Trunk for money on the wedding their hands: technique and design

Behind the long wait, the longing and the honeymoon period. The couple decided to announce himself as a bridegroom and bride, and so, it's time to prepare for the wedding. How cherished and important value attributes and accessories have to be purchased, do not count. If you have creative abilities, you can offer the newlyweds their help in the creation of a special trunk for money.

In the end, why spend money on those things that you can do yourself, and even so that will be envied by all invited guests.


To raise money, approaching each guest with the tray, not already taken. Today, we use special closed containers with a slot, allowing you to lower inside the envelope with the bills.

Of course, many will be invited to present and gifts, as without them, but, as a rule, do close relatives who have the opportunity to pool their savings to buy exactly what young are especially in need. Long-distance relatives and friends prefer to give money to the bride and groom have chosen for themselves what they need.

Master-class on making

Today there are plenty of chests for every taste and budget. But not all of them can afford to newlyweds, and if you buy a cheap container at the wedding, you can face the fact that he's just gonna fall apart before the end of the celebration, and this is not uncommon.

Therefore it is better to do chest for money for the wedding with his own hands, besides the decor and design is equal to is not. And most importantly – the style and design it will match the room design and colours of the outfits of the future spouses.

First of all, for making a chest for money for the wedding will need cardboard. Look at the house any old box. Certainly there are some shoes or appliances. If it is possible to buy. Everything else will depend on your imagination. For external design you can use Wallpaper, embossed film adhesive, fabric, mostly organza and tulle, and all sorts of beads, sequins, stones, artificial and natural flowers, berries etc.

Stages of manufacturing:

  • How to make a box for money for the wedding? Cut cardboard framework for the future
    container. It will be a rectangle whose dimensions are 33х55 see It is necessary to paste Wallpaper on one side so that each edge had a seam allowance of 1.5 cm;
  • These allowances should be cut in equal small intervals to make it easier to glue the side wall of the trunk. At the very center, you must run the slot. It should not be too narrow and sufficiently wide to freely entered the envelope;
  • Dimensions 2x10 cm will be perfect. With a utility knife or scissors carefully cut the hole and begin the manufacturing of the bottom;
  • The size of the bottom of the trunk for money for the wedding in this case would be 18х33 see It can also be pasted Wallpaper and to connect with the main processing, peregnul it in half. To draw the base side, a semi-container to attach to the cardboard side and a pencil to circle;
  • After to make another duplicate, glue both halves of the Wallpaper and to connect with the main part with glue. All the frame is ready.

Design options

How to request a trunk for money for a handmade wedding? To hide from prying eyes the joints all sides, you can use satin ribbon, carefully gluing it on the edge or finishing openwork border, but you can take both. On top of a Shoe box or container made of cardboard can be placed rosettes of satin ribbons, made with his own hands. There is nothing complicated and you can easily master the technique of execution.

Here it is:

  • A satin ribbon with a length of about 30-40 cm and fold in half to form a triangle. For this you need to flip one side perpendicular to the other;
  • Holding his fingers to he had not broken up, flip the horizontal bar in the opposite direction. Now vertical stripes need to throw up, not forgetting to hold the bends. Thus, you should get a chain from a sort of squares;
  • In the end there will be only gently pulling one of the ends of the tape and get a rosette. It didn't break apart, the petals need to sew with a needle and thread. In the middle you can sew the bead the right size and color.

Bridal trunk can decorate several of these roses of different sizes and color which matches the theme of your event. Put one on the cover of the brooch, or perform humorous stickers with recommendations for guests. Let your imagination rush wild torrent! Perhaps these chests for the wedding special handmade will become your hobby that will generate income.

As you can see, to make the wedding a container for the money easy, would be free time and desire. Good luck and let all you get!

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