The qi Gong for health and weight loss

Qigong is a spiritual and physical practice that came from ancient China. A popular method of spiritual development is largely due to the fact that gymnastics can not only improve your spirit but also the body, producing on the body healing effect. Even the name of the method based on the use of Chinese characters of "Chi" and action – "the Hun".

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Taiji qigong is the modern application of the ancient tenets

The qi Gong for health and weight loss

Particularly popular in recent years acquired qigong, allowing a complete recovery of the organism.

The system provides an excellent effect even with minimal effort and requires no special equipment. Advantage of the complex is the fact that to perform simple qigong exercises can people of any age.

Start exercising, it is recommended directly after waking up, doing some stretching movements, stretching body.

Then, perform a small workout and proceed to the most complex.

It is necessary:

The qi Gong for health and weight loss
  • To maintain regular breathing throughout the exercises, concentrating on the exercise and performing the movements smoothly. Language at this time should touch the upper palate;
  • It is impossible to do pauses between exercises, the transition should be continuous;
  • Use breathing exercises qigong, during which the breath takes place through the nasal passages with simultaneous retraction of the abdomen, and exhale through the mouth, with protrusion of the abdominal wall. Often this method of breathing is called "paradoxical", so as to get used to it easy.

This exercises can be seen as qigong for beginners. Each exercise carries a therapeutic effect. But if you want to really improve your health, not just to strengthen it, you should pay attention to other areas, such as qigong for the spine or acquiring really slender figure.

Qigong for weight loss – weight loss without exhausting loads

Fans of Chinese gymnastics sure, this method allows you to quickly and effectively deal with the effects of stress, due to which the body feels vulnerable and begins to store fat. With the help of simple exercises it is possible to normalize energy balance, and significantly reduce appetite and to find harmony.

The exercise program is divided into 3 parts:

The qi Gong for health and weight loss
  • the first is to warm up the muscles, to form the correct deep breathing, to speed up the metabolism;
  • the second focused on proper breathing and work deep muscle layers in the abdomen;
  • the third speeds up the metabolic processes, enhances flexibility.

To practice qigong helped to get rid of body fat, you should perform exercises in compliance with all recommendations.

Weight loss is a popular destination qigong

The qi Gong for health and weight loss

One of the simplest exercises that spur metabolism, deep breathing, in which the body is saturated with oxygen. By the way, energy arises from the consumption of food and oxygen.

While a huge part is necessary for life, the gas is spent on the normal functioning of the stomach.

So for 2 minutes before eating it is necessary to perform the exercise for breathing, which at the same time will produce the effect of massage on the organs located behind the abdominal wall.

Put hands on the lower stomach area and take a few deep breaths for 1.5 minutes.

Then follows a series of quick breaths to push the air, so that the stomach is literally stuck to the vertebral column.

Continue to exercise after the meal to help the body to digest incoming nutrients. To do this, put hands on the area of the stomach and massage the area, making 50-100 a circular motion.

The qi Gong for health and weight loss

You can use qigong to reduce appetite. This is used to massage specific points on the auricles. The fact that this area is closely connected with the brain and, by acting on specific areas, you can achieve the activation or reduction of certain functional features. Detection system areas responsible for appetite, are quite complex, so the easiest way to massage the ear over the entire area, giving each part at least a minute of free time.

Of course, to study by correspondence all the tricks of the Chinese gymnastics impossible.

Much better to understand Chi Gong, to use the opportunity for practical training and to find a decent teacher.

It is worth noting that a set of exercises of different areas qigong has a number of contraindications. For example, you cannot use breathing exercises for several months after intracavitary operations.

Thus, no matter how harmless did not seem ancient system of spiritual development and physical perfection, self study can cause significant harm to the body.