The use of masks with tar for hair effects and contraindications

Women always carefully watched over the hair. Today, caring for them is spent fairly large amounts. However, sometimes the acquired funds do not have the desired effect. Although our ancestors knew how sparingly, but very effectively to restore curls. Birch tar used for hair as a natural antiseptic, which not only significantly improves the appearance of hair but also helps to fight many problems.

Strong and not always pleasant flavor leads many to refuse treatment with tar, and they do it in vain. The fact is that thanks to the trace elements that are composed of substances that it helps the division of epidermal cells, increases their regeneration is favorably perceived by the scalp.

Composition and useful properties

A positive effect of birch tar is due the following substances:

  1. organic acid;
  2. natural resins;
  3. volatile;
  4. trace elements;
  5. antioxidants.

An important positive feature of the use of tar is irritant effect exerted on the epidermis. Due to the increased blood circulation and nutrition of the roots increases. The result is activation of the"dormant" follicles, and increased density of hair.

Even the birch tar that is designed for the hair due to its composition having the following effects:

  1. normalizes the glands;
  2. get rid of dandruff and other irritations;
  3. minimizes the loss of locks;
  4. eliminates external parasites.

Usually doctors with abundant curls loss prescribed ointment on the basis of this substance. These drugs not only significantly reduce the number of dying hair, but make the curls more soft, supple and elastic.

Like other natural remedies, the tar has contraindications:

  1. If the skin is even a small wound, do not use;
  2. Individual intolerance.

Recommendations when using:

  1. It is not recommended to use often;
  2. After application it is necessary to insulate the scalp;
  3. Check the quality of products purchased;
  4. Use the drug only in a diluted form;
  5. If after applying there was even a small irritation, just clean skin and refrain from further use.

For many women, the question "How to remove the hair smell tar?".

The answer is simple, to resolve a rather unpleasant smell, add the shampoo, which wash means a few drops of essential oil.

The mask on the basis of tar

Often use hair mask with birch tar. Checked that the use of this substance can owners of all types of hair.

Preventative treatment

At home on your own can carry out simple maintenance. For masochki will need glycerin and the tar. Substance taken in the ratio 1:1, obtained mixture is well mixed. With a cotton swab applied to the skin for an hour before washing your hair. Time remains washed.

The mask from falling out of the curls

Hair loss tar used to restore very often. Recommended for normal or oily hair.


  1. birch tar – 2,5 tbsp;
  2. tincture alcohol – 2,5 art.

Preparation and use: Components are combined and thoroughly mixed. After a homogeneous substance it treated skin. The head is insulated and retained in this state for 60 minutes. Be washed off with water.

Mask for strengthening hair growth

Suitable for any type of hair. Not only strengthens the roots and helps to remove inflammation.


  1. tar – 1 tsp.;
  2. vitamin a – 10 drops;
  3. oil of burdock – 4 tbsp.

Preparation and usage: All components are thoroughly mixed. The resulting mixture was applied to the roots. Left for 30 minutes and then thoroughly washed out with any shampoo.

Mask with the addition of egg yolk

Birch tar for dry type of hair is suitable for recovery and hydration.


  1. gelatin – 1 packet;
  2. yolk – 1 PC.;
  3. tar – 1 tsp.;
  4. shampoo – 3 tbsp.

Preparation and usage: First connect the gelatin with shampoo. Then add all the other components. The mixture was well stirred until a homogeneous mass and treated all sections without exception. Leave the mask on hair for 30 minutes, then wash off with water.

Mask with castor oil

Fast strong stop hair loss and activates new hair growth.


  1. tincture of calendula – 2 tbsp. spoon;
  2. castor oil – 2 tbsp. spoon;
  3. tar 2 tbsp.

Preparation and application: All mixed and with the help of a cotton pad applied to the roots. After 60 minutes the mask is washed off with water and shampoo. The course of treatment 2 months. As a result, the hair will become stronger and shinier.

All this confirms once again that natural substances can help to overcome many of the problems and thus the body will not be harmed.