The secrets of stylish stacking: learn to make big curls

If you have long straight hair, then surely you have ever wanted to curl them. And it's not even that girls are often dissatisfied with the natural appearance, just large locks of hair carelessly falling over the shoulders, make the look sweet, fragile and romantic.

Such hair look equally good on a date, and in everyday life. Therefore, every beauty needs to know how to make big curls.

How to cheat curls with Curling irons?

The secrets of stylish stacking: learn to make big curls

If you are looking for the easiest way to create large curls at home, you'll need a Curling iron. This unit probably has in the Arsenal of every woman, but the curls turned out large, it is important to choose the optimum diameter of Curling.

The ladies with not very lush and thick hair suitable device with a diameter of 38 mm, but the beauties with a large amount of hair, it is better to take the plates to a smaller size, otherwise, the styling will turn out sloppy.

Women who often curl their hair, it is recommended that for this procedure to acquire a cone-shaped Curling. Its main difference from the traditional device is the lack of tongs which have "snack" hide-and-seek. Thanks to this advantage, a cone-shaped Curling does not damage the hair, making the curls more neat and natural.

In principle, it does not matter whether you use a normal Curling iron for big curls or conical, recommendations for the creation of curls are identical.

Experts advise to make packing on clean, dried hair, without the use of mousses and foams, so as not to burn the hairs. To fix the resulting curls can after Curling, use a varnish. By the way, before the procedure it would apply to the strands of thermo-tool designed to protect hair from negative influence of high temperature. Such precautions will benefit.

The preparatory stage we said, let's go directly to the question of how to make big curls with Curling irons.

The steps are as follows:

The secrets of stylish stacking: learn to make big curls
  • stand before a mirror and using a comb, separate the top section of hair and secure it so that it does not interfere. For this purpose, can use an elastic band or barrette;
  • when the top layer of hair has ceased to disturb, you can begin to work. From the bottom, separate the hairs not thick (less than 2 cm) strand of hair. If you take too much, it will not curl properly;
  • take the heated Curling iron, holding it perpendicular to the hair, and slowly wrap her strand of hair. By doing this, work your way from ends to roots. Wound a lock hold on the device no more than 20 seconds, then gently remove;
  • do the same steps with all the bottom hair;
  • when the lower tier will be stranded, unable to go to the top of the hair. Curlers do similar actions;
  • finished installation should sprinkle varnish or fixative spray. It will prolong the "life"of the hair;
  • if necessary, you can gently brush the resulting curls and put them on your own.

As you can see, no complex manipulations to be done, to create beautiful styling on the forces of every girl.

How to make big curls without a Curling iron?

If you have no Curling irons, and make the romantic styling really want, you can resort to the method that was used by our mothers and grandmothers – to wind the curler. However, this option is suitable only for those ladies who don't need right now to run out and you have time till morning.

If you morning want to see big curls on long hair, you just needed large rollers. It is best if the surface will not be dots and notches.

The secrets of stylish stacking: learn to make big curls

By the way, sleeping on old bigudyah, made of iron, not very comfortable, so you can buy in the store the soft ware. They are perfectly cope with their task and do not interfere with proper rest. Soft hair rollers vary in diameter, so laying with large waves, choose a large product.

Wound of biguously just. Starting from the top, separate from the hair in small strands and, starting from the ends, wrap the product, then fix all the clip.

If you use the old iron curler, which need to be heated before Curling, apply to the hair thermal spray, and all the manipulations we perform on dry hair. When using soft ware, the hairs can moisten or oil the foam for fixation.

If your home is not there, the curlers or the hairstyle you have decided to do "in field" conditions, then do not worry.

To the rescue comes the handy tools, for example, heavy paper, cardboard. Of these materials can be kind of curler. You need to arm yourself with scissors and cut cardboard strips that then it should be spinning in the tube. To paper of biguously keep in shape, they can wrap with tape or use glue.

To work with the finished product quite simply:

  • hair wet with water and wet the strands dispense the mousse or gel for fixing;
  • now, separate from a small strand of hair and start to wind the paper blank at the end fix all the little pins;
  • when you screw the required number of curls, you can go to sleep;
  • in the morning, release the hair from the curler and hands correct hairstyle. If you're not scratching the hairs of the brush, the styling will last up to two days.

Some beauties do not wish to bother with daily styling and to create large curls, make chemistry. There are women who perform the procedure independently, but it is better to go to a beauty salon. There have been instances when chemicals have caused significant harm to the hair, and the treatment took a lot of money. So if your hair is thin and weak, we should not influence them strong drugs, better to make a styling the old fashioned way, less harm.

Now you know several ways to create large curls. Select the one that suits you best, create an easy romantic image of yourself, good luck!