Visualization of desires as a method to achieve them

How to achieve and bring into your life positive? In recent years a very popular technique that allows you to incorporate positive thinking and get the desired result, the visualization of desires.

The basic idea of this technique is that thoughts are material. If you think only about the good, presenting himself as a holder of the desired status or things, very soon the dream will become a reality. The reasoning behind this theory was set out by many authors – supporters of a paradigm of positive thinking.


Just remember the sensational movie "the Secret". Thousands of writers around the world in his books, articles and blogs describe how to achieve the fulfillment of desires using the map visualization.

Many people of different ages, skin colors, political and religious views read such literature, attending thematic trainings and embody real-life ideas about the materialization of thoughts.

Though scientific evidence of the theory yet to be found, for many inhabitants of our planet it is true.

If you use pictures in order to visualize their desires, they will certainly come true. Otherwise, if the scheme did not work, many critics were quick to officially debunk this theory as a myth.

The content of the article

The method

Are you interested and want to try? What is "visualization of desires", and how to submit your dream so that it come true?

It's not about banal dreams. The essence of the methodology is to create a certain vivid pictures formed in your head in a movie or puzzle. When the person is clearly aware of what he wants to achieve, he sends positive signals to the universe and attracts event in your life.

Apart from a strong positive exchange of energy with the cosmos is turned on and the other person who regularly thinks about his dream, consciously or unconsciously makes more effort to bring it to life.

Important: the goal needs to be really welcome. Then the energy message that is created by the human brain, will actually be strong enough that the picture came to life.

Turning to the practice, is beginning to practice on something relatively achievable in the foreseeable future. For example, you have long yearned to buy something – bike, coat, tickets to a concert – but it lacked either the resources or time.

Okay, imagine that desire. Try to open yourself to new experiences, seeing imagination as an exercise for the mind. Do not criticize the method, before you can appreciate all its pros and cons. Just take it on faith that it works, and surrender to the sensations. If you are a beginner and you are practicing positive thinking in this embodiment, for the first time, you should focus on some smaller wish instead to present himself in the role of Director of the company, mother of three children or the odious oligarch.

Why not just check the validity of the method on long-term goals?

It turns out that big dreams come true on the same principle, but will need a firm belief that the map of desires created in the mind or on paper, will help to implement them.

If such unwavering faith you have not yet, better to check for something more relaxed and real, in terms of your resources. Over time you will develop confidence in their abilities and be able to go to work with a not less desirable, but more complex goals.

mental visualization


So, you choose what to make. It is important that the anticipation of the desired cause you to have strong emotions. You have to want to get a result with every fiber of his soul, every cell of the body. This means that it makes no sense to make something that wasn't addressed to you, and, for example, husband, mother or nation. Imaginary pictures should relate to you personally. Sometimes it is necessary to reformulate the idea. For example, if your parents are divorced, and you want the mother and father were together again, imagine the scene when the whole family is together and happy.

You can describe the situation in these words: "I am glad and immensely happy that we are gathered behind a festive table the whole family, fun chatting and laughing all a healthy and happy life, and I in the first place."

It is important to formulate thoughts in a positive way. We strive not to "get rid of extra pounds and cellulite", and "to be slim, beautiful, with a refined figure and well-groomed skin". From how you describe the desired situation will depend on the movie in your head.

If you make the fight against cellulite, the mind will emerge pictures of diets, work in the gym, maybe even surgery. But isn't eternal torment of the flesh – this is something to really strive people?

Much more effective and clearly more fun to imagine yourself slim, well-groomed and beautiful. And that is important – it works!

Useful tips

Passionately want your dream come true? Choose a quiet moment and take the process of imaging at least a quarter of an hour. Stay alone, immersed in thought. Just imagine that you have already received what you want.

Draw the picture in detail:

  • what you see in the moment?
  • who is with you?
  • what do you feel in this moment?
  • what smells surround you?
  • what you want to do at this point?
  • with whom would you like to share the good news?

In the end, relax, smile and try to experience the maximum joy from your created imagination.

Here are a few tips to attract positive energy to the universe and to bring performance goals:

  1. Pictures on the desktop is very important. They remind you of created the illusion and reinforces the idea about the desired. At the same time, only one photograph or piece of paper is not enough, that fantasy came to life. It is important to create more complete and nuanced picture of the future;
  2. Remember that in the virtual film you play the role of the first person. It is wrong to look at ourselves, participate in the events;
  3. Connect all the senses at the time, as you create the illusion. You need to feel the nuances of the situation, to consider any important details. Want to get married? Dream about how it will look your marriage certificate that you will feel when you come from work and meet her husband at home, what dish to cook for dinner, how would you like to discuss joint plans;
  4. Remember a single frame from your movie, which will be a anchor and will refer you to experienced joyful feelings when you want to. At some point you will want to switch from negative thoughts to positive, or just to reinforce the energy of your desire. At this time, remember the cherished frame to instantly return to previously experienced an imaginary situation;
  5. Visualization of desires is a process that should be enjoyable. In addition, the fantasy should become a habit. Do not be afraid that the dream did not come true so far. Create the illusion with a light heart. The law of attraction works very simply: what will be sent into space, what you get in response;
  6. Do not completely rely on the visualization desired, and to lock himself in four walls. The illusion only creates a vector for your actions and life in General. Will take a lot of effort in real life to achieve the goal.

Board visualization desires

Want to increase the strength of your fantasies?

For people of all ages and professions and works great with a map or vision Board of desires – a collage of photos and clippings, reflecting the aspirations of a person. You need to collect those images that trigger positive emotions.

Imagine how you possess what is depicted on them. Put all the energy and strength of thoughts into images to further materialized. Regularly look at your collage and on the physical level, try to feel that everything you desire is already present in your life.

Believe in the power of their dreams. There is nothing unattainable. Strongly enough to want to imagine myself happy, to open the universe and you will receive even more than you bargained for in my wildest fantasies.