Vitamins for hair

Healthy, bouncy, shiny hair is the dream of every girl. But keep the curls alive and beautiful in the modern world is not easy. Frequent shampooing, drying, fascination with colors and styling affects the hair. Unhealthy lifestyle only exacerbates the situation.

Vitamins for hair

Hair instantly react to the lack of nutrients in the body, they become brittle, dry, split ends. This is especially noticeable in winter and early spring, when the body is exhausted and lacks minerals.

To return to hair vitality, it is necessary to monitor their health and time to take vitamins for hair.

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What nutrients need hair?

To improve the condition of hair is not enough external influence, it is necessary to replenish the body with nutrients. For hair growth and strengthen the roots need vitamin A. It prevents hair loss, improves the hair structure, makes curls more elastic and soft.

Retinol normalizes the sebaceous glands and prevents the appearance of dandruff, hair grow faster, become less oily and brittle. Despite all the positive properties of retinol, to overdo it with him is impossible. The excess of this useful element can lead to skin rashes and hair loss.

The most important vitamins for hair growth are the elements of group B. because of their lack of tresses become thinner, lose their luster and become fat and fall out. If in the body, a deficiency of B1 and B12 slow down the hair growth, due to lack of B9 appears gray and low content of B2 and B8 leads to baldness. Useful substances of group B are the most necessary vitamins for hair, nails and skin.

Vitamins for hair

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is responsible for the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, it protects the bulbs from damage, strengthens blood vessels and provides good blood circulation.

Normal blood circulation is also responsible vitamin E, it has antioxidant properties, so that the oxygen can freely be delivered by red blood cells to all cells in the body.

Also holds tocopherol in tissues other fat-soluble elements. If the body is deficiency of tocopherol, the curls will not receive adequate nutrition, become brittle, dull and start to fall out.

Niacin, or vitamin PP, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss, protects against moisture loss and improves blood circulation of the skin.

Vitamin diet for hair

To the body receives enough amount of nutrients and minerals you need to eat right and take periodically vitamins for hair in ampoules. As for drugs in ampoules or tablets, it is best to choose complex preparations, containing a complete set of nutrients.

They should be at least half the daily human needs of vitamins and minerals. Because long-term supplementation may be deficiencies. This is due to the fact that during supplementation the body gets used to the increased intake of nutrients.

Vitamins for hair

When the reception is terminated, the amount of vitamins that come from food becomes scarce. So you should stop your medication, gradually reducing the dosage below the body time to readjust.

To fill the shortage of nutrients you need through proper nutrition. To get your daily dose of vitamin A, you should eat broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, spinach, bell pepper, pumpkin, liver, fish, butter, dried apricots, egg yolks, gooseberries, etc.

Fruits and vegetables recommended to be consumed raw, because heat treatment most of the nutrients destroyed, including vitamins to strengthen hair. Since retinol is a fat – soluble vitamin, products contain it is recommended to use with vegetable oil.

Useful substances of group B are contained in large amounts in fresh cabbage and nuts. Carrots, beans, potatoes, unrefined grains, seeds, liver, beef, chicken, greens, cheese, cottage cheese, buckwheat also excellent sources of vitamins of this group.

To replenish the ascorbic acid can, if you eat sweet pepper, greens, apples, citrus fruit, courgettes, currants, drink pomegranate juice and infusion of rose hips. A lot of the tongue comes from the berries of sea buckthorn, in addition, they include vitamins A, E, PP, K and various micronutrients. Just 100 grams of berries per day and the daily intake of almost all nutrients replenished.

Tocopherol, aka vitamin E, can be obtained from nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, legumes, spinach, broccoli, lettuce. Most of tocopherol contains soy as a fat-soluble substance easiest way to get it out of soybean oil.

Green salad with nuts and a dressing of soy oil – a delicious dish, saturating the body with tocopherol.

Nicotinic acid is the easiest to find in carrots, turnips, beets, parsnip, zucchini, pumpkin, garlic, onions and eggplant.

To hair was always pleased with its beauty and strength, must be properly and fully fed. Weight loss diet, especially those that severely limit menu, negatively affect not only hair but also skin and nails.

External influence

Reception of useful elements in tablets or with food – the best way to bring hair and skin back in order. However, external influence has not been canceled.

Vitamins for hair

Great vitamins for hair loss is A and E. They can be purchased over the counter in the form of oil. This oil can be rubbed into the scalp in its pure form or by adding it to the oil base such as olive or almond.

You can also add items to a homemade mask, they will strengthen effect and will help to restore hair.

Very effective mask is the next tool. You need to make a decoction of lime flowers, chamomile and nettle leaves, grass to take a tablespoon, pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour. The decoction should add the ampoule of vitamins A, E, B2, B12 and a bit of rye bread. Apply the mixture on your head and wrap with plastic, and rinse after half an hour.

Nourishes curls mask with egg and oils. Whip the egg and add to it a tablespoon of sea buckthorn, almond, burdock oil and add a drop of vitamins B2, B6, B12. Wrap the head for an hour and then wash with shampoo.

Masks help to achieve a rapid effect, however, they are not able to fully saturate the hair with nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to eat right to hair always healthy and beautiful.