Useful fruits for weight loss and removing fat

Every girl at least once asked yourself the question: "What such to eat to lose weight?". Fruit diet is a good method of struggle against excess weight. You will not experience a strong sense of hunger. 3-4 days will help flush the body of toxins and excess water. But you need to know which fruits promote weight loss. Some of them are too high in calories, so get rid of unneeded pounds with their help will not work. These include bananas, figs and other sweet fruits.

The result you are pleasantly surprised, and your body was admired, you need to know what fruits can you eat when losing weight and which foods have to give.

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The grapefruit diet

The fruits and excretion of fat include the grapefruit. It is considered the most low-calorie of all the citrus. The calorie content of the product is only 35 kcal. Particularly useful types of red shades. Grapefruit contains many substances that promote fat burning and normalizes the liver function. As a result, the extra pounds go away.

It is beneficial for a healthy body:

Useful fruits for weight loss and removing fat
  • Removes liquid;
  • Burns fat;
  • Improves metabolic processes;
  • Helps digestion;
  • Stimulates the production of intestinal juice.

It is useful to drink a glass of juice on an empty stomach. But grapefruit with caution should treat people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, acidity. They need to start with a small amount of juice, gradually increasing the volume.

First you should consult your doctor.

Pineapple for weight loss

Useful fruits for weight loss and removing fat

A diet fruits include pineapple. He's good burns fat, so nutritionists recommend to eat a slice before eating. It contains 42 calories and has a sweet taste, so it can be combined with other products.

Its flesh is bromelain, an enzyme that burn fat. But it can only be fought with the fat, which has not yet had time to penetrate into the cells. So it should be consumed before or during a meal. No need to get carried away by the pineapple people who suffer from gastritis and stomach ulcer.

Kiwi slimming

It not only promotes weight loss but also enriches the body with vitamin C. One fruit contains the daily dose. Kiwi can "kill" fats that block the arteries, reducing the risk of blood clots.

The kiwi has lots of fiber, potassium and magnesium – they remove the"bad" cholesterol and improve digestion, normalize metabolism. If you eat a kiwi fruit after a meal, it will relieve the feeling of heaviness and will save you from heartburn.

Pear for weight loss

Useful fruits for weight loss and removing fat

There are about 60 kcal, but her secret is in insoluble fiber, which is beneficial to
the intestines. Rocky cells, and the fructose in pears, shown to people with diabetes and ailments of the pancreas.

Pear removes waste and toxins, which is essential for weight loss. Essential oils help overcome depression. Dried pear gives a feeling of satiety and people don't feel the need to snack. This fruit is better to eat half an hour after the meal.

How to use fruits for weight loss?

Dietitians provide guidance on how to use healthy fruits for weight loss:

  • They need to eat in between meals, without combining with other products;
  • You can't wash them down with a liquid;
  • Do not drink a lot of pure juice, it is best to dilute it with water.

The effect of their use will be more pronounced if cooked diet salads.

But the charge should be low-fat.

Useful fruits for weight loss and removing fat
  • Salad of pineapple for removing fat. Cut into small cubes, canned or fresh
    pineapple, grate cheese low-fat varieties (300 grams). Squeeze the garlic clove, add it to the rest of the ingredients and mix well. As a dressing you can use lemon juice;
  • Salad of kiwi. 2 kiwi clean and cut into small pieces. One tangerine disassemble into slices and cut them in half. Mix two teaspoons of honey with the same amount of lemon juice, to taste add cinnamon. This sauce dress the salad and garnish with mint leaves.

You also need to remember that the body absorbs nutrients before lunch, and after 17-18 hours all products are "deposited" as toxins, excess fluid and fats.

What fruit should give up for weight loss?

Useful fruits for weight loss and removing fat

There are fruits that make us slimmer, but there are some that add extra pounds. So you need to know what fruits not to eat when losing weight.

It is necessary to refuse the grapes because it is very nutritious, but the rind is processed for a long time and is poorly absorbed. Minimize the consumption of papaya, pomelo, persimmon, dates, figs, mango and cherry. All sweet fruits will not help you to lose weight. They can eat sometimes, as a dessert.

Then the weight loss will be promoted more actively.

Pleasant, delicious and healthy you lose weight!