Threat or no follicular ovarian cyst

Follicular ovarian cyst is called benign tumor etiology. It is formed from the dominant follicle, which when ripe is not released to the fallopian tube because of the lack of ovulation in the next cycle.

The tumor is unilateral, consists of a single-chamber cavity with fluid, often serous content. Can reach in size up to 9.5 cm in Spite of such a large amount of normal cysts break through the shell and out of the body with dimensions of about 3 cm In this case, the final maturation of the follicle occurs.

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Causes of follicular ovarian cyst

The disease has no age. It can occur in girls at puberty and in women of premenopausal age. There is a theory that the main factor influencing the formation of tumors, is the activity of the brain subcortical level. Stress or nervous tension causes the activity of the nervous centers responsible for hormone balance, and its operation is disturbed.

As additional causes of follicular neoplasms, reinforcing the hormonal imbalance can be distinguished:

  • the influence of chorionic gonadotropin of placental and maternal estrogen that female embryos are usually resorbed at birth;
  • violation of the regime of nutrition and diet;
  • lack of sleep and inadequate rest;
  • emotional exhaustion;
  • defective sexual life;
  • the constant change of partners;
  • sexual infections;
  • gynecological surgery of various complexities;
  • surgical intervention outside the region of small pelvis organs;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • problems with digestion;
  • violations of liver and kidney function;
  • increased physical activity.

Symptoms of follicular ovarian cysts in the treatment of infertility on a background of reception of hormonal preparations. This condition appears as a side effect of hyperstimulation of ovulation for an early conception in preparation for IVF.


Formation of tumors may be asymptomatic, and the woman then finds out about its existence only during the ultrasound examination. Feelings largely depend on the General condition, concomitant gynecological diseases of different etiology and tumor size. The girls and their periodic occurrence can be assumed for early puberty.

In women of reproductive age in the hormonal background of the symptoms can be the following:

  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • excessive bleeding during menstruation;
  • chromazone in the middle of the cycle and after intercourse;
  • strong premenstrual pain under an increased load.

Somehow, it is believed that the right ovary neoplasms occur more often than the left. Maybe this theoretical opinion has been formed because the right ovary is located at the junction of the main aorta and renal arteries, respectively, the blood flow to it increased. In practice, this theory has not been confirmed. But since the tumor on this side resembles symptoms of inflammation of the Appendix, the attention of the right ovary is more.

Even looked at the question, is it possible to get pregnant having a follicular cyst of the right ovary? The chances of conception are the same, wherever the tumor may arise, to the left or to the right, for any reason.

A follicular cyst and pregnancy


The appearance of pathology in one of the ovaries, it is a cycle of the process of reproduction is excluded.

Normally the follicle dissolves within 2 months, but may meet cases that require medical intervention when the follicles are in the body for a long time and continue to rise. But it is possible to get pregnant if the follicle Matures in the ovary doubles in the next menstrual cycle.

As a medical incident is considered the appearance of tumors during pregnancy. Throughout this period women have increased production of progesterone, which gives rise to the formation of the corpus luteum.

Yellow body and can be reborn in the follicle. Normal operation of the hormonal system blocks the degeneration of the production of prolactin, and new follicles Mature. But sometimes nature fails, and follicles are formed.

Rupture of the tumors during pregnancy can occur due to the pressure of the enlarged uterus, so the woman put on special control.

What are the dangers of follicular neoplasm

You ask a reasonable question: why start treating follicular cysts, if she sooner or later will resolve?

The presence of neoplasms is a danger, as it can cause serious complications:

  • torsion of the cyst – turn it on the leg around its own axis at 180⁰ or 360⁰. This turn causes severe pain zaselyalsya blood vessels, are innervated by the nerves surrounding the ovary. The General condition is deteriorating, there is a weakness, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting;
  • cyst rupture is accompanied by severe abdominal pain on the background of a prosperous state. Sharply appear: weakness, semiconscious state, nausea, sweating, chills, blood pressure is reduced. A woman sometimes can't even straighten up, trying to take a comfortable position. If the rupture of the follicle occurred on the right, the symptomatology resembles the symptoms of acute appendicitis;
  • the most dangerous condition develops on the background of other complications are internal bleeding. Occurs if the cyst is located inside or close to the ovarian vessels. When torsion or when you break neoplasms of the integrity of the vessels is disturbed, which causes bleeding into the abdominal cavity.

The follicles rupture and internal bleeding are eliminated, only surgical methods.

Treatment follicular cysts

In identifying recurrent of the follicle, reaching large size and causing the patient suffering, in the first place the survey is conducted. During the install comorbidities, causing the growth of tumors, and receiving appropriate treatment.

Directly for the relief of follicle growth are assigned:

  • anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • combined hormone replacement drugs for the reverse development of the follicle;
  • vitamins;
  • biostimulants and immune drugs;
  • physiotherapy – phonophoresis, electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, laser therapy.

If the tumor increases, may require surgical treatment.

Usually held laparoscopic surgery in which the cyst extirpate and sewn with a wall, or resection of ovary – excision of the damaged section. When apoplexy of the ovary, the follicle rupture, emergency surgery is usually conducted in an open way with a scalpel.

But in most cases, doctors take an observation position, not prescribing medicines which always have a significant adverse effect on the General condition of the patient. As supporting activities that contribute to the regression of follicular cysts, the recommended treatment of folk and homeopathic remedies.

For the treatment folk remedies follicular ovarian cysts following recipes:

  • pelotherapy – tab into the vagina swabs soaked with honey, solution of propolis with sour milk, the ingestion of bee pollen;
  • the mixture of honey in equal amounts mixed flower honey until it is liquid, and cranberry juice. Take morning and evening a teaspoon of 2 months. Store the medicine should be refrigerated;
  • the infusion of vegetable raw materials. Take in equal amounts of the following ingredients: radiograms pink roots, chamomile, mountain ash – berries, bark viburnum, motherwort. In the evening pour boiling water in a thermos– 2 tablespoons in a glass of water. The course of treatment – 2 months. Before eating, you must drink 1/3 Cup 2 times a day;
  • a decoction of chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, sweet clover. Brewed by the first method. Treated 2 months, only a day drink equal doses of 1.5-2 glasses;
  • a decoction of raspberry leaves, meadowsweet herb, petals of peony – brewed according to the General method a day take 1 Cup;
  • tincture of walnut. 10 unripe walnuts clear from the shell and together with the walls pounded. Then poured into a standard bottle of vodka and insist in the dark for 15 days. Medicine take 3 months before meals for 1 tablespoon. Motorists this treatment is not suitable.

In the treatment of follicular cysts should not forget the positive attitude. To improve health and mood, it is necessary to balance the mode of work and rest, eat right, make time for loved job. Improve brain activity pleasant meetings and walks in the fresh air.

Of vigorous exercise and sex will have to wait.