The process of body recovery after quitting Smoking: help your body!

A detrimental effect on all organs and systems of nicotine and tar that you inhale when Smoking tobacco products is known to everyone. However, not all smokers think about it, continuing to poison yourself with acrid smoke. Of course, quitting is not as easy as we would like. But most addicts at one point come to the conclusion that a bad habit does not bring them any pleasure, but only destroys from within.

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Quit Smoking – what next?

The harm of Smoking global, and, alas, in case of refusal from harmful habits, it doesn't disappear instantly.


Long-term exposure to lungs, heart, blood vessels and other vital organs are not unaffected by the smoker, and therefore it is important to Supplement the giving up cigarettes competent recovery of the body after Smoking.

In particular, you can help the infamous detox program is comprehensive cleansing from the toxins and poisons you in the literal sense of the word was breathed more recently.

Unfortunately, the smoker is in some sense adapted to the constant flow of toxins. Exactly the same as you get used to the pernicious habit, your organs and systems get used to specific "bait", so in the absence of receipt of nicotine, they begin to falter in their work. After quitting Smoking negatively affects metabolic processes, so get used to your new healthy life may take you from several weeks to several months.

The duration of the adaptation period depends on the individual, but also the specific experience of Smoking in the past. It was during the period of habituation to the absence of cigarettes, there is almost universal side effects appear weight, suppressed immune function, marked by severe mood swings. Do not despair – the main step on the road to health and freedom from your side is already done and you can rightfully be proud.

Light: bring to a normal state


It is no secret that most of the active smokers affected lungs and bronchial tubes. Therefore the respiratory system – the first thing you need to do after quitting cigarettes.

To cope with the restoration of lungs after Smoking will help special herbs and fees (for example, "Breast-fee"), or specific drug medications prescribed by your doctor. It is important to undergo x-rays to understand how damaged your main respiratory organ.

This same procedure can be repeated a few months later to personally trace the positive dynamics in its purification.

Cleansing of the lungs will happen faster if you help them in this difficult matter. Create for them favorable environment – for example, take a rule daily stroll in the Park and breathe fresh air. So your Airways will clear and come to a healthy normal much faster than you expect. The house should establish a special device called a humidifier. Breathing dry air is harmful to all, and in your case, it is altogether inadmissible. In addition, should be regularly organized ventilation and fresh cool oxygen must come in the home at least four times per day.

You can also take specialized medications for reparation of pulmonary tissue, however it can be done strictly with the permission of the doctor.

To facilitate the body's fate in such a difficult period, is to secure a charge of negative ions. This can be done by taking a cool or a contrast shower.

Particularly positive effects are different at the stage of adaptation after Smoking procedure inhalation.

So, inhalation is optimally carried out with the following charges:

  • Cedar, conifer, pine and juniper;
  • Inflorescences of chamomile, Linden and lavender;
  • The herbs peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and wormwood;
  • The leaves of black currant, birch and oak.

If procedures are carried out daily, your lungs will begin to clear up to 70% faster!

Ideally, if all the above measures, you will add exercise. Especially relevant would be any breathing exercises.

Also suitable for aerobics, swimming or running. All these exercises will not only help your lungs, but also the immune system which is also suffering at this stage. If you want to strengthen not only the body but also the spirit, pay attention to the practice of yoga.

How do you know that the cleansing process of the lungs is started successfully? It may come as a surprise, but you will notice positive dynamics on sudden onset of cough. This suggests that, of the respiratory system are actively carried all the harmful and toxic substances. However, this symptom is optional, and in some people, the process of purification of the lung tissue goes unnoticed.

The revival of the beauty and youth of skin

If you still complain that you can't habitually smoke a cigarette, you as a woman, probably bribe a pleasant "bonus" in the form of skin repair after Smoking. Almost all refused the addiction of the people noted an important pattern later and have them eliminated at least 45% of rashes, pimples and blackheads on the face.

You will notice a quick smoothing of the skin, the appearance of a healthy glow, eliminate "gray" hue, and dark circles under the eyes. Comedones disappear, if any, caused you constant discomfort earlier. Pores will become tight, they cease to accumulate sebum, and thus will fade the"black spots".

However, you will have to help your skin to revive after permanent intoxication.

And this will help you the following methods:

  1. Regular quality cleaning the surface of the face;
  2. Conduct peels and detox programs at the beautician;
  3. The transition to proper nutrition;
  4. Failure or a drastic restriction of consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  5. Recruitment of competent everyday care (moisturizing or nourishing creams, serums, fluids, toners, scrubs, etc.).

After you have left addiction, no harm will conduct mechanical, vacuum or ultrasonic cleaning of the face.

Smoking is the main enemy for male potency

Unfortunately, there is no external factor can't hurt potency, as active Smoking by men. And this applies to both Mature and very young representatives of the stronger sex.

Why? Because due to inhalation of nicotine and tar severely affected blood vessels. And since erection is provided by filling the vessels, the sexual function of a smoker may suffer greatly. In the most severe cases, Smoking leads to atherosclerosis and complete impotence. But let's not talk about sad things. Because the vast majority of cases, restore healthy potency after quitting Smoking is pretty soon.


The recovery process of blood vessels after quitting lasts from 2 months to a year and a half. All depends on seniority and the number of cigarettes smoked per day. For example, a young person is Smoking for 5 years reasonably completely restore their sexual power after 1.5-2 months after quitting habits. And men who were dependent for 15-20 years, usually recover three times longer. It happens so that the problem of recovery of potency very much delayed.

This is quite an alarming sign, which should refer to the appropriate doctor. It is possible that Smoking plays a minor role, but the true reason is in problems with the prostate gland.

Changes in body after quitting cigarettes

The process of recovery of the body after Smoking for days?

  • After 12 hours and normalized stabiliziruemost breathing process;
  • A day comes to the balance of the blood (more oxygen and less carbon dioxide);
  • After 3-4 days disappears bad breath and from the skin;
  • After 2-3 weeks there is a complete cleansing the body of nicotine and toxic resins;
  • 5 days may develop increased sweating (so the body also gets rid of harmful substances);
  • After 7-10 days, possible constipation due to active recovery of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract;
  • After 8 days recovering taste buds and sense of smell;
  • After 14 days may increase the appetite (unless it is due to psychological reasons).

Let the rejection of harmful habits will be given to you easily and positively. Be healthy!

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