The grapefruit diet

Grapefruit in translation from English means "grape fruit". This name he received because of the specifics of the growth of fruit, arranged in clusters on the branches like grapes.

The grapefruit diet

This hybrid of orange and pomelo, other citrus fruits preserves better its beneficial qualities during long periods of storage, reduces the level of sugar in the blood acts rejuvenating the whole body, thereby strengthening the immune system, has strong decongestant and anti-inflammatory action.

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Useful properties of grapefruit for weight loss

Grapefruit is very useful for weight loss. In the pulp of the fruit contain: antioxidants – vitamins A and C, also of group b, mineral salts, pectin, organic acids. Calorie it depends on the original color pulp than the redder it is, the fruit sweeter, and therefore higher its nutritional value.

Impaired metabolism – one of the main reasons for the increase in body fat. Naringin and various enzymes contained in this fruit, help restore proper metabolism and improve digestion, reducing this body fat.

Grapefruit weight loss acts as a strong catalyst, which contributes to rapid metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body. In nutrition studies it is known that it improves the functioning of liver and intestines, builds the blood pressure, reduces blood cholesterol, removes salt.

Recommended to take it under serious physical stress, as it can reduce fatigue and restore strength, because it contained calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and sodium.

Grapefruit for weight loss without diet and exercise

Even if you do not adhere to any diet or not to engage in active sports, the grapefruit is still useful in the fight against excess weight, since it enhances the process of burning accumulated fat and helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body. For this you just need to use it before each meal.

Grapefruit lifts the mood

The fruit pulp contains glycosides, which can affect mood. These are wonderful antidepressants, improve memory and enhance sexuality. They will easily help to overcome the most difficult days of a low calorie diet, boost your energy and improve vitality.

Grapefruit oil for weight loss

Grapefruit oil is one of the best tools in the fight against cellulite. It can be used in various ways, each of which is able to give a good result and reduce the "orange peel": a variety of wraps, rubbing, massages. You can also achieve great results using a regular peel.

The grapefruit diet

In the peel of citrus a large number of essential oils so you just need to RUB and lightly massage the peel of grapefruit thighs and buttocks after bathing or showering. Few weeks the result will surprise you.

A relaxing bath with grapefruit essential oil

Add oil, seven drops in a warm bath, take a bath is better in the evenings after a day for twenty minutes. It is especially good after an intense sports training.

Wraps with essential oils

Apply to problem area grapefruit oil diluted with 1:1 olive, massaged, from top to consolidate the five layers of cling film. To go under the blanket and lie down for about two hours, then remove wrap.

Body wraps for weight loss with honey and grapefruit

All actions are performed as described above was only grapefruit oil is added to the thick honey. This compound helps in a great way against cellulite, especially in its early stages.

Of course, all these methods do not give a stunning effect, but in combination with sport and diet can accelerate the process and consolidate the results.

How to consume this miracle fruit to lose weight?

There are a few simple ways to use grapefruit as a subsidiary means for weight loss:

  • Grapefruit juice for weight loss

The largest number naringine and vitamins is the white, translucent film between the grapefruit slices, they are the most bitter parts of the fruit. To get the maximum benefit from this "miracle fruit", it is better to grind it in a manual citrus press or grind in a blender, adding a little honey.

All nutrients and trace elements can be absorbed by the body better when consumed this drink before meals.

It can be diluted to taste with drinking water. Recommend replacing them dinner or drinking grapefruit juice for weight loss at night at a fast pace. You can also take it for 0.5-1 glass 30 minutes before a meal.

  • Grapefruit cocktail

Grapefruit juice can be mixed with Apple or pineapple juice. This cocktail is very pleasant to the taste and, most importantly, useful. You can drink it as a second Breakfast.

  • Vegetarian grapefruit salad

Crumble half a grapefruit, one tomato, greens, lettuce, season with lemon juice. Perfect for dinner and lunch.

  • Grapefruit hearty salad
The grapefruit diet

Crumble in equal proportions boiled chicken breast, "miracle fruit, "the tomato and bell pepper. Season with lemon juice and olive oil.

Any of these dishes can replace the regular meals, due to this and achieved weight loss, because you get a lot of vitamins and few calories instead of your usual high calorie food!

In the process of weight loss should be taken seriously, it is pointless to include in your diet low-calorie dinner, if you had eaten a hearty lunch of cheeseburgers or fries. In other words, without limiting it will not work, it is necessary to refuse from fatty, sweet and starchy food to achieve maximum results.

Approximate diet can be so:

  • For Breakfast – green tea, oatmeal or scrambled eggs;
  • Second Breakfast – a Cup of juice;
  • Lunch – grapefruit salad with the breast, about 150 grams;
  • Dinner – salad with grapefruit;
  • Red sleep – juice.

If you really want sweet, you can afford for lunch, a few slices of black bitter chocolate. In the second half of the sweet can't be eaten, and about the sweet and flour at the same time, and even more so to forget.

We must remember that grapefruit can increase the acidity of gastric juice and have plenty of appetite, so it is best to eat before the meal, and people suffering from stomach ulcers, better to abandon it altogether. Nice and easy you lose weight!