Toys from felt

Felt called highest grade felt, which is well hidden and very enjoyable in terms of tactile sensations. The edges do not crumble, and therefore does not require additional processing. Therefore, working with such material, the risk of getting messy or damaged, the product is minimized.

The felt has a very flexible "nature": it can be stitched without the help of professional sewing machines and by use of a conventional needle, there is no need to learn and practice complex seams and to decorate the toy, made from felt, easier, because it will require pieces of fabric and glue.

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General information


Felt with the same success it is possible to make not only elementary kids crafts, but also about such things as: shoes, hats, accessories and household items. This material may be smooth or pile, the latter species is represented by velour, short - and long-pile fabric.

To work with such a base pleasure, and the technique of its manufacture is somewhat similar to the technology of paper production. Working with felt, there is no need to do the seam, since the edge of the workpiece does not fall off, do not cut and did not provoke the appearance of ugly "tracks"that is inherent in cotton and silk fabrics.

It turns out that the simplest toys out of felt to sew or glue, even a small child who is able to handle glue, scissors, or make a few stitches "forward needle".

Color options like material, there is a great variety. And therefore, to create a truly unique Christmas toys of felt will not be easy. Moreover, the fabric for DIY it is possible to do on their own and not spent on its acquisition.

How is the felt?

So, you need to be following consumables:

  • pupyrchaty polyethylene;
  • rolling pin or glass bottle;
  • the warm solution of soap;
  • napkins;
  • for an fluff or fine wool.

The workflow looks as follows:

  • Wool purchased from private sellers, it is necessary long and carefully pull until smooth, airy and light weight, while the store version of the raw material is ready for further manipulation;
  • The table was covered with polyethylene;
  • To make concentrated and warm soapy water, making only use soap;
  • To ublaziti film solution, and then decompose the initial layer of down or wool;
  • The raw material is wet with soapy water, then cover with bubble film;
  • The polyethylene should first have a good smooth hands, and then all the good rolls with a bottle or rolling pin. Eye-catching foam and moisture must be removed with a napkin;
  • You can then apply a second layer of down or wool, repeating the steps above until, until you have a layer of material of the desired thickness;
  • The workpiece to leave a good dry, the edges drew level, and excess water to soak the wipes.

The types of fastening and decorative seams


Sew toys or the ones from homemade and industrial felt is not particularly difficult, since the edges of the material does not crumble and do not need to bend.

Because of this, separate elements of the future of DIY it is possible to connect any seams, which simultaneously play the role of decoration.

Rukodelnitsa felt allowable to use the following types of stitches:

  • "forward a needle";
  • "over the needle";
  • stalked;
  • chain;
  • "the worm";
  • "cross";
  • "goat";
  • "over the edge";
  • hinge;
  • French knot and so on.

Adhesive for fabric appliques and decorations

Making toys from felt, often faced with the need to use the technique of applique. In this case, the adhesive should be carefully dosed so that it does not wet and penetrate through it. If that happened, they can only be saved by gluing the duplicate patterns on the spoiled side.

Applique on felt perfect not just glue. It often happens that the master uses ordinary white PVA glue, which is diluted as zapotevanija. Before you sew or glue a toy from felt, adhesive substance need to check for suitability, that is, to ensure that it does not leave whitish stains well and holds together disparate parts.

For tissue decorations that will fit only two options PVA: universal and super, which is a viscous substance of yellowish color, in which not a single lump. If you are going to make felt crafts with my own hands, never get stationery or Wallpaper PVA.

It is also desirable to practice applying the applications by means of "the Moment" and all its possible counterparts. But if there is no other way, the glue is a thin stripes and the contour of the part.

If you are going to make Christmas accessories for sale, be sure to invest in a quality glue gun, which will greatly facilitate working with the felt. In addition, you should purchase a sewing machine, if scribbling hands there is no possibility or desire.

Of the filling?


That doll or another felt the product was neat and durable, it should not be filled with batting, scraps of fabric or wool. With their help it is impossible to uniformly fill the hack, to avoid the appearance on its surface bumps and hollows.

Disadvantage of wool is that it is unhygienic, dumped in the wash and dries very slowly, accumulating in themselves water and powder. Concerning unwanted fabric scraps we can say the following: if they are colored, then it can shed on the felt and spoil the appearance of the product.

Given all this, we can say that the perfect fillers for your future soft masterpiece is the batting and comforel, granulate of polyethylene and polyester with holofiber. A nice handicraft, and many soft beauties!