The mask is a gommage – what is it?

Proper skin care always consists of a whole set of procedures, which includes regular cleansing, moisturizing and nourishment of the dermis with the help of special cosmetic means. The most important step of all of the above activities is regular and deep cleansing of the epidermis from dirt, dust and dead skin particles of the dermis.

The mask is a gommage – what is it?

Particularly relevant is the process of timely cleaning of the skin is for women and girls skin which is prone to high fat content. But the usual remedy for this purpose is a cosmetic peel often contains in its composition of solid abrasive particles that can injure sensitive skin with regular use.

To remedy this complex situation, and make the cleaning process safe and healthy for the skin will help scrub – a novelty in the number of cosmetic procedures. That same this is a cream scrub and how to use it?

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What is good for the skin scrub?

What is gommage? In fact, the scrub is not some specific beauty product is a specialized procedure designed for cleansing the skin surfaces of dirt, excess sebum, dead epidermis cells.

Gommazh for the person has in its composition of solid, can damage the delicate tissue particles. Components means dissolve dead skin flakes gently cleanse the pores from dirt and dust.

A procedure of this type is not able to harm even the most sensitive dermis – as it has a gentle cleansing effect. In modern cosmetology there are several basic types Gamarnik tools: mask, cream, scrub, scrub.

Of the individual characteristics of each variety gumanoy cosmetics we'll talk a little later, but for now note that you can select a specific drug is based on the characteristics of their own epidermis problems that you want to get rid of homage.

So, for example, peeling exfoliation is removes the increased greasiness of the skin and allows deep cleanse the pores, and cream in addition to cleansing, nourishes the dermis with minerals and vitamins. Such a wonderful tool like a gentle scrub gommage will appreciate the owner of sensitive skin.

Which components contains tool for peeling of this type?

The abrasive particles in gamarnyk the funds are replaced with light fruit acids, which gently affect the superficial layers of the skin and dissolve all the dead and dried up pieces of epidermis.

Quality gomanom the drug in the composition will govern the various natural ingredients: plant extracts, thermal water, wax or clay.

In some cases, it may help the procedure?

The drugs of this variety is effective in cases running the dermis and removing the effects of improper care and hygiene. If you are concerned about pimples and acne, your skin is excessive dryness or sensitivity – be sure to try gomanee tool gentle care which does not injure the skin and gives quick and noticeable results.

How to use a scrub at home?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, the scrub is always carried out with the observance of certain rules. Describe how to clean the leather with sommanogo of drug alone:

For all its gentleness, gommage is still a chemical procedure for cleaning the face, because it has fruit acids and other ingredients that can cause irritation in people with high skin sensitivity or tendency to allergic reactions.

The mask is a gommage – what is it?

Therefore, before the first use of the drug is required, a test on individual tolerance of components. This is done by the standard procedure: a small amount is applied on a small area of the skin and aged for half an hour.

If irritation and redness does not appear – you can begin to complete the application procedure.

The procedure of purification always requires some preparation of the skin. In the case of using the mask or cream on the face need to steam so that the pores opened to the maximum. Steamed skin surface is usually a special steam bath for face on herbs.

To prepare a bath brewed herbs (chamomile, Melissa, sage) and hold face over the steam for several minutes.

To dry after the steaming is not necessary – enough to blot the sweat antibacterial wet wipe. To exclude the procedure of steaming is up to those women and girls who have rosacea or hypersensitive dermis of the face.

Important and the process of direct application of cleansing composition on face. Apply the medication experts in cosmetology recommend using a brush – so less likelihood of infection and dirt in the pores steaming.

Cream or peeling are applied from top to bottom starting from the forehead and finishing with the chin. Applied the scrub can be slightly rubbed into the surface of the face massage movements. Keep a cream or a mask on the face standard for this period of time not less than 20 minutes.

But, if you purchased a drug indicated other exposures that do not show initiative and follow instruction.

The composition of the face did not flush – it forms a kind of film that you need to gently "roll" from the face using your fingers. Doing it in the reverse direction of application, that is, from chin to forehead. Now you can wash with warm water and complete the treatment by applying nourishing cream or a light gel.

What mask is different from cream, scrub or sommanogo peeling?

What is the face scrub? The fundamental differences between the drugs for the procedure, there is no plan b: they all have about the same composition with fruit acids, minerals and vitamins.

The only possible difference in the impact on the epidermis and therefore the consumer must choose a specific tool is always based on the individual characteristics of the dermis, rather than blindly following the advice of friends and acquaintances.

Does this procedure contraindications, and what are they?

Any cosmetic procedure has a number of contraindications and scrub in this case is no exception.

From such a variety of peels should be abandoned if:

  • The skin is inflamed;
  • There are damages in the form of abrasions, deep scratches, wounds, cuts;
  • The epidermis has a burn from the sun or obvert after walking in the cold.

Rarely worth using gommegnies remedies for aging skin – the process of Skadi has the ability to stretch the flaccid dermis even more. Ineffective gentle exfoliation and too young skin its elasticity will not allow you to clean the face in the right degree, young beauties more than fit the usual scrubs.

Is it possible to prepare gamany the drug at home?

The mask is a gommage – what is it?

The composition of the homemade scrubs often includes the following products: semolina, barley flour, rice flour, oatmeal, orange powder, cream or rich milk.

Of course, as practically any cosmetic composition for gentle exfoliation you can prepare at home.

However, it is important to understand that without a consultation of a cosmetologist will still not do – you must correctly pick up the main component of the drug, taking into account characteristics of your skin and the expectation of maximum utility.