The man of my dreams: how to visualize the image to make it portrait?

Between a man and a woman, there are points of contact that allow them to understand that they were made for each other. This confidence occurs on a subconscious level, and couples wish to stay together – so they are more comfortable, safer and more comfortable. Then the space around them is filled with love and happiness. But girls tend to doubt and not always they know the answer to the question: "How do you know that it's the man of my dreams?". Where to find the ideal?

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Understand yourself

The man of my dreams: how to visualize the image to make it portrait?

First of all, you need to understand yourself. Honestly define your needs and desires, answer to yourself what you want. You have to understand that ideal people do not happen, so it's silly to expect a perfect man – it simply does not exist. Find your weaknesses so you can in a favorable light to present them to her future husband, transforming them into strengths.

Think about what disadvantages you are ready to accept your choice. What for one person – Yes, other can be a strong irritant.

You need to visualize your partner to mentally communicate with him. You must be very warm and comfortable with this weird way. How to visualize the man of your dreams? Imagine how you and your husband in the evenings drinking tea, like a walk in the evening city or ride along in a kayak. You need to make the portrait, which fully suits you.

The next step is to study faults. Think about what negative sides are you willing to endure? Make a list of those habits that you never accept. If you understand how to make a portrait of the man of your dreams, you will be easier to understand the choice.

Become better

The man of my dreams: how to visualize the image to make it portrait?

How to find the man of your dreams?

This question is relevant to many women. We must start with ourselves. You need to be a woman that men dream of.

Think of what the wife wants to see your man? Home girls will approach a guy who is happy to help her with the housework, and will not be spending the evening in the bar. Lovers of extreme and active recreation is unlikely to be interesting with a couch potato. If you want to find your man, be active: find a hobby, or several.

Develop your speech, master the elements of playing a musical instrument, draw. Identify your talents and hone your skills. If you surround yourself with people who have similar interests with you, then you will be easier to find the man of your dreams. Useful tips give psychologists who organize trainings for women who want to find their soul mate.

You don't necessarily have to be the most fashionable girl in the neighborhood, but watch and care for themselves must. The first impression plays a very important role in the future relations. Be friendly, open and smiling. Such people attract to them, you want to continue communication.

Be a good listener. Men love when women listen with interest about their achievements and interests. Do not interrupt and do not "pull the blanket" in talking to himself. When your interlocutor will speak, you will have time to talk about themselves.

Why marry?

Very often women ask a psychologist: how to marry the man of her dreams? But you need to understand why you need it?

The man of my dreams: how to visualize the image to make it portrait?

What is your main aim: to stamp in the passport or to live happily with your partner? To acquire the status of married women is easy, but to build a strong family is a challenge "with an asterisk".

A strong love that prevents objective assessment of the person, so you need to remove the rose-colored glasses and "enable" the ability to understand people. Listen not only your heart but also your head. First examined from a physiological point of view.

If you are drawn to the man, and his touch brings pleasant emotions and excitement – so in this plane you have a full order.

The second criterion – common goals and dreams. Hobbies you have can vary but for a harmonious marriage purposes must be the same. If you dream about children and family and your partner about travel and independence, it is difficult such a combination is not ideal. The couple are happy and satisfied with family life when you look in one direction.

Evaluation criteria

In periods of mutual understanding girls think that they are ready to live a chosen life. But it is more efficient to evaluate your feelings at the moment of quarrel. If, despite all the insults, you want to continue the relationship, then most likely, you do not need the advice of a psychologist, and you already know how to meet the man of her dreams. But the partner needs to be respectful to you even when you're wrong.

Rate your chosen one on such parameters:

The man of my dreams: how to visualize the image to make it portrait?
  • Good friend;
  • Serious and responsible person;
  • Protection and support;
  • "Golden hands" , or the ability to organize life;
  • The tender lover;
  • A caring husband and potentially a father.

If all of the criteria you have "pluses", then most likely, you found your man. With care treat those males who are prone to partying and drinking alcohol, can hurt a woman or respect her family.

Rudeness, lies, lack of restraint, assault and battery – these are the qualities which should not be a real man.

A successful search for you and stable relationship!