Time recovery after abortion

The recovery from abortion procedures depends on the doctors methods. In addition, an important experience of the person who conducted the event. For example, after drug interruption, the body quickly returns to its usual mode of operation. But surgery often requires more serious measures of rehabilitation.

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Recovery after abortion: General guidelines


The procedure eliminates sexual life for 3 weeks. It is recommended to not have sex until after the first menstruation.

A particular danger is sexual intimacy after surgery, as it can cause complications such as bleeding, rejection of the endometrium. In this case, the sexual act will contribute to the penetration of infection into the body.

Recovery time physical health after the abortion lasts a minimum of 2 weeks. At that time prohibited sports. Such a measure is necessary in order for the muscles in the abdomen were alone. Accordingly, it is impossible to lift weights. Successful physical recovery after such a procedure to reduce the risk of complications.

You can postpone training for a longer period if there is no confidence in their abilities. In addition, for this reason will advice specialist on a routine inspection.

To the body not the bacteria or infection, some time refrained from taking baths, swimming in the pool and open water.

No less important in the period of recovery is proper nutrition. Such procedures is a strong stress to the body, so you need to saturate it with vitamins and microelements, as well as protein and fiber.

Also, regularly check body temperature, blood pressure, pulse. It is necessary to constantly monitor the overall condition of women. Any deviation from the norm could be a precursor to developing complications. Therefore, the appearance of anxiety symptoms need to seek medical attention.

Strict adherence to personal hygiene eliminates the development of bacteria in the microflora of the genital organs. It is recommended to wash several times a day. Always need to dry skin. Also you may need gaskets, which should be changed every 3 hours. It is impossible to use tampons.

Often recovery after an abortion is accompanied by antibiotics. At this time, refrain from drinking alcohol. Not worth it to drink and even for weeks after finishing the medication course.

The rehabilitation period

After the procedure the woman must meet certain mandatory requirements:

  • To visit the gynecologist. After the first 7-10 days after the procedure to undergo ultrasound examination of the pelvis. This is done in order to identify the remains of the fetal parts/exclude their presence. When complications, such as bleeding, an ultrasound is carried out before;
  • A visit to mammologist. An expert in this field also needs to guide the patient on the ultrasound. In this case, need to check the Breasts;
  • Consultation of the endocrinologist. The doctor helps to restore normal hormonal balance, to adjust the menstrual cycle, provide recommendations for physical rehabilitation;
  • A visit to the psychologist. Often the visit to the specialist is required to apply to women who had to terminate a pregnancy on forced measures. Such patients often bad experience. They have this background, there are depression, stress, nervous breakdowns. A qualified psychologist will give advice and help the woman to recover on an emotional level.



The most commonly after the procedure, an abortion occurs a partial release of amniotic eggs. This situation requires intervention in the form of "cleansing", which in turn increases the risk of damage of mucous membrane of the uterus and its cervix.

In the result, bleeding may occur. In the event of such complications should immediately contact the nearest health facility.

The process of termination of pregnancy, after which the uterus was left fetal parts, leading to the proliferation of pathogenic organisms. In such a situation creates the most favorable environment for the development of infection. If there is a wound in the mucosa, in the absence of the necessary measures develops endometritis, purulent salpingitis, or inflammation.

Such events increase the risk of developing malignant tumors not only in the cervix and uterus but also the ovaries and the mammary glands.

Symptoms that require urgent treatment to the doctor and take measures of rehabilitation:

  • Heavy bleeding with blood clots;
  • High temperature, which does not change with antibiotics;
  • Discharge, having a sharp and unpleasant smell;
  • Severe pain in the abdomen;
  • Signs of pregnancy – nausea, fainting, dizziness.

Recovery of the uterus and of the organism as a whole after an abortion must be accompanied with adequate measures of rehabilitation. The woman has more time to devote to yourself and your health. In two weeks you can begin to recover through a little physical exercise.

Restoration of regular menstruation after abortion

This procedure can be performed by different methods. Selecting one of them based on the presence of contraindications and pregnancy. For example, the so-called mini-abortion (vacuum) are doing in the early stages.

Full surgery is carried out later. You can terminate a pregnancy and with the help of special medicinal drugs. Each of these interventions involves a period of recovery of menstruation and the body as a whole.

Normally, the cycle lasts 21-35 days. It is regulated by hormones produced by the ovaries, adrenal glands and pituitary gland. The return to normal life depends on the beginning of the month. The recovery cycle is affected by the type of abortive intervention. Surgical and medical intervention vary significantly in their recovery time.

Types of medical abortions

The medical method is used when the term is not more than 7 weeks. Surgical intervention is resorted to between 7 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. The latter are divided into two types: vacuum and scraping. The vacuum method is safer. It should be noted that the drug also refers to the sparing.

But it should be noted that self-administration of such drugs is fraught with complications, after which you must apply vacuum aspiration. Scraping applies to 5 months. The last method of abortion is not only difficult to conduct, but also a number of possible complications.

When recovering after an abortion the menstrual cycle?

Mostly monthly begin no later than 5 weeks. An abortion usually is considered the first day of the cycle. If menstruation do not exist, then there is an infection or pregnancy. The reason for the delay to the gynecologist finds out with the help of ultrasound.

Cycle after surgery can be long or short, to move. Recovery after medical abortion is also about a month. Usually after two or three month cycle is fully restored, as pharmacological intervention refers to the gentle methods, carried out early on.

After a mini-abortion menstruation starts after a month, but can be painful and more abundant than usual. Of infection demonstrate discharge with an unpleasant odor or unusual color.

Contraception after abortion


As mentioned, such procedures require a recovery period of abstinence from sexual intercourse. It is best if this period will be the month. At this time the genitals are not only highly susceptible to infection, but it is possible new pregnancy.

To conceive after any type of abortion, of course, possible, but not desirable to plan it for another 6 months, as high risk of pathologies of pregnancy.

As a method of protection from unwanted pregnancy used oral contraceptives. You cannot use helix and similar tools. Installation of spiral can lead to penetration of infection. In any case, the doctor will recommend the optimal method.