The signs of the beginning of contractions: when to go to the hospital?

The main issue for pregnant women in the second half of pregnancy becomes the date of the upcoming birth. And especially on this account worried expectant mothers who will give birth for the first time. Young women fear they won't be able to determine the onset of labor.

How to determine the beginning of the fights — know recommendations of competent and qualified doctors on this vital for expectant mothers theme.

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General guidelines

The signs of the beginning of contractions: when to go to the hospital?

Gynecologists-obstetricians suggest young women are experiencing the date of the onset of labour less to worry about in the final weeks of gestation to become more attentive to changes occurring in its own body, its sensations.

It is helpful to know that the body of the expectant mother begins preparing for future childbirth from about the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy. In this period the first signs (harbingers) of future births and the woman may experience the first training muscle contraction.

Contractions of this type are irregular and bystroprokhodaschee: it will be enough to change the position of the body or to lie down to rest.

Beginning of training contractions in nulliparous usually observed for 7-5 days before the onset of labour. To worry with the appearance of these uterine contractions is not necessary, just know that it's time to gather in the hospital. Announce your feelings to the families and loved ones, the doctor in charge of the pregnancy.

Attention! You should immediately seek medical help at the first sign of leakage or rupture of the fetal waters. The symptom symbolizes the beginning of premature birth.

If the woman learns to identify the sensations of your body when training uterine contractions, she will not confuse a moment in which contractions are coming true. Their main feature is the rhythm and periodicity. For example, the reduction lasts for about 20-25 seconds, then the time interval is twenty minutes and repeated muscle spasm. Please note that temporary pause when the true battles does not change. Since the beginning these contractions expectant mother urgently need to seek medical help, because it can start labor.

Now you know when to expect the onset of labour and how to distinguish true contractions from the training, but what signs can indicate a woman for a speedy start fights? Describe in detail about this in the next section.

Signs that may indicate the imminent start of uterine contractions

Outset: the following harbingers of the onset of labour in nulliparous mothers will begin much earlier (around 7-8 days) than women who have a second birth. At again give birth ladies, the precursors appear immediately before delivery.

Symptoms of the beginning of fights can be the following:

The signs of the beginning of contractions: when to go to the hospital?
  • Happens a phenomenon that doctors call "bending". It is characterized by softening of the lower part of the uterus and its extension, and occurs when the head of the fetus descends lower into the pelvic area, preparing for birth. Notice that the body survived the phase "flexion" is possible for your own feelings: for example, you may feel that you have ceased to bother heartburn, or that it is much easier to breathe. "Bending" occurs approximately three to four weeks prior to the date of birth of the child, but if the birth of the second or third, there may be
    immediately before the beginning of labor;
  • One of sensation, which is accompanied by rapid onset of contractions, may be pain, which will occur in the pubic area and back. The syndrome is manifested because the baby's head is low in pelvis. In this case the woman may experience not only pain, but also frequent urination, puffiness of lower limbs. Relieve the symptoms can special exercises for pregnant women;
  • The harbinger of approaching due date there may be changes in vaginal discharge: increase their number, highlight can change the color.

Note: if your vaginal discharge changed color to pale pink – nothing to worry about. But if you see, highlight yellow, or with abundant foam to seek medical attention immediately. Such allocations are often a symptom listed in the body of infection.

Appearing before childbirth contractions training or reduce Braxton-Hicks can introduce a woman to mislead and scare. In fact, these contractions are normal and help the uterus to stretch the muscles to the extent necessary so that the fetus was able to turn around and prepare for his birth. Also due to these muscle contractions are softening and opening of the uterine cervix.

To speak about the approaching birth can changes in the behavior of women, chills and even diarrhea. But the main sign of imminent onset of labor contractions remain true.

True contractions

The main feature of these prenatal cuts is the opening of the cervix, which before birth passes in a continuous process, and permanent compression-decompression of the uterus. First, such movements of the uterus are in the nature of irregular (reduction Braxton-Hicks), later becoming longer and more intense.

Young moms expect pain during contractions will appear exclusively in the lower abdomen, but shutochnye sensations can occur in the back. If you suffer severe attacks of pain in the back and the interval at the beginning of such unusual fights – not more than five minutes, call an ambulance and get to hospital.

When you need to go to the hospital

The signs of the beginning of contractions: when to go to the hospital?

Need to know what shutochnyi initial period may last for many hours. If these manifestations of uterine contractions you feel normal, the pain is barely noticeable – you can stay at home and calmly collect the "generic case".

If during the uterine contractions you experience severe pain or they occur every five minutes, and he shutochnyi the attack lasts about a minute – baby is born and you want to quickly be under medical supervision.

You should know that from the beginning of fights in the second birth before the advent of the baby born it may take quite a bit of time because the birth canal from storartade women already expanded and ready for rapid passage through it of the fruit.

A few more tips

If you are in doubt about the nature of contractions — don't hesitate to go to the hospital. Especially this recommendation will be useful to women who intend to become mothers for the first time: during the first pregnancy is easy to confuse the character of uterine contractions, so it's best to exercise prudence.

In the hospital will examine you and conduct a series of tests:

  • Will measure pulse and blood pressure;
  • Will monitor uterine spasms, will listen to the heartbeat of the fetus;
  • Will conduct a pelvic exam, which will be assessed the degree of cervical dilatation.

The results of the procedures you may be asked to stay in the hospital or if the symptoms turned out to be false and the condition of your health and the health of the fetus is assessed as normal back home.