To live in his rhythm: how to plan the time usefully?

When I was little, my mother repeatedly told me that as a child time goes on more steadily and smoothly, and in adult life – literally flying. I didn't believe her, saying that time is a common unit that does not fluctuate with age. In my youth I was confronted with a man who constantly repeated: "Now, if the days had more than 24 hours, how many could make it!".

To live in his rhythm: how to plan the time usefully?

It was then that came the first thoughts about the rightness of parental narrative. A little later, reaching 25 years, I met another young man who was too serious for his age. Every night he sat at the table, took my notebook, pen, and detail painted the plans for the next day, until "smoke breaks".

It would seem to me rabid nauseating snobbery and pedantry, if not for one significant "but" – the man was already extremely successful, wealthy, wise and harvested.

The content of the article

How many hours in your day?

The modern pace of life does not spare anybody, and sometimes even the young, energetic and ambitious people feel tired and old, barely reaching the thirtieth anniversary. We are constantly in a hurry, we get bogged down in work and do not have time to pay attention to loved ones, we often don't have time to do so many simple but extremely important things!

Are you familiar with this situation and you are seriously focused to change in a positive direction for yourself? Then planning time – a prerequisite for you. You've probably heard sustainable the assertion that thoughts are material. And if they set out on paper, if not implemented promptly.

We can not judge about the esoteric teachings, but we guarantee you – with the help of banal diary you will be able not only to gain a lot of free time, but also to achieve important plans, the execution of which, under the pressure of circumstances, has been postponed indefinitely.

If you want to make life easier and more productive, you need only to optimize their time, making minor adjustments to the usual routine.

And believe me – those changes will not be for you burdensome, on the contrary, you will soon be drawn into a new way of life and will feel much easier. Planning time as a way to perfect self-organization – an important step towards a versatile and productive success!

Method Alps in optimizing daytime

Method the Alps in the planning of working day time was designed with the aim of improving the performance of workers in certain business segments. This option is time-management is firmly established in the public masses, and today they are actively using even "not a business" people.

It helps to do really important things, not wasting time on your own Hobbies, family and entertainment. The program and its methods is based on determination of priorities. With it comes the perfect planning of working time without rush jobs and "the deadline". Try it and see for yourself!

Detail the principles of the system of the Alps:

  • Map out a plan. For starters, make a list of cases planned for the day (maximum 15 items);
  • Distribute actions for the three sectors And the important and of great urgency, B – important but not urgent C – urgent but not important;
  • Count time – in detail describe, how many minutes and hours you can (or are willing) to spend on certain actions;
  • Arrange for "respite". For every hour of work allot 10-15 minutes of rest, during which you can do any thing you want;
  • Define frame. No need to put ourselves supernatural purposes: to paint only those things which fit into the boundaries of time;
  • Put "pegs". This kind of labels are extremely important things (meetings, negotiations, visits), which are scheduled for certain hours and may not be transferred;
  • Prepare "patches". "Patches"or "RAM"is a quick things that can be done at an unexpected hour "idleness";
  • Organize the arrangement of the day. Build all day so to start with the most important things and finish – easy and fast.

10 basic rules of time management

To live in his rhythm: how to plan the time usefully?

If you stubbornly refuse to follow any particular program for planning time, we suggest you to make your own! But it should be based on the Golden rules of self-organization. In General, the method of self-discipline is a confident step towards Commission of the main goals in life.

Well-organized personality faster than others seeking career heights and promotions, earning major capital acquires the ability to work for themselves and live by their rules.

The principles of good time management is simple, their implementation does not require any extra effort. On the contrary, will release you from fatigue and permanent feeling of "failure". Life can be optimized simply, without trifling cost. To do this, you will only have control over their own Affairs.

Methods for basic planning time:

To live in his rhythm: how to plan the time usefully?
  • Planning time using a paper planner – the best way to discipline! Buy yourself a beautiful sturdy notebook in which you will daily plan for the coming day. Write about them properly, nice and neat. In each case, so as not to clutter up your mode nothing. When writing the plan, focus and do not rush. You can use electronic organiser, but, in practice, such methods are inferior to the handwritten method;
  • Method of 70/30 is the best for beginners. This means that the plan you will be 70% of their time, and 30% — let it slide. At first you will not be able to paint all the details of your day, and if the attempt is a priori violate the plan of concrete actions;
  • Do most of the important things done before lunch (14.00) to late afternoon fatigue did not reduce the productivity of your activities at a later hour;
  • Write in the evening. They say that tomorrow is another day. But not in the timing! Of course, there is the headlong rush home, and barely shoes off and run for a pen or pencil. After work take a walk, think carefully about what had to be done today, and what should be done tomorrow. Maybe you can remember something that I wanted to do for a long time, but in the rush was postponed for a later date;
  • Plan realistic. Of course, flying to Hollywood tomorrow at 6 is a good idea, but perhaps implement for the average citizen. Ambitious goals write in another notebook. Time for them to plan, but a way for this to be spatial;
  • Rest is an important aspect of a productive work day. Even if you follow all the plans, but won't rest for a minute, you will return home in a state of "squeezed lemon" and will not be able to gain strength for the next day. This means that its productivity is significantly reduced;
  • Determine the time (e.g., lunch) during which you will be able to be alone with him, in complete silence. Step away from the office for a walk, wait for colleagues leaving the café, in short, use any means to 10-15 minutes to be alone and rest;
  • "Fractional method" is good not only for food, but also for large tasks. Do them in small "portions";
  • Get rid of junk. Things that we don't use only weight our working space and creates a state of bustle. On your Desk is a stack of books to which you have not touched? Think about what role they perform, and why not put them in the Cabinet, freeing themselves for a share of the extra "air"?;
  • Lead a healthy and active way of life. Let your plans at least sometimes appears Jogging, a cold shower or a trivial charge. Doing all of this in the morning, you are charged with vivacity and health for the whole day!

When you are planning your work and personal time, you will be able in a short time to achieve their big goals is to find time for the little family joys, work without hectic activity, sleep at night, and even save some money. We wish you a productive lifestyle and work, bringing only joy!