Tortoise: care and feeding

Tortoise – pet, which has long been no surprise. Most often give birth to the Central Asian land turtles, water turtles and trionics. Buy Central Asian or Greek tortoise is not a problem, it even does not require any special documents.


But with the purchase of an exotic animal can cause problems. You should take into account the peculiarities of the form: if an animal becomes dormant in winter, it is better to buy it in the summer, and the tropical species active all year round, you can buy at any time.

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Terrarium land turtles should be mandatory. If you buy a aquarium so far is not possible, for the first time will suit and cardboard box. Future home should be located at a height of not less than 20 cm from the floor and have enough volume. So, for pet size up to 12 cm need a cage with a volume of 80-100 liters.

On the bottom you need to spread the layer of soil. It is better to take river gravel, washed, dried, calcined in the oven and sprinkle with a thickness of 4-6 cm, It is very important, as in nature, the reptile most of the time is spent digging the soil.

The tank has to be a small pool, and it is necessary to plan the path of approach of the animal and independent of the output. One should not pour too much water: its level should not exceed ½ the height of the shell. Water is absorbed by animals from the outside are not only able to rehydrate the body and have a beneficial effect on the intestines and stomach.

However, the terrarium for tortoises, but rather the soil in it should not get wet. Caring for turtles involves her being in the cage immediately after bathing. Once enough time passes and it gets dry, it can be let go on the floor. Also, it should provide Parking, shelter and feeder.

Sex of the animal

How to determine the gender of tortoises? Those who are engaged in breeding these animals to determine the sex is not difficult. When a lot of them, you can make comparison and find differences. For example, males have a longer tail and wide at the base. Females differ by the shorter tail. Eye color is also important: in the females of freshwater turtles eye color more yellow, males brown.

If we consider the ventral side of the carapace – plastron, we can see that males have it more concave. This allows him to balance on the body of the female when mating and not fall. Anus of the males is a longitudinal bar, while the female is the star.

The size of the claws can also indicate the sex of the animal: in males they are longer. As for trionics, females of this species possess distinct tubercles on the carapace. Males were deprived of them. Well, the last sign is the size of the animal. It is known that females are significantly more males.

Food and care


Tortoise at home behaves almost the same as in nature. She loves to hide in the shelter, in which you can use half of a ceramic pot or mug. And she needed warmth, so you need to provide a constant heated terrarium lamp, which would allow to maintain optimal for these animals a temperature in the range of 18 to 32⁰С heat.

These Pets love to walk. Therefore care should include frequent walks in the warm season. If you go out with a reptile is not possible, it can be placed in the birdcage and put it in the sun, providing shelter from direct sunlight.

Home what to feed a land turtle? It is known that the basis of these reptiles feed is all sorts of greens. Therefore, it is possible to give a chopped mixture of herbs dandelion, clover, plantain, turf grass, etc. From vegetables are allowed to give cabbage, carrots, green salad, fruits apples and berries. A very small proportion – only 10% of her diet is protein – cheese, hard-boiled egg, dry yeast, seaweed, minced meat and soybean meal.

Today in pet stores sell special food for tortoises, but as practice showed, Pets are reluctant to eat this food, so it in small quantities to mix in the above mixture.

Tortoise must obtain vitamin-mineral supplements. Young animal you want to feed 3-4 times a week, with age, the number of feedings is reduced to 2-3 times a week.

If you feed a reptile more often can cause disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. The fact that the body of the cold-blooded process of digestion slower and you do not need to feed as often as the usual Pets – cats and dogs.

To feed the pet when it is hungry – it will save the owner from having to wrestle her diet, and the reptile from a variety of unpleasant problems. Turtles do not feed potatoes, citrus fruits, seed fruit, cereal, milk, bread, and also special food for cats and dogs.

The animal on the open range

Care of pet land turtles provides for their maintenance in the terrarium, but some fans keep these animals on so-called free-range, and it does not shorten their life. However, if you do not follow certain safety rules and constantly make the house drafty, the animal is likely to die.

To avoid this, it is better to keep in a separate room, where the floor is covered with parquet or laminate. Too hard and smooth surface such as ceramic tile, polished parquet floor or linoleum, these Pets are unable to move their claws just nothing to hold onto.


Land turtle home picking up all the dirt, dust and debris, so cleaning should be monitored. The temperature should vary between 22–30⁰С day, and at night a few degrees lower.

It is necessary to consider that the abundance of the narrow manhole in the room, such as under chairs, sofas and cabinets are sure to be a trap for pet, because it will try to sneak through the gap what would it at any cost. Therefore, the care of these reptiles should provide for the equipment of any of the individual angle from which the turtle would be unable to escape on their own.

In winter the animal should be warmed under a lamp for several hours and it was at this time should account for feeding. Care for these Pets also include warm bathrooms or wash under the tap.

Sulcata Tortoise Care and Feeding