not have harmful effects, as it is not absorbed by the body.
  3. Temperature invariance. It is possible to use preparations containing this component, with consistent performance in any season and in any weather.
  4. A small conductivity. The property is used for thermal protection of hair.
  5. The formation of a waterproof film. Protects hair from evaporation and absorption of excess moisture. This means that the use of drugs containing such a component for dry hair is useless, and the application of the wet will benefit by maintaining moisture in every curly.
  6. Resistance to some oxidizing agents. Ozone and UV rays that can damage hair. The use of silicone oils is in the prevention of locks from the adverse effects of aggressive environment and using all sorts of brightening and coloring agents.

In addition, it is proved benefit from the use of resources to care for already-dyed hair.

What harmful effects has this substance

In fact, the wrapping film does not make the locks healthy, but only creates a visual beauty.

What is the harmful component:

The benefits and harms of cosmetics with silicone for curls
  1. The effect of the beautiful curls is pretty short.
  2. Frequent use will make locks brittle and dull.
  3. Prevents the ingress of vitamins, oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. Limits normal activity.
  4. Leave forms can accumulate with frequent use.
  5. Not used for wounds on the skin, dandruff and seborrhea.

To use these cosmetic products should wisely not to cause irreparable damage.

Application rules

If you do decide to apply makeup with silicone, it is important to remember that it can be done at most two times a week in cases when it is necessary, for example, stretching the curls with a straightening iron. This component will help to protect the hair from high temperatures and make it healthy and shiny. Do not get too often to apply varnish strong fixation. In most cases these drugs present silicone. Frequent use of hair becomes dull and lifeless.

Preferably every day to wash off this feature with a special shampoo. To achieve this purpose, the perfect shampoos containing active herbal ingredients. Not recommended to apply such cosmetics on the skin of the head, as the silicone will fully close the pores and will cause dandruff and possibly hair loss. These preparations are applied only on the curls.

How to restore curls after siliconsamurai cosmetics

The benefits and harms of cosmetics with silicone for curls

If you succumbed to the advertising, chased shiny and luxurious curls, and began to use products with silicone that hurt your curls, do not despair, to restore the beauty of hair is still possible.

Use ordinary baby soap and vinegar. We need to very carefully wash my hair baby soap and rinse with vinegar solution. After that you should stop using products containing silicone.

Completely abandoning such funds, give hair time to recover. Start a course of masks, in which structure only natural components, and don't forget about massage. Recovery may take three to six months.

Make healthy nutrition and proper rest, try to avoid stressful situations. And only then your hair will be the envy of others, beautiful, radiant, and, most importantly, healthy.