Treat yourself to pasta with chicken in different variations

Chicken macaroni in the oven – healthy and hearty dish that is rich in vegetable proteins and complex carbohydrates. But the main advantage of the macaroni in the oven — easy. Due to the variety of components, the recipe can be easily changed, and the chicken with pasta is always a new dish on your table.

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How to cook pasta "al dente"?

For baking in the oven we need to make noodles, as they say in Italy "al dente", it is a little hard – as they will still continue to stew in the oven. How to make them not stick together and turn into a homogeneous mass?

The classic rules are as follows:

Treat yourself to pasta with chicken in different variations
  1. buy pasta durum;
  2. 100 grams of pasta need 1 liter of water and two teaspoons of salt (proportion correct);
  3. when we cook, we throw our Italian products immediately in boiling, salted water;
  4. switch off the stove three minutes from the cooking time specified on the packaging;
  5. hot water not suitable for washing;
  6. against gluing, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil into the water.

Chicken recipe with pasta in the oven is a wonderful option for Breakfast, lunch or dinner for all family members.

Moreover, it is happy to eat and children who are hard to please in the food.

How to cook chicken macaroni in the oven?

  • macaroni and cheese and chicken in the oven

It's especially nutritious and delicious dish that is liked by men and children. For sauce-marinade the meat acquires a special softness and delicate structure. Chefs are allowed if necessary instead of sour cream to put mayonnaise, but that taste has changed for the worse, make mayonnaise at home from natural products. So, to prepare this dish, make a sauce: four tablespoons of sour cream add chopped onions. Sprinkle with salt and pepper mixture. 700 grams of chicken meat, put in marinade for about 20 minutes. Then spread the meat in a fireproof pot with the already heated sunflower oil, fry it on low heat until brown. In another pan 700 g bring pasta until soft. Pasta, meat put in a baking sheet and put in the already heated oven to 200 °C for half an hour, or a little more. When our dish is ready, sprinkle top with grated cheese and optional herbs.

  • pasta with mushrooms and chicken in the oven

Casserole with mushrooms and add chicken (tetrazini) got its name thanks to Opera star Louise Tetrazzini, a California native, and if you add Turkey, it will be a traditional meal of America. We have tetrazini cook with chicken but you can substitute seafood, and vegetables, if you like. For the original dishes of boil 250 g chicken fillet. In a different saucepan, boil 250 g of vermicelli and 15 pieces of mushrooms. Then on a heated pan, pre-greased, pour 5 tbsp of flour and add a Cup of chicken broth, one third Cup white wine 3 tbsp heavy cream. All this salt and cook on low heat until boiling. In pot with sauce omit fillet (slices), halved mushrooms and vermicelli. Mix everything and spread on a baking sheet greased with butter. Sprinkle shredded cheese casserole. Bake all for 30 minutes. Serve with chopped parsley.

Training for hostesses: plain and simple casserole

What to do with the rest of yesterday's pasta?

To give a dog or cat? Well. But you can also turn it to its own advantage. So if you have from yesterday in the fridge left: chicken, dairy products, eggs and little vegetables. How to combine it all? The first, most simple and tasty, perhaps a casserole.

This simple recipe can handle any hostess, even the beginner.

Casserole with pasta and chicken in the oven

Treat yourself to pasta with chicken in different variations

Boil a couple of medium-sized or medium-sized chicken breast. Peel and finely chop a medium onion. Also shred the chicken. Casserole should not consist of large pieces.

All ingredients fry in the pan until a nice Golden brown. Then spread in a greased baking dish pasta (you can put all layers).

Then coat the fillet with the onion. For the sauce, mix the three eggs until smooth. Add salt, 100 ml sour cream or cream and pour 50 ml of milk.

Three separate 100 grams of cheese and put in the eggs and the remaining components. Pour this sauce our Foundation in the form and put in preheated oven. After 30 minutes the casserole is ready.

Chicken with pasta in a pot in the oven

There are so many ways of cooking pasta with meat: you can make the famous "pasta" or a delicious casserole of spaghetti with meat, etc. And if you cook everything in the pot – it will be an unusual, delicious dish.

Three large carrots, and onions disgusting cut. Six cloves of garlic and herbs finely chop. Passeruem it all in the pan and add chopped greens. Cook a minute and remove from heat. Whisk two eggs. 800 g minced meat, add fried vegetables and salt, pour in the beaten eggs and stir. Boil, drain in cold water 400 g of vermicelli. My tomatoes. In pots put our flour, then some beef, a third of the cheese, the second part of the vermicelli and the rest of the stuffing. Sprinkle with cheese and decorate with tomatoes. Bake for about 30 minutes under the covers. Before serving, decorate all with parsley.

Treat yourself to pasta with chicken in different variations

Than you can vary this dish everyday?

Yes anything! In this case, you can let your imagination in free flight. Add, different mushrooms, vegetables, fish, cheese, meat, sausages, etc. Remember the base – the pasta can also be different varieties, it is necessary to prepare correctly. Everything else is just an extension of the phenomenon, and this "extension" should not be too much.

Although breaking proportions can leave a delicious taste. However, because of these "violations" and go the wonderful world of cooking. Boring you creations!