The harness for cats: what is the product, how to use and sew with his own hands

If you do not live in a country house, and the apartment where square metres adjacent to the cat, then most likely you will not let her out. Unfortunately, cats living in the city, rarely on the street, they gain weight and suffer from different ailments.

If you want to make your pet cheerful and healthy, go for walks, however, you need to buy or make a harness.

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Harnesses for cats, which is better?


Generally, the harness is similar to a dog leash, only it is designed for pussies.

This thing is very necessary for those owners who want to walk your four-legged friend, but worried about his safety and health.

When using harnesses, a person is able to control the movements of a cat, protecting the animal from danger and not allowing to escape.

This useful accessory must meet certain requirements that will allow your pet to feel comfortable.

So follow these simple guidelines when choosing walking equipment:

  • give preference to products made of a durable, but non-coarse fabric. It would be great if the fabric does not get wet and well-washed;
  • harnesses come in three forms: the eight letters N and V. Choose the products in the form of H or V, they are easier to put on the pet;
  • it will be good if the accessory is made from raincoat fabric or nylon. Such a matter is quite durable, but do not cause the pet any pain, do not RUB the skin;
  • allowed the purchase of cotton products, but they, unfortunately, do not always withstand the pressure of the pussy. Therefore, choosing a piece of cotton, please note that the width of the straps was not less than 1 cm, and the length could be adjusted;
  • leather harnesses look very nice, but the cats are not too comfortable in them. The product of hard skin and it can cause discomfort, restrict movement of the pet;
  • models of this accessory there are many. Give preference to products that have a detachable leash or roulette, which allows you to adjust the length of the flight alone. It is very convenient while walking;
  • before you buy a thing to your pet, oberate it. Not all owners know, but harnesses vary in size. For proper purchase you need to know the chest circumference kitties (measure behind the front legs). Knowing this figure, problems should not arise.

By the way, some owners make a harness for the cat with their hands, the special difficulties it causes, and the result is quite decent stuff.

At what age to accustom the animal to a outfit?

All educational measures have Pets is recommended, as little children, since childhood. Veterinarians advise to use the device for walking already from the age of three, talking about who the kittens are easier to get used to the new accessory and adapt to behave in it.

The first walk with a pet should be short. Long travel, transportation and other shocks are not needed for your kitten, which was already under stress because of the need to wear strange thing for him. Take your time. Let the baby get used to the new accessory, and then begins his journey around the world.

Harnesses cat: diagram of dressing


As mentioned above, it is important to choose the accessory that fits the size of your pet. If you neglect this parameter, there is a chance that the kitty will run away from you, jumping out of too broad of a product, or, conversely, will experience discomfort.

To check how correctly you have identified the size, do the following manipulation: put the accessory on the cat and insert a finger between the body of your pet and thing.

The finger should pass freely, but not to hang out and not get stuck. If the product is too tight to the body and kitties, then you chose the wrong size.

It is worth noting that almost all the animals are protesting, when the owners want to dress them in a harness. To get your pet used to the procedure, to dress up it at least 1 time a day in a new accessory.

The first time the beast will show character: anti-scratch, try to escape or to gnaw a strange object.

You will have to endure this time and gradually accustom your pet to the accessory for walking, very soon four-legged friend will cease to notice the harness. To the process of habituation was more gently introduce the animal with a new subject: give it a sniff, chew, play.

After this experience you can try to dress up a kitty in a new accessory, it should be done carefully, talking to a pet, stroking it. And yet, take care of the ears of the cat, as when dressing accessory many animals are so twist of the head that are injured.

Veterinarians advise to carry out this difficult procedure before you feed the animal. It is believed that with this approach, the cat will form an adequate perception of new things. To consolidate the positive associations, and play with animals in the process of dressing the harness that the pet is not regarded a new thing as something painful, uncomfortable. When the accessory is already on the body of the pet, take the time to tighten belts, let the cat get used to the new sensations.

How to make a harness for cats?

If you want to make a pleasure accessory with your own hands, it will not take much time and effort. Of course, the Internet has a very sophisticated patterns to create this thing, but we will look at a simple option.

You will need:

  • belt-drive tape;
  • Velcro;
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • leash or measuring tape;
  • centimeter.

First, remove the measurements from your pet: measure the chest, the neck and the distance between the chest and the neck.

Now according to the obtained parameters cut 3 strips. The first is the distance from the chest to the neck, the other two equal to the circumference of the chest. To the ends of the long strips you need to sew the Velcro in the expanded view, the resulting structure will resemble the letter N. To finish the product, sew to it a leash and you are done.

If you want to get a more durable product, look for another pattern harnesses for cats with their hands, as discussed above, the easiest option of making accessory, like many an owner of Pets, because it is suitable for active walks with the pet.

As you can see, to assemble a harness for cats is easy, much harder to accustom the animal to wearing a new accessory. So be patient and take your time you will succeed! Good luck!