Treatment novocaine during pregnancy

When we experience pain,we use pain medications. Headache, toothache, hemorrhoids, back pain is eliminated with the help of analgesics and anesthetic drugs. Sometimes use of these medications can relieve from severe pain, catching at the most inopportune moment.

Treatment novocaine during pregnancy

However, during pregnancy taking pain medications is undesirable, and can even be dangerous.

The active substance contained in the tablets of pain, penetrate the placenta and harm the growing baby, especially during early pregnancy. How to be women, faced with the necessity of anesthesia?

A solution to this situation is to use novocaine during pregnancy. In some cases, you can take this drug?

In some cases, prescribe novocaine

Treatment teeth. Generally, toothache is a very common problem in pregnant women. If it is not possible immediately after the occurrence of painful sensations to go to the dentist, you should try to get rid of them with pills, or papaverine, no-Spa,paracetamol, dental drops or kalela.

But these drugs will help only in mild pain. With a strong, pulsating pain, to help you make grippostad or caution and immediately contact the doctor. Take these drugs more than once pregnant it is impossible!

Coming to a doctor, be sure to warn him about her pregnancy, most likely, he used novocaine as an anesthetic. A needle in your gums provides a "chilling" effect, with only local effect, it does not harm the health of unborn baby.

With an increase in blood pressure during pregnancy often intensify the symptoms of late toxicosis. This is a very dangerous condition that requires immediate medical intervention and treatment. One of the drugs used in these cases is that of novocaine, and it reduces pressure, relieves stress on the heart, relaxes the muscles. However, pregnant women should pay attention to its dosage.

Novocaine during pregnancy is used to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The active substance does not pose a threat to the health of the child, so the tool can be used at any stage of pregnancy.

The drug in suppository form quickly and permanently relieves hemorrhoidal pain and also pain caused by varicose vessels of the rectum. During pregnancy these diseases particularly painful, especially in the later stages.

Treatment novocaine during pregnancy

Pain in the rectum and can then grow on the fights, in childbirth and after. To alleviate the condition of the pregnant woman, you can use candles with novocaine: they are safe for baby and provide a stable "freeze" effect.

With caution and only after consulting a doctor, to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy you can use processional, venitan gel, gepatrombin.

Injection of novocaine is used for the treatment of chronic back pain in the complex therapy. Pregnancy can significantly exacerbate lower back pain, and this remedy in such cases relieves.

Side effects and overdose

Like almost any drug, the novocaine has no side effects. In some women, the result of taking this medication is an allergic reactions such as skin rash, sluggish, "painful" condition, sudden drop in blood pressure, leading to dizziness and fainting. There are such symptoms as nausea, vomiting and loss of coordination.

Novocaine during pregnancy can not be combined with medications containing lead. Therefore, the injection site after injection of novocaine should be cleaned only by those with disinfectants, to which no lead or other heavy metals.

For this reason, pregnant women are strongly advised not to do electrophoresis with novocaine: the metal part of the electrodes.

Treatment novocaine during pregnancy

Overdose of novocaine during pregnancy can be extremely dangerous. Symptoms such as vomiting, sweating, pallor, disturbance of heart rate is a result of drug overdose. For the unborn child, it is dangerous to the development of heart disease.

Childbirth this medicine do not use. The fact that the novocaine has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscle, preventing the development of normal labor. The uterus after administration of Novocain is not able to contract strongly enough, and it is fraught with the development of secondary uterine inertia.

A pregnant woman should not be driving if she has to take the novocaine, as its active substance contributes to reduction of concentration of attention and speed of reaction.