Tired? Lie down to rest!

Unproductive sleep becomes the cause of the rapid fatigue. The rapid pace of modern life leaves no time for a rest, and sometimes the person does not want to lose a third of your life to stay in the realm of Morpheus. How to be in this case?

In history there are examples suggests that one can recover in a short time. For example, Napoleon to sleep need was 4 to 5 hours. Try to repeat the feat of the great commander and learn how to sleep for a short time?

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How is the sleep?

Proven that the human sleep is divided into 2 phases: fast and slow. The rapid phase lasts 20 minutes and gives way to slow, which lasts approximately 2 hours.

Tired? Lie down to rest!

But the quick phase and is responsible for the restoration of energy potential.

It turns out, the person sleeping 8 hours a day, you need 2-3 hours of sleep in the REM phase, to feel great throughout the day.

If you Wake up a person during the period of the fast phase, it is easy to Wake up and feel great. But if the awakening accounts for the slow phase – guaranteed lethargy and feeling of weakness.

So much more important not to sleep for the allotted time and Wake up at the right time, when the fast phase is not time to give way slow.

However, the man has no power over the dream. In addition, the slow phase is also necessary for the body. Unlike fast, it provides full relaxation of the physical body. At this time there is a restoration at the cellular level, the body corrects the errors of the program, strengthening immune protection and producing antibodies to foreign invaders and pathogens. Therefore, to neglect the slow phase is impossible.

However, it is worth noting that REM sleep deprived rat dies after 40 days, and deprived of slow – survives.

More to use a quick sleep, trying to make the rest productive. It is built on several popular practices.


The rest is divided into 2 stages. Day need to sleep 20 minutes, this helps reduce night for about 2 hours. Day you need to set the alarm, otherwise there is a risk of sleep instead of the required 20 minutes to an hour and a half. In this case, proper rest will not work, people will feel not enough sleep.

I must say, this method has attracted the attention of some leaders of major foreign companies. They are willing to provide the opportunity for a 20 minute sleep during working hours for their employees in order to improve their health.


Tired? Lie down to rest!

This technique is less suitable for people with well-planned working day. But, she will become an assistant for creative people, for example, freelancers. The technique is simple – during the day he sleeps a few times for 20 minutes. Each such rest allows to reduce night visit the Kingdom of Morpheus for about 1.5 hours. Thus, making day two breaks of 20 minutes a night, you can sleep for only 4.5-5 hours and feel great, like mom's bosom.

And if you make 4 break, the night will need to rest for just 1.5-2 hours.


This method is available only to the person with a strong will. The method is quite rigid, but allows you to maintain proper alertness during the day. All you need to sleep 6 times at 20 minutes intervals of time day and night.

Alas, not all are capable of such a feat. The only deviation from the method will totally ruin a seemingly well-established habit and login again in a tough schedule will be extremely difficult. So the fans take a NAP under my mother's warm blanket is better not to try the method of "Superman".

In addition, the technique is good for a short time when you need to concentrate all our efforts on a certain task. Relax, devoid of the slow phase, quickly leads to physical fatigue and disturbances in well-functioning of the body. Therefore, even people with developed self-discipline it is not recommended to frequently resort to this method.

Excluded daytime sleep

What to do if the day no time to rest or bosses indignantly refers to the attempts of employees to take a NAP in the afternoon only 20 minutes? In this case, it is possible to reduce a night's rest. As in the method of the"Superman" of this method is tough and not recommended for permanent use.

Lying down to sleep at night, get an alarm for 30 minutes. Waking up, repeat the procedure. Just have to wind the watch 4 times. Thus, you will receive the required 2 hours of sleep in the REM phase.

What science?

Tired? Lie down to rest!

Science is making a contribution – today there are models of"smart" alarms, can awaken a person in REM sleep. All you need to do to the owner of such a device is to put on before bed on a particular hand bracelet. Sensor built into the device, you'll Wake up the owner not later than the time at the end of the fast phase. Thus, it is possible to sleep quickly, spending less leisure time. There are models, equipped with a set of nice slow tunes that contribute to the rapid falling asleep.

Sleep: important "secrets"

To sleep, along with original methods should follow a few rules:

  • The best period for sleep – 22-23 hours. Scientists have proved that hours of rest for up to 24 hours local time to 2 hours a night of sleep. It was during this period actively undergo regenerative processes in the body;
  • The air in the room should be cool and the temperature in the bed – comfortable;
  • Exercise and contrast shower is better to leave in the morning, they bring down the mood;
  • But will not hurt a warm and relaxing bath;
  • Do not load before bedtime the stomach;
  • If you have adopted one of the above proposed methods, it is necessary once a week to relax and sleep the old fashioned way no less than 8-9 hours;
  • Even during the 20-minute sleep is necessary to take comfortable position. Otherwise, a good rest will not get.

Taking advantage of the General recommendations and the provided methods may reduce the time of relaxation, feeling wide awake and ready for challenges.

And yet, it is worth remembering that excessive strain of the organism is fraught with consequences. So, after finishing urgent business, take the opportunity to sleep!