Want to be a giant: how to become tall

For many people the problem of growth comes to the fore. This is especially true of men. However, many women dream to get rid of excessive miniaturization. For these people, high stature is an unattainable dream, realize that it is possible with perseverance and strength of will.

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How you can stretch out in height: male and female look

Want to be a giant: how to become tall

No one would argue that the strong floor of the high growth needed to feel more full. According to statistics tall men are more successful not only in personal relationships but also in work. Often stunted men just accept their problem when they become older than 25 years.

Do not despair, if your passport age exceeded that number, because even as it enters the fifth decade to catch up in height several inches, it would wish.

Of course, the human skeleton it is best to push at the time of its formation, for example, in 16 years, but many people continue to grow after 20. Those youths after the arrival of the army to acquire not only more muscle mass, but up to five centimeters growth.

Ladies this question is simple: wearing shoes with high heels, put your hair in a high hairstyle and the extra 15 cm added themselves. Yes, and men often appreciate it "dyuymovochek".

However, such ladies often wonder how can be a week to stretch in growth, although, as practice shows, to obtain any results in this short time is impossible.

How to stretch out in height: what should I do?

The main factors that will help to achieve "giant" stature, are as follows:

  • persistence;
  • will power;
  • proper nutrition;
  • good sleep;
  • systematic;
  • exercise.
Want to be a giant: how to become tall

The failure of at least one of these requirements may nullify all the other efforts and growth will remain unchanged.

Persistence – in this case characterizes the desire, focus and enthusiasm. Also very
it is important to believe in yourself, regardless of age and gender. It is the persistence is the first answer that is given to the question of how growth of being extended to 16 years of age and older.

As soon as one begins to solve your problems with this physical figure, his usual mode you will have to change and reorganize.

It's very hard, especially for people who have all day painted by the minute and personal time at least.

Will power is all that matters. A firm decision to achieve the result should not be broken usual daily routine.

That growth began to increase, the body must supply trace elements and vitamins. Proper nutrition is another factor, without which the achievement of the goal impossible. People who want to know how to increase your height at home, much to stretch, you need to reconsider your diet. The menu should be high in protein.

Vegetarians do not despair!

In addition to meat, protein is found in legumes, nuts, cereals. It is also important to eat foods that have high amounts of vitamin A, such as carrots. In addition, it is better to give up alcohol and cigarettes. It is proved that Smoking and drinking in adolescence inhibit the growth of the person. Do not forget about the amount of water you need to drink a day.

How often do young children say that during sleep they grow. And they do not disappoint! Indeed, the growth of cells, and with them the whole body does during sleep. That is why proper sleep is very important for a person who strives to grow up.

And, of course, exercise. On this issue there are plenty of programs that can be selected individually. It is best to contact the coach who, in addition to physical exercises on the growth, amount and set of classes that allows you to keep your body in shape.

A little bit about the bar

I'm sure many asked themselves the question: is it possible to increase stretch with the help of horizontal bar?

Want to be a giant: how to become tall

Yes, you can. Moreover, this method is the simplest and most common.

You must perform a few exercises 5-8 times to get the increase in height to 10 inches. The main rule: on the bar the body should be in a relaxed state. The main load is its own weight.

After some time, the load can be increased by tying weights to the feet, for example, use a special belt around his ankles, filled with sand. An exercise to stretch out in growth, it is necessary to perform regularly and not once a week when you have the desire.

Typically, the horizontal bar can be found on any Playground, in the school yard, it's also easy to make your own at home. Therefore, to enroll in the gym is not strictly necessary, except that an additional goal is to increase muscle mass.

Only observing all the rules and adhering to the systematic physical exercises, you can achieve the desired result and a bit to outsmart Nature.