The dried apples for the winter

Apples – very healthy and tasty product. This is probably the most common fruit that can always be found in stores regardless of the time of year. There are many varieties and they all are rich in vitamins and microelements, which are very useful for the human body.


Apples are used not only fresh, they are canned, boiled and dried in the sun or in the convection oven. The latter method is the most popular, so let's learn how to dry apples in a variety of ways.

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Preparation of fruits

Dried apples are one of the most economical methods of harvesting fruit for the winter. The main role here is played by the fact that the thus treated fruit for a long time retain all its useful properties. In the future of them will be cooking fruit drinks, brewing teas, making the stuffing for pies is just.

The technology is the main condition for the preservation of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, knowing how to dry apples in oven, convection oven or other cooking device will be useful to each owner. Where to start?

First, the fruit must be sorted by size. It should be noted that for drying you can use any variety. Most turn out sweet slices of white filling. This is one of the earliest varieties, it is very tasty and juicy.

Secondly, they were carefully washed and left to air-dry. For the manufacture of drying are used mainly fallen fruit. When washing cut out the damaged areas, you can cut the core with seeds and peel.

The next step is optional, but if you want to drying kept white and not yellow, then do this:

  • Prepare a salt solution per 1 liter of water 1 teaspoon of salt;
  • In the resulting liquid, dip the apples for 2-3 minutes;
  • Remove them and, without wiping, leave to air-dry.

Processed fruit cut into slices and spread on the grid or the baking tray in a single layer.

Drying in the sun

If time and weather allow, the best option is to dry the apples naturally. In a private house for this purpose, roofs and attics. Sliced and processed in a salt solution fruit spread on a baking sheet or strung on a string.

Before putting the fruit out to dry, they should be covered with gauze so that flies and other insects scrabbling over them. On the plate is the maximum you can stack the slices in 2 layers on a thread it is better to line them with a small gap. Thereafter, the containers exposed to the sun or hang garlands of Apple in a dry and warm room.

How to dry apples in the sun? So they dry evenly, they have daily to turn from one side to the other. The sun must get on the slices, so that Tara will have some time to move during the day.

It is undesirable to dry the fruit on a cloudy day, the process is considered to be correct only when hit by direct sunlight. Not suitable for this activity and rainy day.

When drying indoors, it is necessary to be sure that it is regularly ventilated, the air was not humid. Dampness in this case is not needed. It is recommended to periodically move the apples on the rope, so that they are evenly dried up and do not stick together.

How many dried apples naturally? This process is lengthy and depends on the weather. Usually requires at least 10 days. If drying well dried on both sides, it is flexible, does not break and does not stick to each other, then it can be removed.

When drying fruit in the sun or the attic is not possible, then you can use accelerated methods to dry fruit in oven, convection oven, electric driers or microwave.

Accelerated methods of drying

Dried apples natural ways not always possible. In this case, comes to the aid of the people's ingenuity and appliances.


The easiest is to place slices on the baking sheet and put it on the warm battery daily turning over the dried slices. Humidity in the room where dry apples should be low. How much fruit will dry? In an average week is enough.


If you live in the city, the knowledge of how to dry apples in oven is very useful. For cooking one batch of drying will take 7-8 hours. Before you put the sliced fruits on a baking sheet, cover it with foil or baking paper.

For a start, the temperature should be low is about 45 degrees. After 2 hours increase this figure to 65 degrees and 30 minutes to finish drying, set the temperature control to 50.

Remember, in the process of drying fruits release moisture, so periodically it will be necessary to open the oven to release the steam, and every hour flip the slices to the other side. At the end of the drying process, remove and place on a clean dry towel – let cool down.


Knowing how to dry apples in the microwave, in a few hours you will be able to process a bucket of fruit. This is the fastest way, but it is important not to overdry the fruit. Spread the prepared slices on a plate in a single layer.

The power must not exceed 300 kW. Turn on the stove for 2 minutes after switching off the timer immediately remove the plate and check the readiness of the product. If necessary, will doushite. After cooking the first portion, put the second and putting the right time, turn your oven on.


At desire it is possible to dry apples in a convection oven. For this mesh, available in a set, line with parchment paper and laid on top of the prepared fruit, place them one above the other. How to dry apples in a convection oven? The set temperature of 100-120 degrees, the blower speed should be low. In such regimes on the one bookmark you will spend about an hour.

Remember that top fruit will dry faster than the bottom. Therefore, periodically it will be necessary to unplug the device and change the mesh in some places. At the same time, slices turn.

Electric dryer

Apple drying can be done not only in grills, but electric driers. This prepared fruit is spread on the grid Assembly in a single layer and put into the device. At a temperature of 60 degrees for the preparation of 1 portion you will need about 8 hours.

How to dry apples in a electric dryer? To enhance the taste, cut the fruit for a day leave to soak in sugar syrup, and then drying. The amount of sugar may be arbitrary. It is added to boiling water and carefully stir.

The cooled syrup is poured cut the fruit so that the water covered them completely, and leave in a cool place. The next day slices recline on a colander and give the syrup to drain, then spread them on the net.

How to store the finished product?


How much is stored ready for drying? It depends on correctness of preparation. Well dried fruit can keep useful items over the years. They are Packed in cartons, glass or plastic container, in cloth sacks.

The latter preferably pre-soaked in a saline solution and dried so that a variety of pests climbed inside.

Any owner, knowing how to dry apples in the microwave or aerogrill, you will be able to delight your family with delicious compotes and dessert.

Drying is still useful, because it allows a large number of fruit to process in a short period, and finished products will occupy much less space than the source material. So if you don't know what to do with fresh apples, make of them drying!