Tips for what to do if a piece of tooth breaks off

Many people have encountered a situation where a piece of tooth suddenly broke off. It is important to know how to provide first aid, so as not to aggravate the situation, and what to expect from a trip to the dentist. We'll figure this out now.

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  • A piece of a tooth broke off: what to do first queue?
  • If a tooth breaks, what will the dentist do?
  • Prevention measures
  • Reasons and types of chips

    A similar problem occurs for various reasons, we suggest considering the most common options:

    Tips for what to do if a piece of tooth breaks off
    1. Most often, the nuisance is associated with various injuries, for example, it can be an accidental hit on any object;
    2. A tooth can also break off due to mechanical damage while eating solid food. For example, trauma from pits of fruits, nuts, etc.;
    3. Caries may be the culprit, as this disease makes the enamel weak and it is often damaged;
    4. The presence of an old crack, crumbling or filling leads to chipping;
    5. Decreased protective functions of the body, for example, due to the transfer of a serious illness or insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. The damage is caused by diseases of internal organs;
    6. The reason, which especially concerns pregnant women, is a lack of calcium in the body.

    There are several types of chips and the most dangerous is the option when it is damaged the wall of the anterior or posterior tooth, namely the enamel. Such a problem not only has an unaesthetic appearance, but can also lead to tooth decay in the future. The next type is dentitis scaling, that is, a hard layer that is located above the pulp.

    In some situations, such a defect may not even cause pain. In the event that a large piece breaks off, then a build-up is to be done or a crown will be placed. The most problematic and dangerous type of cleavage is when the nerve endings are exposed. In this case, severe pain is felt and it is worth going to the doctor as soon as possible.

    A piece of a tooth breaks off: what to do first?

    The first thing to do - put aside panic, because if everything is done correctly, then the situation can be corrected in a short period of time and without much effort. Try to put a piece of a broken back or front tooth back in place by clenching your jaw tightly. This will allow you not to aggravate the situation before going to the doctor.

    If pain occurs, you can apply a cold compress. Do not use peroxide, alcohol, or aggressive paste. It is important to clean the tooth and rinse it at least twice a day.t with saline.

    If you do nothing and do not go to the doctor, then the situation may worsen, and this will lead to complications. For example, an infection can penetrate the pulp, increase sensitivity, develop a cyst, etc.

    If a tooth breaks off, what will the dentist do?

    Modern dentistry allows you to cope with various problems that interfere with the beauty of a smile. Specialists not only do everything possible to restore the functioning of the tooth, but also return the visual attractiveness of the smile.

    The doctor's actions are directly related to the type of problem:

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    1. If only a piece of enamel breaks off, and the nerve is not damaged, then you just have to put a filling and the problem will be solved;
    2. If the pulp of the tooth was opened, then it must be removed first and only the doctor will fill the hole with the canal. In some serious cases, a pin can be used, thanks to which the filling will hold much better;
    3. When a piece breaks off with serious destruction of the crown, then, in addition to the filling, the specialist makes orthopedic restoration of the crown part, for which a microprosthesis is used;
    4. If a piece of the front tooth falls off and it scratches the tongue, then the doctor can use thin onlays - veneers. They are matched to the color of the enamel and look like a natural bone surface. If the restoration process does not help, then the dentist cleans the canal and installs the implant tab. Analogs of the previous version are lumineers, which are attached to the top layer of enamel, but they can be removed. For installation, you will have to visit the dentist two times;
    5. If the chip on the front tooth is small, then the doctors also do composite restoration. The filling paste is visually similar to a reflective filling, but at the same time it is much stronger, which allows it to withstand heavy loads. After the first procedure, the problem will be fixed. The process of restoring a tooth is very similar to filling a caries. First, the dentist cleanses the chip area using a drill, and then applies polymer and treats it with an ultraviolet lamp. After that, a transparent composition that imitates enamel is distributed. The disadvantages of this procedure include the fact that when chewing dense food, a piece can break off again. In addition, after a while, the built-up tissue loses its shine and begins to stand out.

    Please note that if treatment is not carried out on time, the situation may worsen. Moreover, such a problem can provoke the development of diseases of the stomach, heart, liver, kidneys and other systems and organs.

    Preventive measures

    To avoid problems, you must follow some care rules:

    Tips for what to do if a piece of tooth breaks off
    1. Keep your teeth healthy and visit your dentist regularly for examination and necessary treatment;
    2. ForTo strengthen the enamel it is necessary to eat foods that contain calcium. Also, for prevention, it will not be superfluous to take a vitamin-mineral complex;
    3. Start and finish every day with cleaning, and best of all use a paste containing fluoride. It is also recommended to use dental floss;
    4. Limit the use of sweets, as well as soda. Bad habits, such as smoking, negatively affect the enamel condition.

    Now you know what to do if a piece of tooth has fallen off. Use these recommendations and if a problem occurs, see your doctor. Don't forget about prevention, because the problem is better prevented than cured.