Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

People in today's world, most of them still try to engage in physical activity. Someone visits the gym, someone engaged in yoga or aerobics. And who prefer swimming. But if during a run or dancing you can get away from not always pleasant sensations with the music, swimming in the pool to escape in this way is quite problematic.

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Why listen to music while swimming?

As a rule, during sports music helps not only escape, but also greatly increases motivation. You've noticed that if, in melancholy mood to listen to sad slow songs, the surrounding reality starts to seem even sadder. But if you decide to get rid of bad mood with upbeat music, that you have absolutely happen.

Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

And with sports. We all know that sometimes you do not want right after work to go to training, to return home exhausted.

And if you still missed a few sessions, after intense exercise you even the whole body will ache.It turns out that your brain is how you would signal that you should not overextend yourself once again. But try a few times to listen to at the time of sailing fun energetic music, and the perception of occupation will be different soon

But unfortunately, today the market players, not all are suitable for use in water. Let us begin with the fact that under the cover plain mp3 or mp4 easily penetrates moisture. So, to operate such a device will cease if not the first time, then the second. And finding a quality player with waterproof housing with each year becomes increasingly difficult because in everyday life they are often replaced with smartphones.

If dynamics are located on land, then you will hear the sounds of the parts, because when sailing you need to periodically dive under the water. What to do in this case? Really have always mentally count your strokes and look at the time? Not at all. Fortunately, today, technology has leaped forward, and waterproof case for the player is not something incredible.

features player for swimming in the pool

Today various online resources, you can find players at the price from ten dollars to seventy. But what your device is worth seventy conventional units does not give a guarantee that it will work perfectly in conditions of constant humidity.

Therefore, before making such a purchase, carefully read the technical specifications of purchased goods, and if you do not understand, then the best solution is counseling.

Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

Also, be sure to compare the prices of any model in different online shops, because sometimes the high price is the result of the greed of the shop owners.

With regard to the optimal player, it is best to opt for smaller models, a streamlined shape, as in this case, the probability of losing a device in the pool will be much harder.

Pay attention to the headphone Jack. It is best to take the player with the standard connector, which is 3.5 mm.

The need for such a choice stems from the fact that buy headphones to this player is easy, because they are sold in almost every store.

Also worth noting is the fact that such iPods keyboard is very simplified.

Often there are volume buttons, switch between music tracks and pause. The keyboard is most often made of rubber and often while in the water, you have to press buttons at random. But don't worry after a while you get used to it and it will cease to be a problem for you.

As for mounting, you should not buy the models that are attached to the ear. Because in this case the player may at any moment disengaged, and you then look for it on the bottom. In this case, the best option would be mount points with special clamps.

By the way, a player for diving is also recommended to be attached to the mask, as in this case, the probability of losing it becomes much lower.

It should be noted and not too high quality music in these players. Unfortunately, the complete absence of low frequencies is typical for almost all models. But the difference in sound can only be heard by a professional. So if you just love music, you can buy a waterproof model quite fearlessly.

Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

By the way, pay attention to the end of the headphones. It should be equipped with special ear cushions that prevent the ingress of moisture. Remember that in the aquatic environment without such endings none of the headphones will not work. For this reason, most manufacturers include as standard player replacement ear pads.

And now, when we dealt with the main issues that often arise when buying a waterproof music player for swimming, let's consider the advantages and disadvantages of certain models.

Today we will explore the players of such models:

  1. 1. Aqua Music M4G;
  2. WP-400 ALcom active;
  3. Speedo Aquabeat.

Now let's look at each player individually.

Aqua M4G Music player for swimming

Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

This model is characterized by the fact that her case has eight degrees of protection from moisture.

To put it simply almost 95% of the time in order to inside gets wet you need to break the case. And 5% left on factory defect, because anything can happen. But don't worry.

If your player is going to be one of those 5%, you will be able to exchange it to good service center.

As for mounting, it can be done, or points, or oxygen tank if you are going diving. And another advantage of this model is the presence of a radio.

WP-400 ALcom active player for swimming

The drawback of this model is that you cannot use it during a deep dive.

Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

Maximum depth in this case is three meters.

As for the pros of the operation of the device, then it can be attributed to the powerful battery that is capable of providing ten hours of continuous operation.

In addition, this model is perfect not only for use at depth, but also in everyday life. So if you don't want to buy two player, it is possible that this option would be optimal for you.

Another advantage is the fact that in this model, absolutely no leads, which greatly facilitates its use during active sports.

Speedo Aquabeat player for swimming

This model, as well as the previous one, not intended for diving to a depth of more than three meters. Includes player and headphones for swimming, rubber cover, cable to connect computer and, of course, instruction.

By the way, if you decide to swim in the pool, then Nauchnye arc can be removed, because the headphones are firmly pressed against the head with a rubber cap. But when diving at a shallow depth so better not to neglect.

Waterproof player: advantages and disadvantages

As for sound quality, it is worth noting that there are no pronounced bass.

And in a sense it can be considered a plus, since you'll save your eardrums.

It is worth noting the fact that this model is not only waterproof but also shockproof. So if you accidentally drop the player, do not worry, one time is definitely not broken.

As you can see, the waterproof player is a very useful thing that can bring some variety in your swimming classes. So lead a healthy life under the cheerful music and everything will be fine!