The secrets of intimate hair removal: the answer to the question "how to shave pubic hair"

If earlier the problem of removal of unwanted vegetation on the body of a woman was hidden by the subject, but now everything has changed. On the Internet and in glossy magazines you can find a large amount of information about intimate waxing and how to shave pubis.

If you want to remove hair in the bikini area each lady decide on their own, but for most men, according to psychologists, the lack of vegetation in such a savory place is a hypnotic. Therefore, if you decide to surprise your loved one intimate haircut, it to know about how to shaving pubic area, you just need.

Remove pubic hair: tips


Currently, the procedure for removal of pubic hairs is not only a fashion trend, but also the opportunity to create a work of art in such an intimate area to please the elect.

When visiting beauty parlours ladies ask masters to shave them pubic some drawings.

Some beauties agree the color of the hair in the bikini area and pubic area decorated with rhinestones. All of this is more a fad than an urgent need.

But the usual shaving of the pubes is quite justified step from the point of view of hygiene and the aesthetic side.

So let's list what you need for the procedure at home:

  • A new razor. To use a machine of her husband or any of family members is unacceptable. Acquire your personal tool can be disposable. It is recommended to prefer razors with multiple blades and a moisturizing strip;
  • Lotion or gel for shaving. Some ladies use a simple soap, but the blade glides not so well, so it is better first time to use a specialized tool. Prefer gel or foam, which includes vitamin E and aloe, with hydrating effect;
  • Scissors (use sharp, but with rounded tips, so as not to be injured) or trimmer;
  • Towel;
  • A moisturizing oil.

Step-by-step recommendations for those who decided to trim my Bush

So, if you have prepared all the tools and a burning desire to remove all the vegetation in the bikini area, read step by step instructions following the tips, you will be able to carry out the procedure without irritation:

  • So you went into the bathroom and was about to grab his razor. Wait, do not rush. The first thing you need to do is, armed with scissors, trimming the hairs in the intimate area as short as possible. To do this, gently pull your vegetation with your fingers and trim. If you have a trimmer, you can use it. Such manipulation is to facilitate the re-waxing;
  • Now we need a little lie down in a warm bath. If you have, for example, a shower cabin, just aim the water jet at the crotch and wait a few minutes. Can slightly RUB the intimate area with a washcloth, this will soften the hair and facilitate shaving;
  • Apply to bikini area shaving product. Take the gel or foam if applied is small, it is likely to cut yourself. Yes and a good layer will give excellent glide and make the procedure more pleasant;
  • Start to shave the vegetation, pulling it down a bit. Move the razor in the direction of hair growth, that is, from top to bottom. On the machine do not press hard and do not rush: made a couple of movements, rinse instrument under a strong stream of water. Remember that if you're the razor against the growth of hairs, it can cause irritation of the skin;
  • When you finish the procedure, wash intimate area with cool water. Make sure that you've done everything accurately, and on the surface of the skin remained undesirable vegetation, or rather, separate "Islands". If everything is clean and beautiful, you can wipe the pubic area dry with a towel;
  • On dry skin apply a moisturizing oil, you can use special creams after waxing. Such tools will protect from itching, irritation and ingrown hairs.

If you use the advice given above, the question of how irritation-free shave the pubic area, you will not have.

That's all the wisdom of removing excess vegetation. However, please note that pobres hair once, you have to regularly maintain intimate area in order, otherwise the pubic area would look extremely sloppy.

So before you begin the procedure, think, and do you need to shave their pubic area?

Do you want this?

If this desire you do not, you can trim too long hairs, giving the groin a more neat look. Decide for yourself! Good luck!