Treat sinusitis at home

Sinusitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which are located in the upper jaw. Most often disease can be triggered by a runny nose, carious teeth (odontogenic gaimardi), allergies, cancer and other diseases of ENT-organs.


How to treat sinusitis in hospital and at home, can only tell the attending doctor, as this disease can have different degrees of flow.

Depending on the stage of the inflammatory process, may need certain drugs and procedures.

The content of the article


  • Violation of the drainage of the sinus. With the nasal cavity they are connected to the special holes. If the mucosa becomes inflamed, these openings are narrowed. Respectively, there is congestion in the sinuses that subsequently cause inflammation of their mucous membranes;
  • Inflammation of the nasal mucosa, runny nose, individual anatomy, bone deformation as a result of injury, tumor growth can be a primary cause in the development of sinusitis;
  • The mucosa of the nasal passages swells and swells on the background of allergies and autonomic disorders (vasomotor sinusitis);
  • Any infection through the blood (often in children);
  • Infection caught from nearby foci of inflammation (periodontal disease, carious teeth, etc.).

Signs of inflammation

  1. The feeling of nasal congestion, fullness in the sinuses and nose. Sensations if you lean down face;
  2. Stuffy nose. Can receive the selection of a transparent color or yellow-green tint. Or may be absent altogether, and if too thick;
  3. Face hurt. The pain is coming from the inflammation. In chronic sinusitis it is gently expressed, however, in the acute stage strongly enough. Can be localized in the eye area, moving on, on the head;
  4. The weakness and fatigue. Shortness of breath and discomfort, affect sleep, affect mood, reduce appetite;
  5. Temperature. In acute process may rise to 38 degrees. The chronic form of the disease occurs without its increase or insignificant.

How to detect sinusitis, what are its symptoms and possible treatment at home

The following conditions require immediate access to a doctor, even if it's a common cold:

  • General condition deteriorated;
  • the headaches are much worse, especially when the torso;
  • appears painful sensation when gently tapped on the maxillary sinus;
  • enhanced discomfort in okolonosovyh region;
  • the pain goes to the eye, sides of nose, etc.;
  • the temperature again increases.

Tests and diagnosis


A qualified specialist can diagnose sinusitis based on the patient's complaints, the results of x-ray examination and after examination of the nasal cavity.

What you can do at home?

How to treat such disease as sinus infection home can tell the attending physician. It is better not to self-medicate because this inflammatory process can give serious complications and become chronic.

Most often, doctors recommend:

  • To eliminate the cause that influenced the emergence of sinusitis. In such cases, the appointed means of fighting the disease. It can be antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic or anti-Allergy medications. If the infection in the sinus came from nearby inflammation, it must be eliminated, for example, carious teeth;
  • The removal of local inflammation, improving drainage of the sinuses. Advised to clean the nasal cavity, make application with substances capable of pulling the pus out. For example, is effectively used in the treatment of sinusitis honey, washing with solutions of salt or sea. If you perform these procedures directly on the initial stage of the disease, it will soon pass;
  • Use vasoconstrictor drops (galazolin, naphazoline, etc.), as well as drops with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect, containing herbal extracts that help restore mucosa (ingalipt, kameton, pinosol, bioparox);
  • Washed the nasal cavity with decoctions and infusions of herbs, such as St. John's wort, Sophora, propolis, ciclamino, chamomile, oak bark, calendula. Also use a solution furatsilina, ready medicines (drug, rotokan, decamethoxin, etc.). Such procedures are recommended by not less than 4 times per day;
  • Carry out a puncture of the sinus, and washed with antiseptics;
  • Heated region of the nose, dry heat or infra-red (blue lamp, a small bag of salt, boiled eggs), but these procedures can not be applied during acute course of the pathological process, when the pus in cavities and increased body temperature;
  • Antibiotics. The vast majority of cases, these drugs can not do. Only the doctor may prescribe a particular remedy, the dose, the duration of treatment. Can prescribe medicines in tablets, and injection (intravenously or intramuscularly);
  • General treatment. Necessary vitamin abundant drinking and decoctions of herbs, providing an expectorant effect (marshmallow, licorice), or prescribe mucolytics. If body temperature is normal you can conduct diversionary therapy, for example, a hot foot bath.

Traditional methods and other conservative methods

Treatment of sinusitis at home involves a number of procedures that are easy to do yourself, and which are aimed at relief of the patient:

  • Instilled into the nose menthol. Also use it for applying on the temples, forehead;
  • Mix in half of menthol and camphor oil in a pan, put a piece of toast and turn on the fire, inhale the smoke through your nostrils for about 3 minutes;
  • Morning and evening, lay in the nose with a cotton swab dipped in a mixture of propolis and butter (1:3);
  • To do inhalation.

The chronic form of the disease


If the disease becomes chronic, you should stop using milk and dairy products.

Some doctors believe that people suffering from a chronic runny nose, which ends up in sinusitis, drink too much pasteurized milk and foods high in sugars and starches, which affect the development of the pathological process.

If there has been a loss of smell, then you need to pour in the pan a little vinegar, heat it and inhale the vapors.

General guidelines:

  • Blowing her nose, to release each side separately, closing the second nostril, so she did not get into the middle ear or auditory tube;
  • Buried the nose, lying down or sitting, slightly inclining his head to the other side, which drip;
  • Mix equal proportions of juice of a celandine, aloe Vera and honey. A fresh blend drip 5-10 drops in each nostril. In any case do not swallow if ingested in the mouth! Perform the procedure 3-5 times/day for a week to 10 days;
  • The root of cyclamen is ground on a grater, squeeze the juice and add a solution furatsilina. 1:4 ratio. Nose drip 3 times a day, 2 drops throughout the week;
  • Beeswax melt and on cooling form it into flat cakes, which is applied to himaruya sinus, covering the top with a thick cloth. The procedure is repeated through the day. Doing throughout the month.

In General, treatment of sinusitis at home is possible, but before that necessarily you should consult with your doctor to prescribed drugs and procedures, because there are contraindications to the use of certain folk remedies.