The skin of the body — your "first clothes" how to take care of it?

Clean and smooth skin from nature can boast far not every. Most women put a lot of effort. Some go to expensive salons. Others use different creams and scrubs, not thinking about the fact that it is also necessary to do properly and constantly. Women just need to understand their skin smooth body with no effort was just a kid, and now I have to try.

There are many different components of body care:

  • exercise and massage;
  • healthy eating;
  • giving up alcohol and cigarettes;
  • daily drinking enough water;
  • sleep at least 8 hours;
  • the funds that nourish the body skin.
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As exercise and massage help to make your body skin smooth and even

Every second woman, especially those who are on maternity leave, do not do any exercises. They believe that if there is no time or opportunity to go to the gym, fitness, swimming pool or yoga classes, they do nothing to help. Of course, if we do nothing, nothing will change!

The skin of the body — your

But there are lots of options. Start of workout suitable to your lifestyle.

Morning exercise, walking, running or Cycling — these exercises will lead you to tone, improve blood circulation and will saturate all the cells of the body with oxygen. Take a contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water. Bathing in the evening, massage your body with a loofah with shower gel or soap. Let it be the first steps to solving the problem of how to make your skin smooth.

Healthy nutrition for beauty and health

If your body will not receive essential nutrients from this will definitely hurt the appearance. Eat fruits, nuts, fish, cereals, whole wheat bread, olive oil, cheese and green tea. In such fruits as mango, grapefruit, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, black currant and, of course, avocado contains vitamins a, C and E that help to strengthen blood vessels, and collagen to slow the aging process.

In nuts is coenzyme Q10, which accelerates cell regeneration. And vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects against toxins and sunlight. Marine fish — a source of vitamins a and D and fatty acids omega-3, relieving inflammation. Grains and legumes are rich in b vitamins, which soften the skin and promote its renewal. This food will help to have a smooth skin like a baby.

Bad habits — the worst enemy

The skin of the body — your

No matter how hard you will take care of themselves, all efforts will be in vain if you do not give up alcohol and cigarettes. Tobacco contributes to the appearance of spots, and the skin acquires a grayish tint.

Alcohol retains fluid in the body that affects not only your appearance, but also health. This does not mean you have to refuse a glass of champagne on new year's Banquet, but do not allow yourself more than 2 servings of alcohol a week.


The moisture nourishes the cells of skin, making it radiant and fresh. If you are dehydrated, the skin becomes dry and rough. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If you can't drink water in pure form, have the liquid of watery vegetables, making salad. Quench your thirst with herbal tea with lemon.

Insomnia leads to exhaustion

Lack of sleep for the body is stress, and it's bad for the skin. People should sleep 8-9 hours. What is surprising is that at night, the brain is resting, the skin works. Because at this time of day she cleaned of sweat and dedicated a day of fat, and open the pores actively absorb moisturizer. Relaxed muscles help the blood to actively enrich the cells with oxygen and nutrients.

How to use makeup for the body

The skin of the body — your

The use of cosmetics for the body the main thing — correctly to choose it by the type of your skin. Define it and carefully read the instructions for use.

Take a shower twice a day, morning and evening. Every time after that use moisturizing cream or lotion to avoid dryness and to retain moisture throughout the day.

In summer, avoid direct sunlight, if you go to the beach, use sunscreen to avoid exposing your body to UV radiation.

Definitely in the shower, use a scrub, but not more often than once a week. This tool removes dead skin cells.

Apply the body scrub and in circular motions, like rubbing, massage for about 10 minutes.

How to make perfectly smooth skin on the priest

The skin on the priest was hilly and covered with small pimples, it is necessary to carry out the same procedure as for whole body, only spending more time on the butt and thighs. Of course, it is useful and massage. It helps to fight cellulite and makes the surface soft, warm to the touch, silky.

Anti-cellulite massage for the buttocks you can start with stroking, then gradually increase the pressure and edge of the palm to do circular motion, in a spiral. When the body is warmed up, thumb and forefinger clamping the folds and quickly knead them.

The skin of the body — your

Also massage the priests can use tapping and pinching. Finish strokes.

Not trusting cosmetic companies, women replaced the purchase cosmetics home. To hydrate the body you can use olive oil with vitamin E. the Scrub is also possible to make your own. To do this, take the coffee grounds, any gel or liquid baby soap, honey, sea salt (ground) and a few drops of vitamin E and use it as a regular scrub.

After the procedure, apply a moisturizer.

How to keep underarm skin smooth

The area of the armpits is very thin and therefore more sensitive.

The skin of the body — your

Therefore, there are problems with the use of deodorants, the dryness, itching, rashes and redness. In this case, odor can be eliminated only by showering, washing their armpits in tar soap, mix the cosmetic clay with water or moistened armpit diluted with water 1:1 hydrogen peroxide.

Below the armpit is not darkened, be sure to use a new machine shaving blade, then the minimum number of times touches the surface of the body. After that, apply a moisturizing or healing cream for recovery.

In fact, your body needs quite a bit of cosmetics, but a lot of patience, discipline and love for the water.

Every day take care of yourself, don't be lazy, get rid of bad habits — and she will thank you with its radiant and healthy appearance.

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