Want to grow long eyelashes at home? Our advice to you!

Every girl without exception want to have a beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Unfortunately, nature has endowed ideal appearance and not all, so many of us have to make some changes, using known methods how to grow cilia.

Want to grow long eyelashes at home? Our advice to you!

As a rule, today a modern girl to increase the length of eyelashes are turning to professional beauticians and stylists who are building these tiny hairs in different ways.

Meanwhile, there are other methods that allow you to figure out how to grow long eyelashes right at home, and as quickly and efficiently as do the stylists.

Not less effective is often a acceleration in the growth of folk remedies used in home conditions to grow rather long cilia.

How to grow long eyelashes folk remedies?

Eyelashes, just as hair is constantly growing. However, in most case, the growth of eyelashes is so small that the girls simply do not notice. In General, to significantly grow these little hairs in the home will require a time period of about 2-3 months, but with regular use of some methods in a week you will notice changes.

Traditional medicine offers the following ways through which you can grow eyelashes in a relatively short period of time:

  • Most often, in order to grow eyelashes in a week, use oils such as almond, olive, peach or wheat germ. For their effective use should take the old bottle out from under the carcass, wash it well, then pour into the mixture the butter and add there several drops of vitamins A and E. These supplements can be purchased over the counter in liquid form or in capsules.
  • If you use vitamins in capsule, first carefully pierce it with a needle, and then squeeze its contents with two fingers of one hand. In addition, to achieve more visible results add a little natural aloe Vera juice and oil extracts of medicinal plants such as calendula, chamomile or cornflower. Some sources also suggest to use more than one oil, and a combination of several types.
  • Preparing the tool for effective grooming the lashes, apply it with a brush, avoiding contact with eyes. A similar procedure should be carried out daily, shortly before bedtime. After applying oil on the lashes to wash it should not, it is better to leave this tool until morning.

In addition, often at home on the lashes impose a special oil mask. In most cases, they contain in their composition of castor and burdock oil, and apply them only for a certain period of time which is not more than one hour. Write a similar tool for the whole night is impossible, because it can be dangerous.

Basic recipes of masks for quick sprouting of cilia in the home are as follows:

Want to grow long eyelashes at home? Our advice to you!
  • The most simple and popular mask – castor oil in its original form. It is applied on the eyelids and eyelashes every 3 days;
  • You can also prepare a mixture of castor and burdock oils, taken in equal proportions, add a bit of aloe juice and 2-3 drops of vitamins A and E;
  • In addition, you can mix in equal proportions with natural aloe juice and castor oil and add some vitamin A;
  • Not less effective and this mixture – castor oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil, taken in equal proportions and few drops of vitamins A and E;
  • Another popular method is to prepare an effective mask of burdock and castor oil, brandy and jelly. All the ingredients are taken in equal proportions. This mask can be kept on the eyes to two hours, however, after this time its remnants must be removed with an ordinary paper napkins;
  • On the basis of castor oil you can also prepare this mask to take the same amount of the substance, natural aloe juice and finely chopped fresh parsley, mix all ingredients and leave for the day. Apply to lashes better for a while, you will only need 30-40 minutes;
  • Finally, the last mask is a mixture of pink and castor oils, taken in equal proportions.

Use compresses

Another very easy way to build lashes without leaving your home in the shortest possible time is to do special packs. To do this, prepare a decoction from a mixture of medicinal plants such as calendula, cornflower and hop cones, soak it in cotton pads, put them over your eyes and lie down for 20-30 minutes.

Also quite good at helping compress of weak welding of black tea. After the compress, you need to gently DAB your eyes with a soft towel and apply to the eyelids and eyelashes any oil from above. A similar procedure can be carried out not more often than once a week.

Want to grow long eyelashes at home? Our advice to you!

Finally, enough can be effective and massages the eyelids, which must be done very carefully, the pads of the ring fingers with the use of any cosmetic or massage oil. Start with the upper eyelid. Easy and neat massage in a circular motion move around the eyelid from the outer corner of the eye to the nose, then move your finger on the lower eyelid and again follow the same procedure.

As you can see, there are many effective methods proposed in folk medicine that allow you to achieve a beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Don't be afraid to experiment, try different options, and you are sure to choose one that will suit you!