Tin wedding: how to celebrate the 10th anniversary of marriage?

A wedding anniversary, like birthdays, can and should be noted every year. This family festival helps to "refresh" the feelings of the spouses, brings relatives and learns to appreciate the years spent together. Each anniversary has its own name that carries a certain meaning.

One of the most beautiful and touching events can be called the first decade. So what a wedding is celebrated after 10 years of marriage?

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Tenth wedding anniversary


The years pass by quickly, and now 10 years have passed from the day of the wedding. In people, this event called the "Day of roses" or "Tin wedding". Why?

Tin is a soft but durable material. It is believed that by this time the couple have learned to work together to solve everyday problems, understand the partner and to give him.

That is why they are compared with two tin spoons, which are folded repeat all the curves of each other. After 10 years of marriage, the couple both would have "merged" and are one.

The second name is the symbol of the holiday – rose. Bright red flower is associated with feelings of spouses, their love strong, or would this holiday did not take place. Pink anniversary associated not only with love but with tenderness in the relationship. Importantly, without thorns.

Anniversary of 10 years, and what is a wedding without guests? Who to invite and how it is recommended to mark this event, what gifts can I give?

How to celebrate the tenth anniversary?

What should be the company celebrating 10 years together – everyone decides for himself. It is recommended to mark the occasion in a big way. It is mandatory to attend the parents of the spouses and, if possible, invite important witnesses – the witness the witness.

When making a room, use fresh flowers, tables covered with pink tablecloths. In advance it is recommended to have extra vases, because of the roses on this day are a symbol of celebration and there will be many. In the clothing of the spouses must be present elements and details of pink colour, "bride" can decorate hairdo lively floral buds or pink veil.

Meals are prepared at your discretion, but must be a birthday cake, like a wedding. If you beat the name of the anniversary, you can offer rose wine and champagne. When cooking use pink and sauces to decorate dishes with roses.

To hosts and guests do not get bored, the program is prepared in advance of the event. Congratulations and poems can be read by one person or everyone is doing it yourself. It is recommended to prepare several different contests, small prizes and gifts.


The spouses may re-take the oath of allegiance, reading it as poetry. The text you can write yourself or find online. Afterwards to exchange gifts. By the way, the husband should give his wife a bouquet of 10 gorgeous red roses and 1 white.

First symbolize life full of passion and love. White flower is a symbol of hope for a long and happy life together.

Special attention is paid to shoot the event. You can hire a special operator or entrust it to any of the guests. This man should be responsible and able to work with the equipment.

Naturally, guests want to give gifts, to read the poems and say congratulations. What are the gifts and the speech would be appropriate?

wedding gifts 10 years

This anniversary is considered to be romantic, so the toast should be appropriate. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the wedding can be touching or comic, but with the wishes of long years of joint life, love, health and happiness. Very symbolic to read the love poems of his own, or to quote the works of famous classics.

10 years wedding anniversary gifts can be different. Special requests no. Very symbolic will look decor items from tin:

  • Candlesticks;
  • Figurines;
  • Stands for dishes;
  • Cutlery.

Because there will be many colors, then it is appropriate to present a beautiful vase. For 10 years can give linen pink, blankets and tablecloths. In General, anything you want and the bouquet of roses. Congratulations should sound sincere, and gifts to be not only beautiful, but also useful.

Spouses also customary to exchange gifts. For this day will be suitable expensive jewelry, a cute, but desirable trinkets.


Spouse can write poems on 10 years of marriage, and the wife to present a set of tin soldiers, spoon custom made or elite drink in an exclusive package – a present may depend on the preferences and Hobbies of the husband.

Gifts may be different, the main thing that it was made with love and from the heart.

Husband of his beloved can give as a gift, ornaments made of tin or an exquisite piece of furniture made of this metal.

The first decade is an important milestone in the life of the newlyweds. After the wedding sounded poems, greetings and shouts of "Bitter", the spouses had to solve a lot of problems. And only proudly stood all tests, they will be able to approach this date.

The day of roses is a celebration of tenderness, love and prosperity. Spouses should not forget about it. And further it does not matter what the wedding will be next and how many years you are together, you just need to keep relationships as a rose, a gift for this anniversary.

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