Waffle Maker Stubble Recipe: How to Bake a Crispy Treat yourself?

The taste of wafer rolls with or without filling is one of the main tastes of childhood. While my mother was kneading the dough and heating the appliance, we were near and languishing in anticipation, waiting for the first tube to be ready, so that we could bite off the long-awaited piece with pleasure. If you have an electric or ordinary waffle iron on a shelf in your closet, and you have lost the recipe over the years, it's time to remind you of this delicious delicacy, loved by both adults and children.

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Recipe for making straws in a waffle iron

Waffle Maker Stubble Recipe: How to Bake a Crispy Treat yourself?
  • beat 4 eggs with a glass of sugar until thick be Loy foam. To do this, it is better to use a mixer or blender;
  • Pour 200 g of melted, but already cooled down butter into the composition and add one glass of flour. Mix. The dough should have the consistency of sour cream;
  • turn on the appliance or heat it on gas, grease both inner sides with oil and put one spoonful of dough, tightly closing the two halves together;
  • take out and Roll the pancake into a tube.

Recipe for crispy delicious rolls in a waffle iron

The previous recipe for waffle rolls cooked in a waffle iron was the simplest ... Moreover, a special margarine for baking can be an alternative to butter. But you can also make dough based on milk. Many people prefer it.

Manufacturing steps:

  • grind one egg with sugar in the volume of one glass, add a glass milk and 3-4 tbsp. l. pre-melted butter or margarine for baking;
  • add 1.5 cups of flour, salt and do not forget about baking powder - 1 tsp. Lubricate the inside of the appliance with vegetable oil and start baking the straws. If you are a lover of a soft sweet dessert, then do not keep the dough inside for too long. If overheated, the waffles will turn out to be too fried and crunchy, but you like it.

Recipe for waffle sticks for a gas-fired waffle iron

Waffle Maker Stubble Recipe: How to Bake a Crispy Treat yourself?
  • melt butter in the amount of 125 g in a water bath. You can leave it there so that it does not solidify again. Grind two eggs with sugar in coli150 g until a thick white foam appears;
  • without stopping to work with a mixer, pour melted butter into the composition. Starch in the amount of 50 g and 150 g of flour must be gradually introduced into the mixture, and at the very end add 150 ml of warm water, but again, pour it a little;
  • put the saucepan with the dough in place where it is warm for about half an hour. Now you can put the appliance on the stove, wait for it to heat up, grease the working surfaces with oil, and start baking. Spread 2 scoops of dough on the surface each time. Roll the rolls hot.

Recipe for making waffle rolls for an electric waffle iron

If you like thin waffles, then this recipe is for you.

Here are the manufacturing steps:

  • Beat three eggs with 125 g of sugar, add melted margarine in a volume of 100 g;
  • sift flour in the amount of 250 g if necessary and add to the main composition, stirring constantly with a whisk. At the end add a packet of vanillin. Armed with an electric waffle iron, start baking a delicious sweetness, not forgetting to grease the two working halves with oil. Use 1 tbsp of the dough each time. l.

Recipe for crunchy waffle rolls in a waffle iron

Waffle Maker Stubble Recipe: How to Bake a Crispy Treat yourself?
  • Melt 125 g margarine and mix with 50 ml of cream;
  • Beat four eggs with 310 g sugar and combine with the first ingredients. Pour 110 g of flour little by little, stirring constantly;
  • warm up the device, grease it with oil, after which you need to place one spoonful of dough on the lower work surface and spread it. Cover the lid for a couple of minutes, and then open and quickly put a tablespoon of boiled condensed milk on the edge of the baked pancake. Twist, helping yourself with a fork or tongs and put on a plate.

This recipe for crispy rolls in a waffle iron with condensed milk is popular because you don't need to cook the filling for a long time: just get some boiled condensed milk in advance, and that's it. There are recipes for making straws with a wide variety of fillings: jam, whipped cream, jam, custard, etc.

But the recipe for waffle cones and waffles of any other shape with condensed milk is preferable because the filling does not follow from the finished delicacy, which means it doesn't get your hands dirty and everything goes into your mouth without a trace.

So try, experiment, treat your loved ones and friends and eat yourself. Bon appetit!