The benefits of flax for the body

Flax is one of the first cultivated plants. Its seeds were found by archaeologists in a cultural layer, the formation of which was determined by the VIII AD.

The benefits of flax for the body

The plant was used - and still is used - in industrial purposes. From its stems are made fibers, from which fabric is woven, and from the seed oil is produced. Natural raw materials and traditional healers did not ignore - flax seed is widely used for medicinal purposes.

Scientists chemists have scientifically proven the beneficial effect of seeds plants on the female body. A phytohormone was isolated from them, which is easily absorbed by the body and normalizes the hormonal balance in it.

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The content of nutrients in flaxseed

Flaxseeds are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. They also contain fatty acids, fiber, lignans. Fatty acids - omega-6 and omega-3. The normal functioning of the human body is impossible without them. They increase the elasticity of tissues of internal organs.

Lignans are antioxidant substances containing phytoestrogens. Lignans help blood vessels resist sclerosis, stop blood clots, normalize heart rate.

Vitamins and minerals contained in flaxseed:

  • magnesium;
  • manganese;
  • phosphorus;
  • copper;
  • vitamin B1,

and also the amino acid tryptophan.

The plant is especially valuable due to the content of pectins in its seeds - soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber, entering the intestines, speeds up metabolic processes, increases the viscosity of its contents, promotes emptying.

Benefits of the use of flaxseed for the body:

  • the work of the circulatory system improves;
  • the heart rate is normalized;
  • the prevention of oncological processes, stroke, heart attack;
  • cleansing and detoxification actions;
  • anti-inflammatory agent;
  • removal of edema;
  • normalization of thyroid function;
  • restoration of the reproductive capacity of the female body;
  • sperm formation;
  • antidedepressive action.

In addition, cosmetologists actively use flax seeds, adding extracts from them in creams and masks to restore skin tone and fight acne - acne.

Cleansing body

The human body can be compared to a mechanism that consumes fuel and produces energy. This design does not always work without interruption - the slightest changes - ailments - disrupt the smooth process. If slags are deposited in the mechanism, the process is disrupted and an emergency occurs.

The mechanical structure can be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled by replacing worn out parts. Replacement of worn-out organs in humans is done in extreme cases.

In order not to create a similar situation, harmful substances should be periodically removed from the human intestine, interfering with normal life. One of the ways to restore normal bowel function is to cleanse the body with flax seeds.

During the procedure, not only wastes are removed from the intestines. Flaxseed fiber is a beneficial breeding ground for the development of beneficial microflora. This reduces the possibility of dysbiosis.

Ways to cleanse the body with the seeds of a medicinal plant

< p> How is it possible to cleanse the body with flax seeds? There are several ways that accumulated joints that impede its functioning are removed from the intestine.
The benefits of flax for the body
  • Minimal preparation is required to cleanse the intestines this way. The seed is crushed - on a coffee grinder, blender, ground in a mortar - mixed with some product that is consumed daily. This can be: yogurt, honey, soup, porridge, eaten for dinner or breakfast. You need to eat 2-3 tablespoons of crushed flax per day. It naturally passes through the intestines, absorbs toxins and removes toxins, gently cleansing the mucous membrane. Just do not forget to intensify the drinking regime, otherwise the fiber in the intestines will not be able to swell and purification will not occur;
  • First, a decoction of flax seeds is prepared. To do this, half a glass of the original product is poured into 1500 ml of boiling water and brought to readiness in a water bath, keeping for at least 2 hours. Then the broth is filtered, and taken in a glass up to 6 times a day. The temperature of the liquid entering the stomach should be at 38-40 ºС. In some cases, " medicine " has a very laxative effect - you should be prepared for this. If you are preparing a large volume of broth, then you can store it in the dark in a cool place, but no more than 48 hours;
  • The body is cleansed with whole flax seeds. In the evening, they are poured with cool water - half a glass of seeds, water to the top. Cover with a saucer and leave until morning. On an empty stomach they drink a mug of as hot water as possible, after 30 minutes they eat the gruel that has swollen in the evening. No salt, sugar or other flavoring enhancers are added. They don't eat or drink anything else until lunchtime. Such cleaning continues for a month;
  • This method is designed for a month and has not only a cleansing, but also anthelmintic effect. Flaxseed flour - it is advisable to make it yourself - is mixed with kefir. For the first week, instead of breakfast, eat half a glass of kefir, in which a tablespoon of flour is dissolved. The next week the amount of kefir increases by 50 ml, and flax flour doubles. For another 2 weeks, an almost full glass of kefir is eaten - 3 tablespoons of flour are dissolved in it;
  • The simplest method. The mixture is prepared immediately before use. Mix in equal proportions - 5 mg each - seeds of fennel, coriander, flax. Insist for 30 minutes in 250 ml of boiling water, drink on an empty stomach. If it is uncomfortable to clean in the morning, you can do it before bedtime. The main thing is that after dinner, at least 3 hours pass. They cleanse themselves like this for 2 weeks, then take a break for 14 days and repeat the course of cleansing;
  • Siberian method. You should start preparing for it a week in advance. Flax seeds in the amount of 1/3 cup are poured with 250 ml of unrefined cold-pressed sunflower oil. The container is placed in a dark place, and be sure to shake it several times a day. Consumed 30-40 minutes before meals for 10 days or after meals after 3 hours. The mixture is not filtered. With a similar method of treating the intestines, the following products must be removed from the diet: baked goods, alcohol, sweets.

The benefits of cleansing increase if, during the week during which flax is infused, tinctures from herbs are drunk: chamomile, wormwood, St. John's wort and nettle. The most effective use of the collection of the above herbs.

The Siberian method has its contraindications. It cannot be used in case of exacerbation of cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gallstone disease. The oil enhances the production of bile, stimulates its secretion.

Ancient plant for women

< p> Flax seeds seem to be specially created for the female body. During the cleansing procedure, not only the bowel function is restored and excess weight goes away, but hormonal imbalances are eliminated, the menstrual cycle normalizes.

Very flax is useful for pregnant and lactating women. It effectively and gently fights constipation, reduces the risk of developing fetal pathologies, blessingThe estrogen it contains stimulates lactation.

With the help of the seed of this ancient plant, you can clear the skin of acne. To do this, it is enough for 15 minutes a day every other day for 10 days to apply flaxseed flour boiled in milk on the face. The consistency of the mixture should resemble thick sour cream.

The benefits of flax for the body

And this recipe for a cosmetic has a rejuvenating effect on dry, aging skin that has lost its tone. The seeds are infused in boiling water, shaking constantly. The resulting liquid should be slimy in consistency and resemble glycerin in viscosity.

The gel is applied to the face in 4-5 layers, each of them is waited for drying. Then you should lie on your back for 15 minutes with your eyes closed. Rejuvenation course - 15 daily treatments.

Flax seed has a beneficial effect on the body when added to food. Thanks to this technology, the nutritional value of dishes increases and the risk of slagging the body when they are consumed decreases. It is especially useful to use flax during baking.

Flax seeds are a unique dietary product. Thanks to its use, you can protect the body from harmful environmental factors, normalize digestion, and reduce the risk of oncological processes.