The secrets of creating the perfect relationship

Many people are of the opinion that the perfect relationship exists only in the pages of a book of novels, but in life everyone will inevitably be a routine and way of life. But experts believe that perfect understanding is the place to be, for this only necessary to observe certain rules.

So, what should be the ideal relationship?

The secrets of creating the perfect relationship

The secrets of creating the perfect relationship
  1. Down with stereotypes! It is necessary from time to time to change their behavior in the same situations. Otherwise, the partner already sees right through your actions and dialogue takes a boring character.For example, if you usually made such a fuss about a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen, try for a change to translate it into comic form. For your companion that will charm and interest;
  2. More tactile sensations! Psychologists believe that unobtrusive touching is part of flirting between a man and a woman. And usually, they are often present early in the relationship. Over time, this element is erased, and is leaving the daily relations of spouses.Unexpected touches make it easy to stir up the sleeping hormones and awaken mutual interest to the partner. So touch the partner's hand while watching a film or unobtrusively Pat a hand on a walk, and you will notice how you will Wake up again wave to its former tenderness;
  3. Friendship is good, but passion is better! As practice shows even the most perfect relationship sooner or later there comes a time when the passion was gradually replaced by friendly intercourse, and sometimes displaced.The main time to notice it and remember that your Alliance not only friendly, but also love. This will help to ignite a volcano violent feelings and enjoy each other fully;
  4. Sexy diet. Remember that regular sex is the key to successful and long relationship, and its absence will sooner or later lead to hook-UPS on the side.Therefore, we recommend the ladies to forget about headaches and fatigue, and to make sex in your weekly schedule that your Union is strong and durable;
  5. The willingness to compromise. How not cool, and everyone is different. Therefore, minor differences are not insured, even the most perfect couple. The ability to compromise and respect the desire of the partner is a strong Foundation for a stable and successful relationship.Remember this and you will not need to think about what should be the ideal relationship!
  6. Make room for the positive! Psychologists advise to avoid high-profile fights. A large amount of negativity is detrimental to any relationship;
  7. Try to Express their grievances in a gentle and respectful manner, then the partner will happily go to meet you;
  8. Remember what your ears! The answer to the question how to make the perfect fairly simple – listen to your partner. Pay attention to how you communicate. Especially if the conversation has a sound basis;
    As a rule, people are accustomed to hearing only the voice of his own reason, and the opinion of the partner is not heard.
  9. Be tolerant of the shortcomings. Learn to recognize that every person has their own special traits. And maybe they do not suit you.But in this case, you need to decide for yourself – do you want to be with this person?If the answer is Yes, then learn how to adapt to the characteristics of your partner. This will help to strengthen your bond and guaranteed to be appreciated by your companion.
  10. Mutual support! Reach out to each other and substitute a friendly shoulder in difficult situations. Support is one of the main components of a happy family;
  11. Surprise each other! Create new images, fill your life with pleasant moments and also show the care and attention of the partner.

In conclusion, I want to wish:

  • make pleasant surprises to your daily life;
  • give gifts;
  • arrange an unexpected meeting!

And then, the answer to the question "How to make a relationship perfect?", will not have to worry, because your life together will be filled with excitement and passion! And your partner will appreciate and respect you!

Of course, each couple defines for themselves what kind of relationship is considered ideal, the main thing to remember is that love and mutual respect are the same components of any relationship!