The best haircut for thin medium length hair: the recommendations of hairdressers

Women who have fine hair often suffer from a variety of hairstyles, to hair looked fuller. Initially it is necessary to say that great importance is the care so you need to choose the appropriate shampoo and conditioner, as well as a variety of masks and mousses.

If you are very worried about the fact that you have thin hair, we will try to persuade you. First, thin, not so rare. Yes, you have to fight rough, but if you want you can fix it. Second, thin hair keep their shape and hairstyles, for example, the curls will remain for a long time.

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What haircut for medium fine hair works the best?

The best haircut for thin medium length hair: the recommendations of hairdressers

If you are the owner of a head of hair, you will have to decide on a radical step, as the best option in this case is a short haircut. It is observed that the shorter the length, the greater the volume.

Example No. 1. If such a step you have not yet decided, you can make a ladder (cascade), as by increasing layers hairstyle will visually look more luxuriant. Love this haircut is not only young girls and women age. The transition from level to level can be smooth or sharp.

In the case of medium length you can stay on the disheveled, curved inward or outward the tips. Cascade is suitable for almost all types of face, more importantly, choose the right length. Especially well it looks to owners of oval or elongated shape.

Do not forget about bangs that can be done different: smooth, oblique, thin, thick, in General, everything depends on your imagination. Cascade to medium hair will look completely different due to the variety of styling options. Use the different nozzle on the hair dryer, Curling and flat irons, and don't forget the curlers.

Example No. 2. The most popular version of the haircut, which occupies the first place in many ratings – Bob. In this case, by shifting from longer at the level of the chin to the nape of the neck short, the appearance becomes more voluminous and textured. It is often Bob choose a famous person, one of the best examples – fashionista Victoria Beckham.

You can choose long Bob that implies a lowering of length 10 cm. In this case, you can do various fleece, allowing even fine hair to make fluffy hair. In General, there are many variations of this haircut. Looks best on women with a round face.

Example No. 3. Very popular and well-known penalty, which, for example, you can make a double length. Optionally enhance the image of bangs (graphic quads) or graduirovannam that will facilitate a quick and effortless installation. If you choose the classic middle parting, it will result in more tender, and the side option will add softness.

By the way, you can experiment with bangs. Recently has become popular as perfectly smooth and easy negligence. It is also possible, depending on the shape of the face, and to vary its length.

Styling suitable for quads are different, so you can choose the hair, for example, to the romantic image, or wet-look – more disco version.

Example No. 4. We would also highlight the French haircut. It is very important to the hair well lying. This can be done by using the antistatic agent or by using special spray for thermopacking. Due to this the hair will become more pliable. Then use outweek.

The next step is divide into 4 zones with 2 partings. One should be straight, and the second cross from ear to ear. The person trim so that they form a line in the shape of the letter "P".

Bangs can be of different lengths, ranging from "brush" to the line below the brow. Optionally you can choose and graded variant with slight asymmetry.

Example No. 5. Creative haircuts are not for everyone, as it depends on the age, status, etc. For example, you can choose the options with global asymmetries or bright locks. Today's popular haircuts that involve shaving the side complemented the painted or pattern.

Tips for owners of thin hair

Hairdressers have already developed the basic guidelines which will help women to take proper care at home:

The best haircut for thin medium length hair: the recommendations of hairdressers
  • If you have fine hair, experts recommend to abandon the full painting and to give preference to color and highlights individual strands. You can choose tinted paint, which is more close to the natural color. Can be used for thin medium length hair permanent coloration, as it allows you to make moving a more dense and voluminous. Experts do not recommend to choose white, as this will only draw attention to the existing problem. Prefer multiple colors, experiment with shades that will also allow you to visually increase the volume;
  • If you use flat irons for straightening, you will certainly buy an additional tool, for example, based on creatine or etc.;
  • Braid on medium hair and ponytails are not recommended to wear often, and also strongly to pull hair because it is a serious burden. Braid is best to do a loose, slightly sloppy;
  • To style and add volume while drying your fingers lift the roots. Do quick movements and best of all without a comb;
  • Apply styling products fine hair medium length is required when they have dried 80%. To the touch they are a little wet. If water will be a means for giving of volume will not give the desired result. Select for a variant with a light non-greasy texture. With his help, lift the roots to give the desired volume. Experts do not recommend the use of gels, creams, products for straightening hair and the serum is silicone-based. All this will lead to the fact that hair will be heavy, greasy and thinning. To make the final version, after applying the chosen medium, dry with Hairdryer and then brush straight smooth tips.

How to choose hairstyle for medium thin hair?

All professionals converge to the view that the curls look much better than usual straight hair. So if you want to create a spectacular hairstyle simply do the soft curls that should be allocated for everyone to have a more natural look.

This option is ideal for owners of haircuts ladders. To curls for medium thin hair was beautiful and long held, it is recommended to use spray based on sea water.

Many women love the tails, but on the thin hair, they look not very good, but there is a solution. To start take the locks safesite all back and divide them into 2 pieces vertically on the top and bottom.

Necesite strands from the top and make the tail with the bottom hair make a ponytail right under the first. Strands and gently comb their fingers.

A suitable hairstyle is a shell and the beam. These options are perfect for each day don't require special skills and a lot of time. In the first case, you need to have a beautiful pin to pin. You need to make a ponytail at the nape, a light fleece, and then everything spun into a bundle.

The best haircut for thin medium length hair: the recommendations of hairdressers

Strands wrap inside and secure with a barrette. Then spread the resulting beam and capture a small amount of varnish. For medium hair you can make bun.

Another popular hairstyle that is suitable for all hair types, including thin – variants in the Greek style. They need to have a thin wrap or a special tape. At first it put on, and then backcomb at the back to achieve volume.

Lower strands, which are under the wrap to wrap to wrap to make a bun. Wrap the strands on the side too. These hairstyles are versatile and suitable for all occasions.


As you can see, even on fine hair you can choose different types of haircuts, hairstyles and styling, which will look at any time at 100%. Most importantly, a little practice and you will achieve excellent results.