The poodle is a fluffy fidget

The poodle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and rightfully so. Their good-natured and cheerful disposition is so well known that exhibitions poodles evaluate two judges, one determines the eligibility of applicants to the standard and evaluates the appearance, another puts the estimate the character of the dog.


If you are on life's journey met an angry, hysterical or shrewish representative of this breed – so the owners made a big mistake during his training, or he grew up in adverse living conditions.

The characteristic feature of this breed is to imitate his master. Whatever you do, the pet will gladly repeat your movements, whether digging in the garden or bird watching. This traitand high intelligence of the dog, which at the level of mind is ranked second in the world after border collie, did the dog not only a favorite of kids and adults, but a movie star and a circus arena.

A great character of the animal is complemented by an elegant appearance, which is considered to emphasize the haircut. The poodle is harmoniously built, has amazing, like a dancing gait, graceful and elegant. As you can see, it's easy to love, and many owners will never have a dog of another breed, if their pet something happened.

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Classification poodles

There are four types of this breed, the main difference of one from another in size:

  • Royal poodle is the oldest variety of the breed and the largest, has strong bones and excellent muscles, they make excellent guard;
  • small or medium-sized, a little smaller proportional copy of the standard poodle, height 35-45 cm;
  • the dwarf – height 28-35 cm, purely decorative poodle, different from the previous two only in small amounts;
  • toy poodle – the smallest of its brethren, the representative of the ladies ' dogs, the height at the withers 26 see Judging from the description of the breed, with the breeding that poodle breeders have specially made miniature size dog.

Description and breed standard previously included only black and white, but thanks to the hard work of breeders has been received and the other silver, apricot, brown.

Disqualifying faults in the breed, which are an obstacle for the admission of the species to reproduce are:

  • white spots on the paws or on the body;
  • the heterogeneity of the coat of the animal;
  • cryptorchidism, unilateral or total asymmetry.
  • the lack of a tail;
  • the presence on the hind legs of the fifth finger;
  • malocclusion;
  • height over 60 inches.

Has been disqualified at shows and demonstrations can also be individuals, cut not by the standards of the breed, but to breed such animals are also permitted.

The history of poodles


It is an ancient breed of dog, about the origin of which consensus does not exist. There is a theory that the ancestor of this species is French Wirehaired pointing Griffon, in this case, the home should be called France.

The second view is that the poodle is a successful mating brought to the European continent by the Moors dogs Portuguese water dogs. The second version is a lot of evidence: until now, the production is so-called cord poodles are having a tough undercoat, which is twisted into cords, which is common to all breeds water dogs.

The first evidence of the breed is depicted in ancient Greek drawings. Then these dogs were painted by such masters as Rembrandt, dürer and rimensnyder, confirming, thus, the distribution of the population in Europe.

From the 16th to the 18th century, the breed was widespread in Russia and flooring throughout Europe where they were widely used in the role of assistant when water hunting. In the 18th century it was time for dog to learn a new way of life, moving from fields and marshes to the front. At that time, a dysfunctional Europe was torn by local wars for resources.

On the battlefields of these animals have helped to find the wounded and served as an army postman. Was another side to the coin. Returning from the front with wounded masters, a divisional dogs become street performers, earning tricks and tricks for food.

The poodle has a very eventful history. As we have seen, in times of peace it was a hunter and a crowd favorite, and during the war – courageous companion soldiers. Admittedly, he was not hurt neither the haircut, nor the softness of the Royal court. Today is an intelligent dog, which proudly bears the title of man's best friend.

maintenance, and care of poodles

The beauty of these creatures, which is also a hundred percent natural, almost played a cruel joke with them, forcing people to think of them as the ladies ' toy, able only to serve as an accessory with a fashionable owner. They make the most bizarre haircuts, dress up in stylish outfits, tie bows, and braid it.

I must say that the dog is quite calm to treat all such "abuse", and even enjoy posing for photo shoots and walks the fashion runways. This shows not about a weak character, and only about another valuable quality of this outstanding dog. He loves people and is ready to be the center of attention. What you need to do is to dress up in a suit with ruffles or to catch a duck out of water, it is on the conscience of the owners themselves.

Well, in order to look tidy and admiration of friends, acquaintances and just passers-by on the street, your pet needs daily care. It includes brushing, cleaning ears and teeth, proper nutrition and bathing. Bathe your dog should be once a month with special shampoo.

Of great importance is the clipping. Monthly bathing arrange hygienic grooming the dog. Using the machine, remove the excess hair on the face and body. A spectacular model haircut you will be able to do it from a professional Barber.

Despite the complexity of care, they also have advantages over other types is the absence of the smell of "skunk" and faded fur on your carpets and couch.

Education and training of poodles

To train and educate it easy, though, because the dog recognized a second level of intelligence in the world. They perfectly remember their commands, and already on the second workout is ready to please his master by carrying out the simple tricks.

Since these dogs are intelligent and obedient, have a propensity to imitation and learning, to teach the animal teams may even twelve-year-old child or an inexperienced trainer. This species often competes in agility and obedience is the exercise of obedience.

Dealing with dog training, you need to understand that they will not tolerate from you abuse and disrespect. Also the dog does not like the repetition of the monotonous, boring drills. Should add a bit of creative imagination into exercise, in order to get great results.


To educate poodle need from puppyhood, with the first day as the kid crossed the threshold of your home. Explain to him the rules of conduct, not allowed to pick up food from the floor, chew on furniture or other household items.

In order to slightly neutralize the irrepressible intense activity puppy aimed at the destruction of your home, try to give him most of the walks and attention.

Each breed of dogs has its fans. Characteristic of the breed clearly shows why a poodle has such a tremendous popularity in the world.

These lovely, aristocratic dog love everywhere, from the Pacific ocean to the Adriatic. And no matter how you stop your attention whether it is a Royal poodle or his younger brother — that, in any case, you will not regret it.

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