The hair is dyed in pink color

Today in fashion natural shades of hair, however, some girls want something bright and unusual. If you want to radically change the color of the curls, and a rich palette of natural shades of blonde, brown or ginger for you seems like a great idea, you can her hair be dyed to look more fashionable and popular pink color.


In fashion today, different shades: hairstyles with intense purple hue, soft and sweet pastel ash pink hair color – all the color variety can be a great idea to create a stylish image.

The trend of hair coloring in bright color for several seasons is very popular among famous personalities from the world of fashion, music and cinema. Among the colors stands out and dominates fashionable pink hue, it can be bright or ashy-pink. Recently, this color is loved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian's half – sister Kylie Jenner, American actress and dancer Julianne Hough and actress Hilary Duff, who for the last time, often dyed their tresses in the original shades of pink.

If you decided to dye your hair in soft pink color, it is necessary to approach this issue carefully from the technical side. This is especially difficult if you have dark natural curls – black or dark brown.

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Lightening hair

First of all, you must do the bleaching. To get a really intense shade of pink, this also applies to other unusual colors, your hair should be well clarified.


Toners (often we are turning to them to create these colors) work better on bleached hair, but natural – much worse. However, much depends on the ink (toner), there are exceptions to the rule.

Bleaching destroys the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to first lighten throughout their length, and then every month to lighten only growing the roots. If you constantly to lighten the strands throughout their length, they simply can be "burned", will become brittle, tangled and be very unsightly.

Discoloration can have different results – it can be red, yellow, copper and other shades. In any case, this will be enough to paint the curls to the bold crazy colors, except blue.

Hair tinting – how to get pink color

Toning should be performed immediately after produced discoloration, it will help to better preserve the structure of curls.

To get pink hair color, we can use the toners:

  • La Riche;
  • Crazy Color Pinkissimo 42 Extreme tint;
  • Chroma Silk;
  • Manic panic – Hot Hot Pink shade;
  • shampoo dye Stargazer UV Pink.

Another solution to how to dye my hair pink are kolonizirali foam (Еlysee, Venita).

In order to prolong the effect of toning, it is not recommended to wash your hair with shampoo in the next two days – in this case, the color persists much longer.

Care for colored tresses

Wash the hair after toning preferably as little as possible, because each time will be a washing away of paint. Recommended shampoos and conditioners for colored hair, which can minimize this effect. You can also apply lotion to acidification (e.g., lemon), which closes the cuticle, causing the paint washed away slowly.

Unfortunately, the paint often washed away unevenly. If you choose pink color for long hair, a month in some places, the coloration can become less intensive. Most of all, she washed away the bangs that may be close in color to the blond, at the time, as the remaining long strands remain bright.

If you don't want to go back to the pink color, you can rinse the strands:

  • shampoo for dandruff – well it brings staining;
  • rinse curls with baking soda;
  • apply a mask of crushed vitamin C.

All of these methods, unfortunately, do a very dry hair, so you need to ensure they have adequate hydration with a mask and a moisturizing conditioner.

If you choose pink color of hair, surely you will look very bright and original. This color like celebrities, movie stars and singers, representatives of various subcultures, expressing, thus, their individuality.

Depending on the chosen shade, you will be able look soft girly like Barbie, or very bright, predatory and sexy.

When the care of such strands do not forget that this shade washed away very quickly and you should choose gentle shampoos and grooming products.