Upholstered headboard for the bed with their hands

What is the bed? This piece of furniture is intended for rest and sleep. Since the days of Ancient Egypt, this product is thoroughly entrenched in our everyday life, accompanying from birth to the inevitable end.


On average we spend a third of life. Probably, this fact, forces the individual to constantly create new models of the present invention, in the power of compulsion to comfort and comfort.

Species of the fitment there is now a great variety. Most of them not only performs those functions that are associated with the process of getting rid of fatigue and drowsiness, but also help to decorate the room, making the interior some originality along with a unique design.

Such is the role of the bed the soft headboard. Mentioned item can be purchased in the store, but some craftsmen made this item exclusively by yourself, giving vent to imagination. This method allows you to give the bedroom the look emphasizes the individuality and creativity of their owners.

In this text we consider the process of production of a headboard, and some options for decorating the specified element of the bed.

The content of the article

Necessary tools and materials

The manufacture of such element of the bed, as upholstered headboard, represents a feasible and creative enough surgery.

To carry out all the necessary actions you will need the following materials:

  • Plywood. It will be made the basis of structure. The value of the thickness of specified raw materials should range from eight to twelve millimeters;
  • Foam. This material will play the role of the soft parts of the product. The thickness of the material depends on the design ideas, but to use a sheet thinner than five inches is not recommended;
  • Fabric. It is necessary to prepare two kinds: technical and decorative. Footage of both is determined solely by the size and design of a produced object.As for the color scheme, then this parameter affects the color of the room in which the bed;
  • Fasteners. It can be bolts or slings, as you prefer. The number of these parts depends on the size of the future head;
  • Thread. The shade of the thread should match the shade cloth and other decorative parts of the composition;
  • Decoration. Decoration can serve a variety of gizmos purchased in the store or made yourself. They are fixed through the aforementioned threads. However, sometimes this manipulation is done with glue, but the first method still more reliable.
  • Electric jigsaw. This tool will help to give the product the desired shape and dimensions;
  • Electric drill. Need during the preparation of the holes for the bolts.
  • Furniture stapler. This device is necessary to secure the fabric and foam on the design.
  • Construction knife, and scissors. Essential for cutting trim parts;
  • A hammer and a screwdriver.

The process of making


Now let's talk directly about how to make upholstered headboard.

You first need to construct the elements of the frame of the bed. With this question it would be better to contact the carpentry shop. After all, if upholstered headboard with his hands to make not very difficult, with the mentioned core business is completely different. To build the frame it is possible because the statement carries all the necessary information.

Then begins the process of making soft headboard of the bed, the first phase of which is related to the choice of style and design as the specified subject and overall structure. Moreover, here you need to consider the features of the interior of the room where the bed will be placed. It is worth noting that not every stylistic decision welcomes the use of such elements.

Now construct the base of the decorative component. For this purpose, use plywood, which was mentioned above. Using a suitable tool, give the material the required form. Usually it is a quadrilateral, the perimeter of which is calculated as follows:

  • horizontal edges have a length equal to the width of the bed;
  • the height of the vertical edges is chosen individually.

However, these settings are not standard, consequently, the shape of the head depends only on your desire. It should also be noted that the upholstered headboard for the bed is as highand quite low. These characteristics impact the interior style and imagination of the owner.

Execute special perforations for bolts. This operation is done using an electric drill. Holes drilled in the bottom of the base of the head, and in the case of the bed.

After the above manipulations is covering the product. This event can have two versions of the final product:

  • fully upholstered headboard;
  • fixture, the edges of which are tough.

Both options have some features of execution: in the first case, the foam completely covers the sheet of plywood, and the second — on the edge of the base is secured by a special border, then overlaid plywood, foam.

Quite a nice bed with upholstered headboard can be done in the case of a carved frame as a border. This option involves making the present device exclusively of rectangular shape.

It should be noted that the deviation from the classical parameters are possible and sometimes even necessary. Especially when it is planned in a very peculiar and non-standard interior.

Next, you need to attach the foam to the base of the structure. This operation involves the use of a furniture stapler.

Then you have to fit the product decorative fabric. Revision should start with a lower part of the structure. It is very important to carefully monitor the evenness at all angles and Parallels. The specified actions are performed by means of special brackets.

After the tissue will take its place, you want to make the process of decorating. Methods of execution this operation is quite different as the hardware used for the decoration of the executable attachments.

If you remember, we mentioned earlier the two kinds of fabric intended for finishing this piece. As with decorative we have already figured out there technical. It serves as a coating for the rear side of the product.

Fixed the material all the same staples by using a construction stapler. That was observed a certain dissonance in the appearance of the bed, its frame must also be covered with fabric that will blend in with the paneling of the headboard.

Upon completion of these actions made a decoration is fastened to the bed by bolts. It should be noted that the fixation of this element can be carried out not only with respect to the bed. With the help of previously mentioned, hinges this item is freely hung on the wall.

Summing up


In conclusion I want to draw your attention to the fact that the beds are different, that is, a single and a double. This factor has some influence on the presence of those or other variations of equipping these structures with decorative elements, which were considered by us above.

Thus, single beds with padded headboard are equipped with similar decoration in a single copy. In this case the length equals the width of the bed.

Double bed with upholstered headboard can have in your Arsenal, one or two decorative elements at the same time. The dimensions of these items vary according to their number.