The quince compote for the winter

A tree that comes from their ancestors – apples and pears, loves fertile soil, plenty of moisture and heat from the sun, called quince. Its large beautiful flowers, dusted the bees in summer, in autumn are large yellow fruits.

Their rough surface, very tart taste, hardness does not give the opportunity to use the fruit fresh. But when cooked, they become soft sweet texture.


This fruit is healthier to eat cooked than raw. Because it is composed of carotene, which after exposure to a high temperature to a large extent absorbed by our body. Great use of fruit – the quince compote. Remember that using the quinces when preparing any food, you need to remove her bunions. They are poisonous to us. You can cook from the pulp, which is suitable for use in the form of jam, jam, compote, marshmallows, jelly, additions to the tea, meats, sweet desserts.

Thanks also to its other useful properties, the quince compote for the winter will help to avoid deficiency of vitamins in the spring, strengthen the immune system which helps fight off viruses, acute respiratory infections and influenza.

Should be buying fresh fragrant fruits of yellow, but no dents, spots or other defects. Store in the refrigerator in a plastic bag separately, the optimum temperature of 0-50C.

The secrets of proper cooking stewed quince:

  1. You need to follow the technology, i.e. when cooking, watch carefully that the fruit is not overcooked, not lost color, form. The longest fruit compote cooked pears and apples;
  2. Basically, the quince compote for the winter is boiled and poured very hot syrup and rolled;
  3. The main ingredients of juice are sugar and water. Additional can be spices to your taste: zest, cinnamon, cardamom, salt (very very small dose);
  4. There are two kinds of compotes without sterilization with sterilization. Each hostess chooses one of the options in its sole discretion;
  5. It is very important to choose these fruits without a trace of damage, damage because they'll ruin the taste;
  6. The fruit must be well washed and cleaned before filling with water or syrup;
  7. Fruits with seeds should be cleaned from them because they contain hydrocyanic acid, which will cause poisoning;
  8. Sure banks before rolling compote need to rinse with hot running water, put in the oven to sterilize at a temperature of 1000With for a few minutes. Sterilization can be done with steam;
  9. Cover for rolling my boil before watching, so there was no scratching, check the integrity of the gum.

Recipes quince compote

The human body consists of 80% water, so to quench your thirst and to replenish its reserves, we often drink water.


Tasty and healthy water instead of drinking fruit drinks. The usual compote with quince without sterilization. In three-liter jar use 2-3 cups peeled fruits and around 300 grams of sugar. The fruits unfold on the night banks, filled with water, covered with lids. This is necessary in order to get water, and sat down. In the morning the water is drained in a pan, add sugar, boil.

Boiling water pour with fruit, roll up, turn upside down, wrap.

The quince compote for the winter classic. Ingredients: quince, pure water, sugar, citric acid. The number painted above.

The cooking process consists of the following:

  1. Take ripe fruit, good my new sponge, clean from the skin. Only not throw away, put in a pan, pour a little water, boil for 30 minutes.
  2. Detachable pulp from seeds with the seed chamber, cut into slices. In water, dissolved citric acid, poured back the pulp, leave for 15 minutes. Approximately a liter of water 3 grams of citric acid.
  3. Strain the broth from the peel, add our garlic, cook for 20 minutes or 30. Observed, so that they become soft but not overcooked. Then drain off the broth into a clean pot, and slices of cooled running cold water.
  4. The next step syrup from the broth and sugar. For 1 liter of broth give 300 grams of sugar, 4 grams of citric acid. It all boil a few minutes. Cooled.
  5. Slices of quince put in clean one-litre jars and pour the syrup. Roll. Heat in oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 850C or in boiling water 8 minutes.

Compote with quince and apples. Consider the fruit can be cooked in a compote with other fruits and berries.

Use the compote immediately after cooled. So, take: apples – 4 pieces, quince – 3, lemon, teaspoon of cinnamon, 1.5 liters of water.

My fruit, cut into slices. Only with apples and quince, remove the seeds, put them in a pot, pour clean water, cook about 10 minutes. Then add the lemon, cinnamon. Cook for another few minutes. Then remove from the heat, cooled to room temperature, filtered.

Ready-made compote of apples and quince pour into glasses.

Enjoy your favorite stewed quince! Fill your body with vitamins!